Reviews of Mickey's Backyard Barbecue

Open air Barbecue with live country music and Characters at Ft. Wilderness. Held Seasonally.

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Reviewer: Anonymous Review Date: 10/09/2018

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Absolutely Not worth 2 table services!


The food was all right but nothing spectacular.


So disappointed to use 2 table service for this meal and experience. The food was just all right, not really fresh tasting. The staff was just okay and the entertainment was too loud. Not at all what we were expecting. Save your signature dining for Spirit of Aloha or Cinderella's Royal Table.

Reviewer: Nat Review Date: 09/30/2018

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

This was great fun with Mickey and friends dancing the night away. We loved the great bbq food choices and fun entertainment.


Fun, food, characters and dancing


Noise level was loud at times

Reviewer: jlk407 Review Date: 07/22/2017

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

We have done this many times over the years, and love it. We did it most recently for our sons 8th birthday. We especially enjoyed the time we did it right after Thanksgiving the weather was cooler, it got dark early so the lights around the pavilion were nice and they sang Jingle Bells. The food is always great! As long as you like bbq fare, hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, chicken, etc and we do so we were happy!


The food, atmosphere, beer and wine included



Reviewer: holbrook Review Date: 06/21/2016

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

Excellent fun for young and old. Great food and plenty of it plus wine, beer and ice cream treats. It's 2 table service meals but you get what you pay for. There's no buyer's remorse with our family when we do it.

I only wish they offered it more than 2 days of the week.


Food, character interactions, beer, fun show


Only offered 2 days a week.

Reviewer: Harrimans Review Date: 07/11/2015

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

Very expensive but a great night.

The food was much better than I expected. Much more than just hot dogs and hamburgers. The unlimited ice cream as well as the beer and sangria add some value. I think I saw one kid eat a half dozen Mickey bars.

Great interaction with the characters. They alternate dancing with the crowd of kids and appearing over at the sides for photo ops. They will stay at the end of the night until everyone who wants to meet them has had a chance. Very unique costume theming.

There is a western style show that is a bit cheesy but fun. Also a trick roper that is pretty cool. Lots of fun music and just a great atmosphere.

It really doesn't matter where you sit as the characters move around and you can see from everywhere...


Characters, entertainment & food


Price, very crowded

Reviewer: mzznlink Review Date: 07/16/2014

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

It had been about 18 years since we went to Mickey's Backyard BBQ, the kids are now 21 - 33. This time we had an addition, my son's wife and our 1 year old granddaughter. She had a blast with the characters and loved swinging her arms to the music. Food was good, especially considering they have to lay it out for all those people. Adults had fun too. I just wish it was a little longer. It was July 4th so afterwards we went to the beach to watch the fireworks at MK.


Interacting with the characters


Too short

Reviewer: dclagett Review Date: 05/13/2014

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

Mickey's Backyard BBQ was the BEST event of our trip. We had 7 kids in our group, ages 2-9 and they all loved it. We arrived at 5:30 and were able to meet Chip & Dale & Goofy for pics and autographs and get in line for seating. We had 17 in our group and had been told to arrive early to be sure we could sit together. No problems! The food was fantastic as well, especially the ribs, pulled pork BBQ and mac & cheese. The kids really enjoyed dancing with the Characters and the band was fun. Here's a hint... during the rope trick show, watch for Mickey & Minnie greeting guests outside the shelter for pictures and autographs. You'll need to get in line early for this opportunity but it's worth it.


Our kids were able to interact with the characters



Reviewer: GNesty Review Date: 11/03/2013

Rating: (5) Would Recommend:

We attended the October 24th show and I really hate to say it but it just was not up to par. Yes you run into rude people who won't sit down so you can see and push there way to get a good table and as we witnessed even if your kid is screaming, crying will make them take there picture with a character however it was just lacking something. Food was plentiful, hot and considering the amount of people they were feeding not bad, plenty of beer, wine and soda for the everyone. Band was good, service too, but honestly for the price we paid we should have done the Luau again or HDD. Or even one of the nicer restaurants on property.


Lots of food and drinks


Just not a great show

Reviewer: jlk806 Review Date: 02/24/2013

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

We loved it. Went in early September. It was NOT unbearably hot as other reviews would suggest. It was hot out, but it wasn't uncomfortable in the pavilion. We got seated at the allergy table, as our son has a tree nut allergy. We had a great view of everything. The food was great we thought, though our family enjoys picnic food. We love hot dogs, cornbread and ribs. Everything we had tasted great and we especially liked everything on the buffet was safe for our tree nut allergic son. The included wine and beer was nice also.

One annoyance: Mickey & Minnie posed for pictures on their break obviously a line formed, everyone in line was told they would pose for pictures until a specific song began playing, then they would up and head back to the dance floor. You would think people in line would be courteous enough to just take a picture and move on, but no, out came those darn autograph books, some families with 5-6 of them! I thought that was SOOO rude of them, there are a million opps to get autographs and now their insistence on collecting autographs would lead to some not happy children who wouldn't even get to get their picture taken because these people sucked up the time. We were among the first in line, took a picture, let our son give a quick hug and moved on but couldn't believe some people.

Our son was just 4, is quite shy and wasn't interested in getting up and dancing with the characters. He just enjoyed the music and watching everything. We had a great time and it is on our list of reservations to make for our next trip. It depends what you expect from these events how satisfied or disappointed you will be. If you go into it expecting 1-on-1 character constant interaction and a gourmet meal, you will be disappointed. If you are looking for decent food (depending on your taste palate, we love picnic foods), cute entertainment, and the characters and understand that the characters aren't there just for you, but to entertain hundreds, you will have fun. Its all about perspective! And I had read many reviews before booking this (and are every-year Disney trippers) so I'm really glad the negativity didn't sway me!


Food, Fun


We didnt find any really

Reviewer: Mom of Princess Lover Review Date: 01/29/2013

Rating: (3) Would Recommend:

My family and I (my husband, 4 year old daughter and myself) wanted to go to one dinner show during our stay at Disney. We were going to pick the Hoop Dee Do musical review since we had heard so much good about it. My travel agent suggested that Mickey's Backyard BBQ, would be a much better pick for a 4 year old and that we would love this show.

So we arrived a little over an hour early (as we were advised to do) so that we would get a good seat, since it is first come, first serve. We were the second family in line and by the time we were taken out to the area where some of the character's were signing autographs and taking pictures, we were like the 4th or 5th family in line...such rude people. But we didn't bother saying anything...not Disney's fault. Well we were giving horrible seats...we were right beside the stage...literally beside it so really we couldn't see all that well. I thought that being since we were almost first in line, they would seat those people front and center.

The food was pretty good, it was hot and they came and refilled the food so that everyone could go back for more if they wanted. Free refills on beer and wine and a nice dessert selection.

The show was entertaining, would have enjoyed it much more if we would of had a better seat. Soo overcrowded though...they need to regulate the crowds better. Too many people/kids for their to be enough room for them all to get up and dance.

The characters didn't seem to want to be bothered with the kids...I didn't expect one on one time with the characters but I would have liked for my daughter to have gotten to at least be a little close to them. So since we were fighting to see the character's you really didn't get to enjoy the meal.

All of this and we just spent 2 meal choices! Never again!


Ok food and plenty of it


Not worth 2 meal plan choices
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