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Eastern Caribbean Cruise (7 night)



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Reviewer: Scrapping in Ontario Review Date: 03/12/2014

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Under 2 Flags Island Tour

There were 8 in our travel group (6A and 2C) and none of us really enjoyed the tour very much. We travelled on a full bus that quickly became very warm but the AC did not really work and we were asked not to open the windows. Thankfully the little vents above the seats offered a little air flow.

The tour guide was very kind but it was extremely difficult to hear her. Our group was scattered throughout 4 rows in the back half of the bus and none of us could really hear what she was saying.

First stop was a little market on the French Side. Nice length of stop and fun to check out the stalls and purchase souvenirs.

Second stop was an outlook with no real guardrail or anything and fairly steep so we kept this one short and put our adventuresome 4yo's back on the bus. :)

Third stop was a covered antique carousel and ice cream parlor. Very nice! We enjoyed long rides on the carousel and the ice cream was delicious!

We were dropped off in the cruise area for shopping and enjoyed some of this before boarding our ship.

Glad we've been to St. Maarten's but next time would choose another tour.


Nice to see the island


Bus was hot and speaker system was poor

Reviewer: cbate717 Review Date: 10/16/2013

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French Riviera Beach Rendezvous

Beach is really nice. Tour guides were friendly and helpful. Beach was clean. Water was crystal clear and beautiful. Lunch was good, large portions. I had chicken and my husband had ribs, both enjoyed. There were some locals walking the beach trying to sell things and braid hair. I politely said no thank you and they moved along. Would do this excursion again.


Beautiful water


Locals selling

Reviewer: rosehills Review Date: 10/06/2013

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French Riviera Beach Rendezvous
Lovely beach, nice water, but no fish or anything to see. Good with small kids, a bit boring for older kids. There are some rentals available. There were some locals walking back and forth trying to sell items, but it wasn't overwhelming. Very hot unless you spend the extra $3 for umbrella. Lunch was great. We had grilled chicken. Large portions.


Food, water, beach


Not much to see