Grand Tasting Special Report
2001 International
Food & Wine Festival


On October 27, 2001, Deb joined Maggie and Clive Wellman and the Czarina for an evening of Food and Wine! Maggie wrote such a great report, I am not going to change a thing.

Full Menu Below


We met Deb outside the "Odyssey" , and she introduced us to another
sweet lady named Eureka...a dear friend of Deb's and in we went.

Ohhhhhh! the smells and the sights!!! It was lovely! Everywhere we
looked there was a cart with a chef "creating" something
absolutely "scrumptious"!!

Lamb with an exotic fontina cheese fondue, from Olivia's Cafe', and extremely tasty lobster with caviar! And, then there was a mouth-watering duck with cherry chipotle sauce that was to die for!!


Grand Floridian Chef prepares Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Oh!!! And the Grand Floridian sent it's chef to serve a very tender glazed roast pork tenderloin with creamy goat cheese polenta with fennel-roasted pepper puree'!


Then we tried the seared beef tenderloin on crispy polenta with a kalamata hollandaise sauce, "created" by Gregg Hannon from Tony's Town Square Restaurant in the MK!!


Polynesian Chef Prepares Warm Shoyu Peanut Chicken

The peanut chicken with pineapple slaw was created by chef Joel Schaeffer from the Polynesian, and need I tell you how it melted in my mouth? We must definitely track him down for more!





Chalk Hill Winery

I won't dwell on the wines too much as I'm not really a "connisieur", but, there were also numerous serving carts handsomely decorated in tulle and flowers, and the aroma from some of the chardonnay's and the chabli's was sweet and light, and the taste of the cabernet sauvignon has probably turned me into a "wine before or with dinner drinker"!


Haupia and Rice Pudding with Mango-Caramel Sauce, Contemporary ResortOk, so now you want to know about the desserts??? Welllllll, I can't remember the names, but I will tell you this.....they were all "Disneyriffic" to say the least!

(Haupia and Rice Pudding with Mango-Caramel Sauce, Contemporary Resort)



There were "creations" of chocolate and fruits, and custards, and cheesecake, which make me seriously consider firing my cleaning lady just so I can hunt down those marvelous chefs or go back to WDW more often just for the restaurants!

This is a definite "must do" now on our list for every year!!!!


There was an orchestra playing dinner music and, just before we went out to see Illuminations a beautiful "statue" walked out onto the become a "fountain".

This was truly an indescribable sight and my description will never do it justice! For a while she just stood there with several fountains in front of her. Then she put her hands on top of them and each of her hands became "fountains", as did her head! She did all this very slowly, changing fountains and poses and we were mesmerized! I'd never seen anything quite like this before, and I hope to see it again someday!



FINAL THOUGHTS FROM DEB: (You didn't think I'd have nothing to say now, did you?). The Grand Tasting was lots of fun...think of it as a 2 hour grazing feast with wine. The foods were wonderful and I learned about some new wines too. I actually enjoyed this more than the sit down wine dinner as there were different foods and wines to taste and not just a set dinner menu.

My favorite foods were the Duck Confit, Lamb Chops, Peanut Chicken, the Goat Cheese Polenta, and the Autumn Textures dessert.

The downside to the event was that it is a standing and walking event. Although there were a few counters and even fewer high "bar" type tables, there were no tables with chairs to sit at. While the room is wheelchair accessable, the large number of people milling about (and it did feel crowded much of the evening) made it virtually impossible to navigate in a wheelchair.

The woman fountain entertainer at the end of the evening was absolutely incredible!



Tasmanian Salmon with Champagne Cream and Two Mustard Tarragon Sauce, J's Restaurant, Cincinnati, Ohio

Duck Confit Enchilada Stack with Cherry Chipotle Sauce, Epcot Catering

Maine Lobster and Scallop Boudin with Beluga Lentils and Black Truffle Coulis, Farallion, Sausalito, California

Seared Beef Tenderloin on Crispy Polenta with a Kalamata Olive Hollandaise, Tony's Town Square

Roasted Monkfish Medallions on Mediterranean Vegetables and Flageolet Beans with a Light Tomato Cream Sauce, Contemporary Resort

Herb Potato Gnocchi Changerelle and Porcini Mushrooms with English Peas and Fava Beans, Le Cellier

Warm Shoyu Peanut Chicken with Pickled Ginger, Jicama and Pineapple Slaw over Rice Noodles, Polynesian

Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin over Creamy Goat Cheese Polenta with Fennel-roasted Pepper Puree, Grand Floridian

Seared Lamb Chop on a Sweet Corn Cake topped with Fontina Cheese Fondue, Olivia's

Cappuccino Cheesecake with Tuile Cookie, Pumpkin Cake, served with Ginger Ice Cream, Le Cellier

Haupia and Rice Pudding with Mango-Caramel Sauce, Contemporary Resort

Autumn Textures, conversations of Pecan, Apricot and Caramel,, Washington DC.


Banfi Vintners, Italy
La Gioiosa, Italy
Chalk Hill Estates, California
Charles Krug Winery, California
Pipers Brook, Australia
Te Awa Farm Winery, New Zealand
Silverado Vineyards, California
Batasiolo, Italy
Mommessin, France
Masi, Italy
Robert Stemmler, California
Robert Mondavi Family of Wines, California
De Bortoli Winery, Australia
Germain-Robin, California