Look Up with a Twist at Walt Disney World

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Last week I talked about Looking Down at Walt Disney World. This week we are Looking Up….from Our Phones. Believe me, I appreciate the modern day Smart Phone as much as the next person. Especially in a long queue line for a popular ride or attraction at a Disney park. However, you could end up … Continue reading "Look Up with a Twist at Walt Disney World"

Four More Magic Kingdom Restaurants to Serve Beer, Wine Starting December 23

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According to an item in the Orlando Sentinel this morning, a number of Magic Kingdom restaurants will start serving beer and wine next week. These restaurants will serve alcoholic beverages suited to their themes as follows: -- Cinderella's Royal Table, located in the park's iconic Cinderella Castle, will serve sparkling wines and champagne. -- The Jungle Cruise-themed Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen in Adventureland will feature a "global" beverage menu to pair with some of the more exotic dishes it serves up. -- The colonial-themed Liberty Tree Tavern in the park's Liberty Square will offer beer, cider and domestic wines to go with its traditional American fare. -- The "Lady and the Tramp"-themed Tony's Town Square Restaurant, will have Italian wines and beers to match its Italian cuisine.