Epcot's International
Flower & Garden Festival

Disney Gardening at Home 2007

Get the "inside scoop" from Disney experts and participate in hands-on activities where you can bring your creations home to enjoy in your home or garden! 11:00am and 2:00pm Wednesday-Sunday in the Garden Odyssey Festival Center.

April 5-8, 2007 -- "Experiment with Orchids" - Rob Williams

Become mesmerized by the world of orchids by learning the history, lore, trends, and much more. You will get to pot and take home an orchid seedling-sure to get you started on becoming a collector of your own.

April 11-15, 2007 -- "Creature Comforts" - Kyle Martin and Ray Locke

Keeping the garden native is in. Learn a few key tips on plant selection and attracting, deterring, or identifying critters in your landscape. While there, get a little creative and paint a gourd birdhouse.
Kid Friendly!

April 18-22, 2007 -- "Cultivating a Garden Journal" - Cindy Stump and Kathy Cole

Journaling has been popular for many reasons and documenting your garden can set you on a new path of discovery. We'll reveal a potpourri of ways you can journal and at the same time create one of your own.

April 25-29, 2007 -- "Bizarre Bug Biting Plants" - Ira Wileman

Enter the world of carnivorous plants and investigate how these bizarrely formed plants survive through unique conditions. Each participant will make a bug biting garden. Kid Friendly!

May 2-6, 2007 -- "Gardens with Style" - Andrea Hanson and Matthew Pollard

Does your garden have style? See what makes the gardens of World Showcase so unique and how we tie styles together to create atmosphere for the landscape. Design your own meditation garden.

May 9-13, 2007 -- "Say it with Bouquets" - Jim Weller

Everyone loves flowers! This workshop will teach the participants how to express themselves through flowers. Create a bouquet message for your special someone. Families welcome!

May 16-20, 2007 -- "What's Cool about Plants?" - Doug McKenney and Ed Rehrig

Discover the quirky world of plants. From seed or spore, plants have their own stories of survival. Plant your own seedlings, too. Kid Friendly!

May 23-28, 2007 -- "Relax and Rejuvenate with the Power of Plants" - Allison Brooks

Want to relax and feel more rejuvenated? Capture how the use of plants helps soothe the mind and heal the body. Formulate an aromatherapy pillow to help you unwind.

May 30 & 31 and June 1-3, 2007 -- "A-Z Lawn Care" - Nick Czerkies

Selecting the right equipment to maintain your lawn is one of the first steps to a picture-perfect landscape. Learn the basics of lawn-care, equipment, and troubleshooting. All guests will assemble a lawn care kit.