Reviews of Starlight Safari - Animal Kingdom Lodge, Kidani Village

Climb aboard a sturdy, open-sided safari vehicle, and rumble through lush scenery, scanning the horizon for more than 30 species of African wildlife. This nighttime tour lasts approximately one hour.

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Reviewer: billndawn Review Date: 09/29/2018

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We had dinner at the Sanaa restaurant at 5:45 and walked around the Kidani lodge until our 8:15PM check-in at the Sanaa reservation desk. Our guide Kristi greeted us and we all headed to the open air truck to get our night vision devices and start the tour. Laura was the driver and she and Kristi worked very well together getting us so close to the giraffes the we could touch them, but of course we didn't because that's not advised. Watching the zebras, okapi and ostriches feed and just experiencing night in the savanna with animals roaming about was indescribable. These animals are active at night in the cool air and this whole experience was well worth the cost and time.


small group, unique and personal experience with knowledgeable guide



Reviewer: Anonymous Review Date: 09/25/2018

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Great personalized evening safari. We were right up next to the giraffes..... almost could touch them. Wish it was longer


Only one other family in the Jeep with us. Easy conversation with our tour guide. Up close to the animals


Not long enough