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Amirtham Daniel 2/27/06 - Loved the Everest ride. It is open all the time now. It is not on the guidemap since it is still soft opening time. It will be on in April I was told. I rode it 5X and the first was the best because you did not know what it was going to be like. I sat in the front, back and middle. I liked the back the best- when you were going backwards in the dark it was really fast! I also went first thing in the morning and there was a 15 minute wait by the time i got there. I also grabbed a fast pass first- just in case! (i also rode it in the rain- is fine but sun is best) I also rode it single rider my 3rd time. The wait was long by then- 50 minutes for stand by and i waited about 20 for single rider. The fastpass line was short. I got another fastpass and when i entered that line- the single rider line was short!! so you have to hit the line at the right time. tip- you can ask to sit in the front and they will put you in line to sit in the 2 front seats. The best ride at disney- Test Track and Rock 'n Roller Coaster are now my #2's.

Annette & Butch Dion 2/23/2006 - It was
great!! We were amazed at how big the whole ride is. We were lucky enough to have fast passes for the ride but the lines didn't seem to be too long. We can't wait to go back in April and try it again.

Amanda 2/20/06 - I don't know how long Animal Kingdom will be doing this..but when my family and I went to Animal Kingdom we started to make our way down to the rope drop and a CM picked a family out of the crowd to be the "first family" to ride Expedition Everest for the day. So you may be the next lucky family! But I highly suggest riding it. It was a very smooth ride. It had a great transition from the track to the chain and the other way around. I also found that sitting in the very front is the smoothest ride. It is better than the middle or back. Very great ride!

Toni 2/19/06 - We just got home from Disney World yesterday (wish we were still there) and felt we needed to send this note along about our experience with Mt. Everest. It comes with a warning! If anyone is planning on riding and is prone to motion sickness, I would absolutely NOT recommend this ride. If a person has had difficulty with Tower of Terror, I would classify this ride along with it. I can see how people would love it if they are thrill seekers, but going backwards, fast in complete darkness totally messed me up and my family. It ruined our entire day. We stood in line for 2 hours and it wasn't worth it for us. My oldest, who is 13, was not sick from it but it cured all of us from wanting to ride anything similar to it throughout the rest of Disney World. Test Track didn't even seem appealing! Just a word of caution and warning. It's not worth losing your whole day over! Just because it's the latest and greatest doesn't mean it is for everyone. So heed the warning sign at the front where is states the caution about motion sickness, etc. They mean it this time. It is not "Peter Pan" ride, that's for sure!! Although the Expedition Everest ride was a "never do it again in my life" experience, we were definitely impressed with the cue and all the wonderful detail they put into it. With a two hour wait, we were able to see it all. It was like a giant museum. By the end, you felt as if the Yeti really did exist...but that's not what terrified and nauseated us for sure! Thanks for letting me send this along. Hope it helps someone else from making the same mistake we did.

Jeff Carlson 2/12/06 - Expedition Everest was incredible. I consider myself well-versed in the Roller Coaster world having been to almost every major theme park in the Midwest. The one thing Disney has always lacked is a knock-em-dead roller coaster. They finally got it! This is one of the best roller coasters I've ever ridden. Not for giant drops and G-force turns, but for speed, smoothness, suspense, and surprise. It has an ending as shocking as "Dinosaur" and a very intriguing premise to the ride . . . The abominable snowman. Good stuff. A must ride for anyone who enjoys a good thrill.

Jason O'Brien - 2/11/06 My family just returned from a 2/4 to 2/12 vacation to Disney World. Expedition Everest is definitely open to everyone now. On Monday, 2/6, we went to Animal Kingdom hoping to ride Everest. The moment we arrived in the park, I made my way to Everest to see if it was open. At that time, there had been no publicity about Everest opening, and not a lot of people in the park seemed to know. When I arrived down near Everest, there were not many people, but the ride was going. I got FastPasses for our group immediately, and went on the ride later that morning. Absolutely amazing ride, Disney has outdone themselves on this one. The Yeti is incredible. It didn't seem like a lot of people knew about Everest that day, but slowly discovered it. We returned to Animal Kingdom on 2/11, and by then, had people sure found out about it! The channel on Disney resort televisions that has Stacey revealing the top 7 must-sees at Disney World updated about midweek with a new number one to replace Soarin', with of course Everest, and Fast Passes were all gone for the entire day by about 11 AM! The standard line wait time was stated at 80 minutes at one point in the afternoon! So it has definitely become the must see attraction down there!

Julie Stewart 2/10/06 - We were recently at Disney and were able to ride Expedition Everest during both early morning hours and late evening hours at the park. It was awesome!! The ride is everything I expected and more! When we asked various cast members at the park if the ride was open, we never got a straight answer. But traveled over to Asia and found that the ride was indeed operating. It's worth checking out!

John Otto 2/8/06 - Awesome! We were lucky enough in the afternoon to see Expedition Everest open and operating! We ran over to get in line...there was no line!! We went on this ride 3 straight times with no wait, and this by far was the best ride in all of Disney World, and easily in the top 3 rollercoasters I've ever rode! The storyline, the detail, the layout, everything was perfect on this ride. Once on top of the mountain and the track is broke, the ride sends you flying backwards and half the people in our group, including myself, could of sworn that the ride takes you upside down (it's pitch black at this point), we had to ask a cast member before boarding a 3rd time and they confirmed that we do not go upside down. I recommend everyone going to Disney that they make this a priority to ride and ride often throughout their vacation. Beware the Yeti at the end of the ride!

Scott Miller 2/8/06 Just road Expedition Everest...best Disney roller coaster hands down...

Dana Dodd 2/7/06 - My 7 year old daughter and I rode. The normal line was about 20 minutes long at about 11:00 AM. The ride is very smooth both when going backwards and forwards with no real abrupt jerking motions. So for those of you a potential riders, even though this is a faster coaster than most in Disney, it certainly isn't as rough as Space Mountain.

Joe Entrichel 2/6/2006 - We went back to the Animal Kingdom on Monday 2/6 and again..we rode 6 times with no wait...my advise to people is this....not that many people know it is in soft opening mode so head to the ride first...ride as many times as you can before the lines build then get ! a fast pass...this is by far the best ride the Imagaineers have come up with in a long time!!!!

david grodd -- expedition everest...it's open!!! Today Monday Feb. 6 the ride opened to the public. There was no announcement and no lines. Later in the day the Disney folks were issuing FASTPASS!!! the ride is truly worthy of the wait. It moves everything and everyone away from the safari and they'll all head straight to Everest. There is even a shortcut from the main entrance. Tower of terror and space mountain and rock n roller coaster must now accept a new member to the club. Truly worth the wait. Thanks for all your tips and info.

Alana 2/2/06 -- We got to the park a little before it opened and as we were waiting in line a CM approached the line and told us that Everest would be open that day. We were so excited! We didn't think we'd get to ride it on this trip to WDW because we aren't Annual Passholders and the weekend was over anyway. Needless to say, we headed straight there, the line was nearly nonexistent. This ride is incredible! Like a lot of people have said, the backwards part can make your stomach queasy (and I do NOT get sick on roller coasters). But after having ridden all of WDW's other coasters and having my husband (while enjoying them) not have the same reaction I did, it was quite pleasant to actually hear him scream (like a girl). I'd avoid doing this ride more than maybe twice in a row, especially if the lines are short. We rode it three times in a row (no line, seriously!) and by the third time we'd had enough.

Amy Roberts 2/2/06 -- My family was at WDW and we went to AK to ride the Kali Rapids like we promised our 8 yr old son. We happened to see film crews leave the Expedition Everest area. We decided to see what was going on and walked over to the crowd. I overheard that they might let the extra magic hour guest ride the ride if filming was wrapped up. We stood there for 45 minutes until it was announced that the entire crowd would "walk" to the attraction. We were so excited. We rode the ride 4 times. Aerosmith's roller coaster is my favorite ride but I have to say this one runs close to my favorite now.

Dawn Franks 2/2/06 -- Expedition Everest was running a "soft opening" on Thursday, Feb. 2. Our family rode five times in a row with NO wait. No need to use fast passes - we walked on each time with no one in line. We noticed around lunch time that it was temporarily closed but seemed to be running again later in the afternoon. It's a great ride - a "must do" if you like roller coasters. Don't want to give anything away...but we thought the best ride was in the back!

Robin Bellner 2/1/2006 -- We got to ride Expedition EVEREST during a "soft opening" on Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006 during evening Magic Hours. We didn't know the ride opened up until about 6:30 PM but still managed to ride it 5 times! Three times were within the last 15 minutes that the park was open. We basically got off the ride and ran around to the front and got right back on.The first time our entire family went and we sat in the back two rows. The ride was a little too much for my 6 year old son who didn't want to go back on it. I think the dark tunnel combined with going backwards and the Yeti at the end scared him. My 8 year old daughter LOVED this ride! We sat in the middle on one ride, two more times in the back row, and finally ended our adventure in the front row. You get a tremendous view from the front row! If you watch carefully you can actually see the track switching over from going backward to forward again. The back row you get a little more thrills. There are plenty of sharp curves but not jerky like in Thunder Mountain Railroad. We loved this ride and were so thrilled that we got lucky and experienced it!

Jeff Drapp 1/29/06 - We arrived at 8:15AM and were already behind a couple of hundred people. When the opened the gates, I rushed with the hoard of people through Dinoland to get to the ride. Once on the bridge to Asia, the castmembers stopped everyone and checked passes and ID's. I was about 200 people behind from the front of the line. Instead of opting to get in line, I got fast passes instead. This was the best decision to make. Upon my return at 10:15AM, the standby line was 2 hours long and FASTPASS distribution return times were already at 5:00PM. Since I got the first FASTPASS return time, I walked right to the front of the line and boarded the first train. I did not get a chance to see much in the queue since we went right to the front of the line. Once out of the station, I was surprised that the first hill was not very tall. The backward journey through the dark mountain was a unique experience. The main drop was very surprising, but was not too bad. The finale with the Yeti was dramatic. The total experience was 100% Disney Imagineering at it's best...the theme, the build-up, the story. I would rank the ride the following: Disney Experience - 10. Theme - 10. Thrill - 6. Pure Roller Coaster Experience - 3. Unique elements - 8. Scariness - 2. Overall Rating 8. If you are looking for a totally Disney fun experience, this one is a 10. However, I was a bit disappointed with the actual rollercoaster thrill. It can't compete with the Rock N Roller Coaster. I was also disappointed with the whole buildup of the Yeti experience. I was expecting a more "Dinosaur" thrill experience with some scare factor. There was literally none. It was a fun experience and I'll always enjoy it, yet it was far from an experience where you wanted to clap at the end of the ride like Spider Man at Universal Studios. It just didn't have the WOW factor.

Matt -- Everest review from AP preview: EE is a superb addition to the line-up at Animal Kingdom, and WDW as a whole. It's classic Disney through and through. An exciting adventure for people of (almost) all ages (if you meet the height requirement). Amazing attention to detail everywhere from the walk to the queue, to the queue itself, to the ride and the effects. An amazing animatronic figure. A storyline that works on multiple levels from just a fun ride with Yeti encounters to a philosophical debate about man's impingement on nature. Best of all its laid out in visuals so you can get out of it what you want without having to endure another video pre-show like so many recent attractions. It also has amazing repeat value. If it weren't for the park closing at 6pm, I would have taken another spin on EE and I was there the entire day at AK from park opening (most of it spent in line to ride it) And most of all, its just a lot, and I mean A LOT, of fun. One of Disney's best to date. Excellent job for all those involved in creating another classic Disney masterpiece

Cheryl Smith - As an annual Passholder, my sister, brother-in-law, granddaughter (8th birthday trip) and myself went to Animal Kingdom to experience Expedition Everest. We were very excited about the 'new' ride and were in no way disappointed. The ride is very smooth, no herky, jerky motion of a 'regular' rollercoaster. The ride is awesome, as my granddaughter put it, she did get a little nervous when she saw the 'Yeti' shadow after the train stopped at the top of the hill after the backward portion of the ride, but all in all she loved it and wanted to go back on it again. We waited just about an hour in line, the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too chilly, just right for a day at the park. My sister and I are not small gals at all and we had no problem with the seats. It was a great experience and we WILL do it again. I recommend everyone to experience Expedition Everest, it is unlike all the other Mountain rides as it is a much smoother and more comfortable and the thrills are just as great, even more enjoyable.

Brandon -- Everest was awesome. the best ride i have ever rode.

Chuck -- My girlfriend and I got to ride Expedition Everest thanks to a nice couple who are DVC members. After asking at the id entrance they let us tag along with them to ride the coaster. We had a great time and rode it ten times in a row. My only complaint is the ride stops very abruptly. It should "shoot" you out of the mountain after passing the Yeti and not stop before you even exit the mountain like it does now. Also exiting the ride through the gift shop when the park will be crowded will be next to impossible.

Caitlyn -- I am a annual pass holder and I was in Disney while it was the time for Annual Passholders to ride. The ride was very good, not giving away to much information. I rode in both the very front seat and the back car. Some advice for you when the ride opens to the public is this. If your party isn't to big and/or if you do not have small children you can do the single rider fast pass. Me and my dad did that and there was no wait. We even ended up sitting together. Also get there early. The line will be very long. If you get there early enough, get 2 sets of FAST PASSES, one set single rider, the other regular. They will not be letting you get the fast passes they have cast members holding them and handing them out when you show them your tickets. with your two sets, ride once in the very front and once in the very back. If you do not like roller coasters then I suggest going once in the middle.

Debra Sweep 1/29/06 My 9 year old daughter and I rode Expedition Everest today which happens to be the last preview day for Annual passholders and DVC members. I was a little worried about crowds after seeing the reports from previous days, but my worries were soon dispelled. Since we live very close to Animal Kingdom (Davenport, 5 miles away), we decided to take our chances and wait until the last day in the afternoon. When we got to the bridge they checked our annual passes and photo ID then we walked to the ride and the line was about an hour long wait. Due to the extensive items to look at in the queue the wait did not feel long at all. I found several hidden mickeys Tip: Pay close attention to the way items are grouped together in the fake store and museum areas, and in the outside Yeti temple there are a few items strategically placed to resemble the classic mickey shape.

The ride itself was very smooth. I first rode in the middle and then for the second ride I rode in the back. I felt more of the ride the second time, being in the rear of the train, and I enjoyed the ride more this way. After my first ride, I could barely walk, I felt like I had no control over my legs and heard others commenting on the same thing. However, after my second ride I did not have this sensation again. I noticed more things on my second ride like the detail of the temple to the Yeti and the painting of the Yeti on the big climb towards the summit. I also noticed the bird pop out right as the train goes backward.

My favorite parts are the going back (this is the only part of the ride that I felt any uneasiness in my stomach), the big dip (wow this was fantastic), and the Yeti at the end. My daughter did not like the ride because of the curves so on the second ride the cast members allowed her to walk through the line with me and then cut out at the last minute and wait near the giftshop for me. It I had to find anything to complain about it would be that it was over too short, I wanted it to last much longer than it actually lasted. Also my daughter was put outside of the giftshop to wait by herself (I had no idea where she was when I got off the train) and there were some cactus plants there that she touched and ended up with about twenty little thorns in her hands. I tried to tell cast members about the problem with these plants but they didn't seemed too interested, maybe if someone reads this with any say they can have something done about these plants. Other than that I had an absolute blast on this ride. It was so much fun and a ride that will keep you wanting to go on again and again.

Carol Kelley 1/28/06 -- We (hubby and I) came down for the weekend for the Everest Preview. We arrived at Animal Kingdom at about 7:30 on Saturday for breakfast at Donald's. We had an 8:20 ADR, but were let in the park about 7:50 and went ahead and checked in. We were in the first group to be seated.

After breakfast we headed over to the rope drop near Dino-Rama and they dropped the rope at about 8:50 so we were one of the first over to Everest. They did check APs and IDs and then the first thing we did was grab fast passes. They were 9:50 - 10:50. We then got in the standby line and it stated 5 minutes. We were routed past the fastpass machines again to get our coupons for our lanyards and pins. After that holdup, it was truly on 5 minutes to board.

Hubby rode through on his ECV all the way through the standby line, so it is fully accessible. He then exited. I was about in the middle of of the train and we took off. The ride was awesome!! Going up the hill was pretty smooth except for the initial latch onto the lift. The backwards motion was fun!! From my point in the train, the Yeti looked awesome but I didn't feel like he was jumping at me. The run through the hill and the helix was exhilarating without being mind numbing.

After the ride, I met back up with hubby and I got our lanyards and pins, and tried to purchase the special AP pin, but they had just sold out. We then went and rode Dinosaur, then we came back and I took back to back rides using our FastPasses. I was further back in the train for those rides and the Yeti almost seems to grab at you the further back you are on the train. On the very back row the backwards riding is the most intense.

We then met up with Deb and other folks over at Dawa Bar and chatted for a bit, then went on our own way. Everest is a real winner for Disney!!

Dolly Desiderio 1/27/06: Rose & I get to PHL early and hope that Airtran will let us leave for Orlando earlier that our original flight. It's a go and we board at 6:30AM for a 7AM flight. Our room was ready and off we go to the AK. We arrive there around 10:45AM and it'd kind of spooky-hardly anyone is in line for the EE. Yes, we had to show Annual pass and photo ID which I already knew because I read it here! The Waiting area is pretty and lots to read. It's very informative with lots to keep you interested and it sort of gets you ready for the ride!

My first ride was in the middle and it was so much fun! It is just like Thunder Mountain only faster and more dips! The view is something that you can't explain (I know people are trying to tell you but you must expeirence this yourself). It is going to be a ride that you will wait in line to see. Those fast passes went really fast. I would tell you more but the Yeti is the best part of the ride and just remember that. Keep your eyes opened and look out for him! My only complaint is that the Annual Pass Pin was sold out the first day! I was here the second and third day and no pins! Disney sold out that first day and now they are on Ebay for almost double what the cost was! Disney needs to have a better way for pass holders to buy pins! January 28 was the worst day you had to stand in line just to stand in line for the fast passes and to ride the ride! We caught our 8:25PM plane to Philly and it was worth the $59.00 each way to ride the ride! Would I go this again-Sure! Here's another heads up- I had a stroke and a heart attack a couple of years back and Yes I rode the ride-TWICE. It's really not that bad!

MaryIrene 01/27/06 -- My husband and I drove two hours to enjoy the AP Expedition Everest Preview yesterday, and had a blast! We had heard rumors that Thursday was a madhouse, and were nervous Friday would be a repeat... thankfully, it wasn't! We rode EE three times: first in the front seat, then in the back seat, and then in the middle. I highly recommend people do the FastPass, then wait in standby ... it worked great for us and will work even better for busier days (we waited 20 minutes in standby each time).

Every ride was different, and great in its own way. The front car gives you the standard 'first to face danger' thrills, as well as a great insight into some of the secrets of the Mountain (I won't ruin them here). Also, there is a separate queuing area for front seat, so make sure you mention to the cast member directing where to sit that you want front, or you'll miss out. I was initially worried about being on the rear of the train, as I discovered Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster can be a bit jarring and bumpy in the back, but EE is smooth as silk. You do get much more air time, and can definately feel the G-forces through the turns, but it was still worth the ride. Finally, we ended up in the middle. We decided to try to look for Hidden Mickey's this time -- though hard to do going 55 MPH -- and found two on the ride. The actual ride in the middle is a good compromise of front and back: picture the smoothness of the front with the extra dropping feeling from the rear.

Overall, we really enjoyed Everest. The views of WDW are amazing, the scenery is beautiful, and the ride is so much fun! I love roller coasters and thrill rides, and while this isn't as wild as some of the notorious coasters at Universal and Busch Gardens, it definately stands out at Disney and is one you can ride over and over and still enjoy.

Kevin Richardson, 1/27/2006. I got to ride Expedition Everest twice this morning, and it is even better than I had imagined it would be. As others have commented, the ride is very smooth, and definitely full of surprises! The long ride to the top provides riders with a view that is as good as the one from the top of Summit Plummet. And the pre-show props are incredibly detailed, and provide a good story leading up to the ride. WDW has finally established the first true thrill ride at AK. It will be interesting to see how it affects the rush to Africa when it opens to the public, as it will definitely redefine the term "E-Ticket"!

Brian Curry , 1/27/06 -- I was able to ride Expedition Everest during the AP Preview. The buzz seemed overwhelmingly positive (a kid behind me in line had been on it 12 times). But, for every 95% approval rating, there has to be another 5% out there somewhere that disagrees. I wouldn't give the ride a negative rating, but it never threatened to break into my Top 20 Favorite Rides list either. My rating is 6.5 out of 10.

First of all, the queue is by far the best of any ride on Earth. I found myself wanting to stay and wander the "museum" section right before the loading dock. In a word - awesome. I was able to appreciate the storyline of the ride (something I can't say about Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld), but I am bummed that Everest is not more of a coaster. Calling this ride a coaster is like calling a Mazda Miata a sports car - sure, technically it is one, but do you really want to show up at a race with a Miata?

Most people raved about the backwards part, and I would agree that it is the best portion of the ride. However, it felt very gimmicky to me - it's not nearly as groundbreaking as people made it out to be (Revenge of the Mummy at Universal, the closest comparision to Everest, has a backwards segment). The Yeti - I believe I had read that it is the most advanced Audio Animatronic ever built, or perhaps just the largest, but either way it was less impressive than those found in Dinosaur. It's the sort of thing - you go by it at such speed that it is difficult to really appreciate it. Also, I felt the long, blowing hair gave the impression of more movement than was actually occuring; my first impresion was the it served to mask mechanicals that are less impressive than billed.

Overall, I would say that I was disappointed. I know, I know.... but you must not forget that this is a $100 million ride (estimated). For that much money, Universal brought us Spiderman, which is still, hands down, the best ride experience on the planet. Is it a good ride? Yes. Is it good enough to share equal ground with Test Track, Mission: Space, Rock'n Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror? No.

Ann 1/26/06 We got to Animal Kingdaom around 1pm on Thurs. The crowds weren't bad. We got to go on Expedition Everest 9 times. We came back on Friday and Sat. totaling of 20 times on the ride it was awesome. Saturday was packed though so we only got on 2 times. But is truely is an experience everyone should try at least once. Hopefully Disney will continue on this journey of great rides like this and soaring... ENJOY!!

Brent W. York 1/26/06 Just rode Expedition Everest 4 times at the Passholder/DVC preview. The blasts of cold air and mist were, er, bracing on a 55-degree morning, but the ride is great. Still, it's a pretty tame roller coaster, and even "wimps" should try it. The best part is the time you spend hurtling backwards, something unique to this ride. Several people I talked to agreed with me that it is similar in "threat level" to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (which happens to be the only Disney coaster my wife will ride). I'll be back soon with her in tow! (P.S. Waiting for the front row is worth it just for the view!)

Rachel -- I'm a cast member and got to do the preview this weekend. I am the biggest wimp. I have never been on Rock n'Roller Coaster, and I HATE Tower of Terror. With that in mind, I LOVED Expedition Everest! Greatest ride ever! I get motion sickness very easily, (I don't ride Dumbo!)and I rode Everest 4 times in a row. I'm going
back this weekend for the DVC Preview. So if readers are wondering if they can handle it or not, they can do this ride!

John, 1/26/06 -- Expedition Everest has lived up to all the hype-the imagineers have created the e-ticket ride they wanted at AK and then some. We went on the 26th and found surprisingly small crowds. The ride and the theming are phenomenal. The que area is more detailed than anywhere else at WDW. The Yeti is also fantastic. I rode three times (before I had to leave) and loved the ride. One of the members in our group did have a slightly queasy stomach that was attributed to the stretch of ride that goes backwards-nothing major, but something to be aware of. The rest of us loved it with no issues. I can't describe the ride to do it justice, other than to say it is a "don't miss ride" I did not see any pictures that do it justice either-just too much for a photo to take in.

Inge Richardson 1/26/06 Today Jan 26 was the first day for passholders to ride Expedition Everest and I was there at 9 AM. so were a LOT of other passholders. The lines were long and the wait was long....but the ride was GREAT.If you like Rollercoasters you gotta ride this one. The lines for the FREE lanyard and pin were even longer, but I got mine......not very often Disney gives something away for free and I was determined to get mine.

Mikki Clagett, 1/19/06: WOW! That about sums it up. My daughters and I were able to ride the new Expedition Everest roller coaster. We were called as background people for a shooting of a Discovery Channel show called "The Making of Expedition Everest." The ride was FANTASTIC. I don't want to spoil it for anyone but if you don't have passes yet for Disney World, book them now. On the ride up the major hill you can look to your left and see ALL of Walt Disney World! The ride is smooth, fast, and very exciting. Disney Imagineers outdid themselves on this one. Of course the actual land itself is beautiful. All the details of getting you geared up for the ride are great. This ride is not for the weary of heart. It's exciting from begining to end. And watch out for that Yeti!