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Reviewer: bellebookworm9 Review Date: 02/20/2018

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I elected not to get off the boat here, at the advice of my fellow travel agents. I can tell you it looked pretty from my verandah!

My mom and our friends did venture into Festival Place just to say they went to Nassau. Our friends went alone earlier in the day and found some shirts for reasonable prices ($10-$25). They convinced my mom to go out with them again in the afternoon so she could also buy some shirts. The place they went had an outdoor area with one employee, and an indoor area with another employee. From what they told me, the pricing was inconsistent between the two areas, they did some haggling, and the staff began to argue when the inside one found out how low the outside one had sold the shirts for, so they quickly left.

I may consider a port adventure on our next visit, but I wouldn't complain about staying on the boat again either.


Pretty port from the ship


Questionable pricing and staff

Reviewer: angbrit Review Date: 09/29/2015

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On our recent trip on the Fantasy we book a tequila tasting trip in Cozumel. We went to the Discover Mexico Park on a Disney trip. Our guide was great very funny, informative and helpful.
It was a great way to introduce tequila to someone who does not normally drink it.
after the tasting we had a tour of a small museum and watched a short film. We were given lunch it was OK and after lunch we were supposed to see a show, but due to the weather it was cancelled. The trip overran by 1.5 hrs, it was too long. It would have been better if we had left after the museum tour.





Reviewer: angbrit Review Date: 09/29/2015

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I bought a pair of socks in Cariloha Bamboo store in the port area, the item was $12, the till receipt stated socks $12
Jamaica $1
cash received $20
Change $6
I thought that 12 +1 =13 not 14
My question is do they do that to all their customers, its only US$1 BUT IT ALL ADDS UP


Shopping in the port of Falmouth Jamacia be Aware


Cariloha Bamboo store

Reviewer: nicoleamidon Review Date: 02/08/2015

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

Everything about our Dream 3 night Bahamas cruise was great but Nassau itself isn't terrific. We'd read reviews which encouraged visitors to skip the port and stay aboard or book an excursion so we did. Our family of four (two teens, mom and dad) took the catamaran sail and snorkle trip. We had a beautiful day and enjoyed being out on the water. The catamaran was clean and the crew was friendly. The trip had about 30-35 people but the boat was large enough to accommodate everyone easily. We sailed for about an hour, snorkled for about an hour and then return-sailed for about an hour. Our kids loved hanging out at the front of the catamaran catching the breeze. The snorkeling was fun, but not spectacular. We saw a variety of fish and some nice color. An hour was enough time in the water. Our son brought his Go Pro camera and got some fun video diving down into the water. The cost for this trip was reasonable (about $50/pp) and it included sodas and bagged chips after snorkeling. This got us out and about in Nassau - we walked by the straw market and skipped the drinking scene at Senior Frogs - and I would recommend it for people wanting a little activity and a nice sail along the coast.


catamaran sail and snorkle was great


port isn't very family friendly

Reviewer: annettebryantcpa Review Date: 09/17/2014

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First I would like to say we loved our first time on the Disney Cruise Line. The only thing I would have changed was I would not have wasted our money or time going to the Atlantis Resort Aquadaventure excursion. The staff there was extremely rude, the prices were very high for everything. $17 for a rum and coke. The aquarium was no better than what you could see in Houston at Moody gardens. The waterpark, was not a real water park. A few slides, and few pools. We are used to parks like schlitterbahn and this is what we expected for the price.




Atlantis resort a waste of money and time.