Flower and Garden Festival

Debra Martin Koma shares more
2006 Flower and Garden Festival photos.

Donald and Daisy in the
Tunnel of Love

Love and Romance
are the Theme

Stitch Says Thanks for Visiting

Mickey & Minnie...

...at the Entrance to World Showcase

Gorgeous Color Hugs
the Banks of the Lake

Power of Flowers

Power of Flowers

More Power of Flowers

Minnie's Butterfly Garden

Chrysalis Box

A Gulf Fritillary

Butterfly Topiary

Miss Minnie

Colorful Coleus

Topiaries of Bambi...

... and Thumper in a new location.

Belle and her Beast


...and Snow White

Lady & the Tramp

Canada Gardens

Pooh and...

...Tigger Topiaries

Scent Boxes in France...
Lift the Lid!

Cosmos in France


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