Reviews of Grand Floridian Resort (Deluxe Resort)

A Disney Deluxe Monorail Resort located in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area.

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Reviewer: llhoff Review Date: 09/28/2018

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

Our family of 5 recently stayed at the Grand Floridian for 2 nights following 3 nights at Port Orleans Riverside. It had been many years since we had stayed at the Grand Floridian, but it definitely lived up to the positive memories we had from our previous stay. Our room was on the 2nd floor in building 9, Big Pine Key, which was convenient to the main building and both pools. Our room had a lovely view of the wedding pavilion and the Polynesian Resort just across the lake. The room was lovely, clean, and well appointed. We had everything we needed. It was very comfortable for our family of 5 with no complaints from our 17 year old who slept on the pull out couch. We opted for turndown service which our kids loved for the Ghirardelli chocolate left on their pillows each night.
We spent most of our time in the parks and didn't really have time to take advantage of a lot that the resort has to offer (maybe next time!). We did have an evening at the pools which were uncrowded and peaceful. The large hot tub was a nice bonus. We watched the fireworks from Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party from the marina area one night, which was really nice, as they have the soundtrack piped in. We took advantage of the quick service location, Gasparilla Island Grill, one evening for a late dinner. The food was as good or better than most of the resort quick service locations we have eaten at. All of the cast members we interacted with were friendly and helpful throughout the resort. Having the choice of monorail, bus, or boat to the various parks was very convenient. Our whole family really enjoyed our stay here and wished we could have stayed longer. We would like to return, however, even with a discount, the room rates here make it a rare treat for us. Nonetheless, we had a very nice time and would definitely recommend it.


convenience, atmosphere, service



Reviewer: Dutch Review Date: 09/28/2018

Rating: (1) Would Recommend:

This was my second stay at the Grand Floridian. My family was booked into the Big Pine Key building. The resort's lobby is truly magnificent and after a near non-stop drive from Atlanta, the live jazz and relaxed atmosphere is a balm to the weary traveller. The attention from cast members at this resort is second to none.

The theming of this resort is decidedly "grown up Disney" and a bit more fancy than my t-shirt and shorts wardrobe. But it's ok, it's Disney after all.

Our room was very spacious and accommodating for a family of 5 (mom, dad, and three daughters ranging in age from 19-12 and full size humans). We were situated on the Seven Seas Lagoon and the views were beautiful. We faced the Polynesian Resort and Wedding Pavilion and also had views of the monorail line. At night the sounds of the Friendship bells and the Magic Kingdom railroad could be heard clearly adding a wonder bit of atmosphere.

We took advantage of the food court several times during our stay. One night we sat outside of the food court eating desserts and watching the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom (the soundtrack of the fireworks is played over the GF Resort sound system). That was a nice touch.

We also used both pools late at night. They were of course practically all to ourselves due to the late hour.


Beautiful setting, smaller sized grounds than many Disney resorts, opulent and reserved styling is great for grown-ups and those with more high-end tastes


Cost, feels "less fun" or little kid oriented, unless of course your little kids are used to a 5-star, high-end lifestyle

Reviewer: TLynch Review Date: 09/26/2018

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

Stayed for one night on the way back home to celebrate our anniversary. Quite expensive.


Beautiful property. Great view for the fireworks. Restaurant was good.


Expected better customer service. Wore the Celebration button and only one person in the hotel acknowledged it. Was surprised.

Reviewer: rijndar2 Review Date: 09/11/2018

Rating: (3) Would Recommend:

My partner and I decided to spend twenty-three days and nights in Orlando, Florida, to celebrate his retirement and sixtieth birthday and my seventieth birthday. Being no strangers to annual visits to Disney World since 2000 we spent our first sixteen nights at the French Quarter, then four nights at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando to attend the annual Flute Convention, and our last three nights at the Grand Floridian, our first visit to this resort. We even secured the Chefs Table at Victoria and Albert’s for our second night at the Grand Floridian. Scheduling our stay at the Disney World resorts in this way gave us access to the Magical Express service since we travel from the Los Angeles, California, area. We always prefer to use the “red-eye” flight from LAX, and with Magical Express we arrived at the French Quarter by 6:30 AM to check in. The only request we made was for early housekeeping because we are typically exhausted by 2:00 PM and wish to return to a cleaned room. As with all previous visits to Disney World resorts save for one visit to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, our room would not be ready until 4:00 PM.

Neither my partner nor I can sleep aboard an aircraft even if we have been up and busy the entire day. By the time we leave for the airport three hours before flight time, endure a five-hour flight, set our watches three hours forward, and spend an hour riding the Magical Express service to the resort, we are beyond exhausted. Of course it is our choice to make these travel arrangements, but it boggles the imagination that Disney World housekeeping has from 11:00 AM checkout time to turnover a room and cannot give us access to our room any earlier than 4:00 PM. From conversations with housekeeping staff, they must turnover a room within twenty-five minutes but most can do it in twenty minutes when pushed. We have also heard many reports that Disney World has been finding ways to reduce its housekeeping staff. We were even offered a very small monetary incentive to forgo daily housekeeping altogether. Since rooms are generally assigned several weeks prior to a guest’s arrival, no pleading, begging, or “cash under the counter” will get you into your assigned room much before 4:00 PM. When we arrived, fortunately for us we only had to wait thirty minutes before the food court opened at 7:00 AM. My scooter arrived at 8:00 AM as promised and we were off to EPCOT in order to make our way to the Dolphin Resort to pick up our car before 2:00 PM. After a very nice meal at Lobster Buffet we finally received a Text Message saying our room was ready. Across the street from the restaurant is a Publix grocery store where we purchase breakfast items, snacks, and water in a feeble attempt to reduce the food budget. We can purchase a pack of twenty-four bottles of water for the same price Disney World charges for one bottle of water at any of the resorts or parks!

We typically fall into bed very early the first night regardless which resort we stay at. And we try to utilize every opportunity for Early Magic Hour at the assigned park for that day. We have been known to ride on at least half of our favorite attractions during that single hour. But as the park begins to fill with locals and late arrivals the opportunity to ride on other attractions become less and less feasible. It is a terrible mistake not to utilize the Fast-Pass system, but those Fast-Passes must be made far in advance and that requires planning and scheduling. It is worth using Excel to keep a schedule of Early Magic Hours, Late Magic Hours, Fast-Passes, and dining reservations. Rarely can you walk into a restaurant for dinner and expect to be seated without a reservation. By mid-afternoon we have generally covered most of the park, gone on all the rides and visited the attractions we intended, eaten a few snacks, and consumed at least one meal. And every day when we returned to the French Quarter we found our room fresh and clean.

Our suite at the Hyatt Regency was beyond fabulous. We had a very comfortable living room area including a full-sized desk and a 65-inch flat screen TV sitting on a long credenza with ample drawers and shelves. The well-appointed bedroom area included a snack area with a refrigerator, coffee maker, and a wall safe in the large closet. The bathroom had a full-sized tub and shower with safety bars which I require. Even a tub mat was provided. To summarize, the floor space of this suite was at least 2.5 times larger than the floor space of our room at the French quarter, and it cost 2/3 what we paid at the French quarter, even with our pass-holders 25% discount. The Disney experience comes at a very high cost.

The crowning moment of our Orlando celebration came when we arrived at the Grand Floridian. One is generally awe-struck by this majestic structure. We reserved a room on the concierge level with a theme park view, room 4006. As always, our room was not ready, and we were invited to wait in the private lounge area on the fourth floor where there was plenty of food to snack on; and wait. At this time I returned to the third floor to speak to a concierge to request early housekeeping. He asked me at what hour I would like the room cleaned. I told him any time before 2:00 PM because I had to rest, and we had reservations at the Chefs Table the following evening. He assured me that our room would be cleaned before 2:00 PM during our stay. The view of the Magic Kingdom from our balcony on the third floor was exquisite. The fireworks display that evening was visually outstanding, but marred by our neighbors on both sides with their very loud talking and shouting, so the accompanying music was barely audible. The next day we returned to our room fully exhausted at 2:00 PM and found our room as we had left it early that morning: no housekeeping had been done. Nearly in a rage, I stormed down the hall to the speak to the concierges and found three milling around their desks. With a firm and forceful voice I informed these concierges that we were assured our room would be cleaned by 2:00 PM. It was important to us, and not for some silly reason, either. I told them yesterday we have reservations for the Chefs Table, we need to rest, and we needed time to properly prepare our evening clothes. I told them I need to have this room cleaned now! Someone from housekeeping finally arrived to our room 45 minutes later. I requested to speak to a manager at the front desk downstairs. Nearly 30 minutes later the manager of housekeeping met with me. I told him this was not a housekeeping issue; rather, it was an issue with the concierges who "assured" me our room would be cleaned by 2:00 PM. This manager told me our room will be cleaned by 2:00 PM the next day, our last day. Then he wanted to know what I wanted for restitution. I told him I wasn’t looking for restitution. He said that he will speak to his manager and they would decide on some form of restitution. We heard nothing further from hotel management.

Our experience at the Chefs Table was beyond our wildest expectations. There are no words to describe this experience. After this meal it was simply wonderful to have a room just upstairs and be able to fall into bed completely sated, and totally exhausted. The following evening we immensely enjoyed the Magic Kingdom fireworks from our balcony because we had no neighbors to mar the experience. Was the Grand Floridian worth $1000/day? Our room badly needed a facelift: the plumbing for the bathroom sinks had issues, there were no safety bars in the shower, I had to request a tub mat, some of the electrical sockets did not have power, most of the switch and plug plates were lose, there were few drawers in the credenza and they were small, and the carpet was sadly worn throughout and stained in several areas. We were both happy to leave the Grand Floridian and glad our trip to the airport on the Magical Express service was on time and uneventful.


Excellent theme park view


Room and concierge

Reviewer: jaghoffmom Review Date: 04/15/2018

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

everything about this resort is great. really appreciated how the cast members treat the guests
they treat you like royalty. rooms are beautiful and really enjoyed the view. stayed there in March 2018 and hope to stay again.





Reviewer: mkymouse4ever Review Date: 12/14/2017

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

We stayed at GF TPV Dec 3 > 9th. We had a few bumps in the road but overall we always enjoy our stays at WDW.
Valet / luggage. pulled up to front of GF and wave to area way over on side away from center. Guy finally walks over and said we where checking in and had luggage, he seemed upset it wasn't just to park car. He said "i'll get a cart" but he actually stopped on way to cart and tried to get another family to let him park car > but they also had luggage. Then he walked from there and slowly made way to middle, where he stopped to talk to a couple to buddy CM's > I finally started tossing luggage out of car and he decided he better get cart. Then he wanted to give me a quick rundown on tipping of valet and luggage people....... Really.
We had done online check in, prior to arrival but due to earlier in year experience we stopped at desk on arrival, {about noon} even thou it showed no room assignment yet. Our front desk CM was sarcastically polite. When you know they are being straight out rude, but smiling and saying the "proper" thing at the same time. No room not ready.. and will not be ready any time soon.... No could not check our 1 request of no dormer room. Cause did not want to go to epcot > return late and be in a dormer room being told thats it... . So we go to epcot. Park car and phone goes off > room ready. And its a dormer. We decided to stay at epcot and deal with it later. WE returned about 6pm and go to room. Thought we would be open minded since it was a "new" building to us. Sago Cay. Upon entering room > had beautiful dead on top to castle view when out on balcony but we have 1 bed. I'm visiting with my sister. We call front desk from phone. This is not going to work. We wind up on phone for 20 minutes and are actually told "the couch is a pull out too". Also politely rude. We replied did not pay GF prices to sleep on couch pull out. Finally the said ground floor boca chia but the TPV will not be as good. Fine we go check that out. Its not as good its BETTER. Now you can see the entire front of the MK by turning your head 1 inch to left. Our next experience was trying to take a nice hot bath. 1st no hot water, not even warm. Then finally it came on for a few seconds and back to cold. It repeated this syndrome our whole trip. Decided to call about this in am, as it was getting late. The next am > good thing we had not called yet cause the toliet had backed up {{looked like from entire resort}} So we called about water, toliet. Oh, sis goes to take out medication in am from fridge and its not cold. Nothing is cold. There is also no dial or button to adjust so added to list. Yes, they will send plumber asap. But the fridge is not a fridge, its a cooler and they will send a fridge for medications...... Which we should of been told prior. As we stored our medications with valet for refridgeration prior to recieving room. They knew we had to keep it refrigeratored. Well the water issue was a little better but it never was normal. The fridge was huge and also not very cold. Took up a lot of floor space. Toliet was fine rest of trip.
The location of Boca Chia is very central. Pool was beautiful and warm. Quite crowded for december but it was 80 the day we went.
Bus, monorail and boat where all great, hardly waited for anything.
They changed the self parking area since we where here last time and took part of valet area which is so much closer and a way better idea.
Mousekeeping was spot on and timely every day. No calls saying "you want us to clean today?" no one knocking on door at 8am.... Always friendly in halls too.
But we did miss the daily turn down which was always special. Not the same thing if you have to call for it.


Beauty, location, pool


occassionaly some castmembers [politely rude], plumbing issues

Reviewer: Disneyhenry Review Date: 09/14/2016

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

We stayed at GF for 3 nights after our 14 day EBPC, in my room was DH, DS (age 7) and myself. My sis traveled with us along with her DH and DD (age 7). I paid for a Lagoon View, she had reserved a Garden View. Upon check in we were both told we had adjoining room (she arrived 3 hours after me) but come to find out we were in 2 different building, I had no problem with her pixie dust upgrade to a Lagoon View, until I check in and looked at a tree! I called the front desk and said that I was disappointed in the fact that I was looking at a tree and my sis was looking at the 7 sea lagoon. The gal was very confused because she said she was looking at our reservation and we had adjoining rooms, after research she found out they gave my sis the wrong room. The Cast Member then upgraded us to a MK view in the same building as my sis - needless to say I was very happy. DH, my Brother in Law and myself fell in love with this resort, the walking distance to Poly, Monorail to MK and easy access to Epcot. The layout was perfect, I was a little worried that I wouldn't like this resort but it is now my favorite. We rented a Cabana for an afternoon (only GF and CR have Cabana's) where we had great service, relaxed and watched some football while the kids played in the pool. They loved the pool games and the slide was excellent!
Room layout was nice, bathroom stocked with plenty of towels, soaps, lotions and robes.
1st night we had a screaming toddler off and on for 2 hours, not really the resorts fault, but messed with my sleep. I loved the beds, DH thought they were to soft.
The quick service menu was not as large as CS or WL, but we made it work. However the day we went to check out we headed down at 5:45 am to eat breakfast only to find out they only had pizza until 6:30, with so many early flights I was really surprised they didn't start breakfast at 5 am.
Overall I will give this resort a perfect 10! Looking forward to staying there again, but I promise my DS that we will stay at CR next trip.


Location, Cast Members, Resort Layout, Pool


Quick Service

Reviewer: bellebookworm9 Review Date: 08/22/2014

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

My friend and I stayed here for the first time for one night, 8/18-8/19. I gave him the choice between a theme park view room at the Contemporary or an outer building garden view here, and this is what he chose. During online check in, I requested either Boca Chica or Big Pine Key, with the hopes of getting a pool view, but put in no further requests.

My friend stopped to check us in around 8:30am. When I arrived around 10, I stopped at the security guard shack, feeling I’d rather be safe than sorry about trying to use my band at the registered guests side. The guard was rather cross with me. He scanned my band, asked me what I was doing there, then requested to see photo ID. When I told him the reservation wasn’t in my name, he said he needed to see ID of the person who it was under-that has never happened to me before. My friend is a CM so he often goes to register us before we arrive and no other resort has given us this trouble. When I explained that he had already been to check in the guard rudely told me to just go in and park.

With that out of the way, I parked in the self-serve lot and took my bags in to Bell Services. Our room was not ready yet so I boarded the monorail to Magic Kingdom. The monorail was the only transportation we used at this resort but we never really had any problems. There was one time when they needed to reboot the system, which resulted in the A/C being turned off for a few minutes, but that was a very minor inconvenience.

Around 1:30, I received a text that our room was 8426 (Boca Chica) and it was ready, so I immediately headed back, stopping to pick up my bags on the way. It’s like the room assigners knew exactly what I wanted! We were on the fourth floor and had a nice view of the courtyard pool and grounds. The room itself was beautiful and I really like the new décor; I feel it’s much less stuffy than the old pastels and floral designs. I also got a kick out of the GF monogram on the throw pillows, as those are my initials! We had a connecting door and the insulation was very thin; at 3am I could hear the neighbors’ phone ringing and them sneezing.

We ate at Grand Floridian Café and Gasparilla’s Island Grill; both were very good. We enjoyed both pools and I thought the slide at the Beach Pool was the second best I’ve been on (beat only by Boardwalk). The lounge chairs were cushioned, not the plastic ones at all other resorts, and there was a cast member from the poolside bar wandering around checking to see if anyone needed drinks or food.

There was a commercial being filmed in the lobby for Disney Parks online, so we were politely asked to move from the couch we were occupying as to not be in the shot.

Like a previous poster, I was concerned about this resort feeling too upscale, as it has in the past when I’ve visited. However, it was very enjoyable for the night and I would consider a longer stay, if only I could afford it!


Beautiful rooms, great pools, enjoyable restaurants, monorail access


Grumpy security guard, very little soundproofing between rooms

Reviewer: RSZB Review Date: 06/29/2014

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

This was my first stay at the Grand Floridian Resort. I had concerns about the resort feeling too “upscale” for us, but it had the most reasonable room rate available on the monorail for the 2 nights (June 23-25) we wanted. I reserved an outer building lagoon view room, but was upgraded to the Royal Palm Club in room (4319) in the main building! This was a girls’ trip and the deluxe queen room was beautiful and very large with a view of the pool and Wishes fireworks from the balcony. Our room was located very close to the monorail station.

Our room was on the 3rd floor where 2 concierge desks were located. We had access to the 4th floor lounge via internal stairs or elevator. The lounge offered food and beverages 4 times throughout the day. There were usually 2 cast members attending to replenishing the refreshments. The offerings were varied, delicious, and plentiful. The lounge overlooks the lobby and is especially nice during the live music performances. A pianist plays Disney tunes from late afternoon to early evening and then a band plays until 10pm. There were a handful of shops located around the lobby which all had different operating hours.

It seemed there were more cast members here than at other resorts. They were professional, friendly, and helpful. The turn down service was a nice touch.

We used the monorail to and from the Magic Kingdom. It was stuffy and warm with a distinct lack of air flow on all occasions. Is this a side effect of the work being done?

We only used the bus service once. Due to the modified monorail schedule, a bus ran directly to EPCOT for Extra Magic Morning Hours.

The boat service was efficient enough. We used it a couple times. One night we used it after 11pm from Magic Kingdom, since the posted monorail closing time was 11pm. The boat dock was completely full and another boat was summoned to help with volume.

One evening, we walked around the grounds to get a sense for the whole resort. The pool slide was open past 10pm as was the water play area. Both inside and outside areas seem huge to me, but it didn’t feel crowded anywhere. There was construction work going on in the Sugar Loaf building.

I would recommend the Grand Floridian Royal Palm Club level rooms if you are committed to taking advantage of the extra services. I can only hope to be able to stay here again!




limited monorail during our stay

Reviewer: BWK0701 Review Date: 06/23/2014

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

This was our third stay at the Grand Floridian so we have always been very happy staying there but this time was exceptional. The rooms have been renovated and are done very well. All the staff members we encountered seemed to be at their best, from the front desk to house keeping! Love the turn down service and on our last day my daughter received a rose on her bed, a very nice touch that we never experienced before. I would highly recommend staying here, both of my children love staying here as well.




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