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Cuisines: Mexican, American
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Service - limited breakfast and full lunch and dinner.

Reviewed by Momof4 Review Date: 01/11/2014

Rating: (8)

We grabbed a quick meal here on 12/30/13. I was super hesitant because of the negative reviews but the park was packed and we had fastpasses for Tower and rock and roller coaster. I had the Fairfax salad and DH had the BBQ sandwich. The salad was very good! DH loved the sandwich as well. This food was a much better option than burgers or pizzas. Fortunately, we ate early because the line moves slowly. I'm sure it gets backed up easily. We definitely will eat here again!


Good fast food


line to order
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Reviewed by MWS Review Date: 01/07/2014

Rating: (7)

This is a nice choice if you want something a little different than burgers or chicken fingers while at DHS. I had the chicken platter with baked beans and cole slaw. The beans and cole slaw were tasty but the chicken was a little dry, but don’t worry there are several different toppings at the condiment station to spice up the flavor.
The star of the show was the seasonal gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese icing, it was one of the best desserts we had on our trip. It’s more of a spice cake then gingerbread, but the cream cheese icing was awesome!


Seasonal cupcake


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Reviewed by HOBBES Review Date: 10/31/2013

Rating: (6)

Needed something quick at brekkie to tide us over until lunch at Sci-Fi. We walked past and thought why not, as there was no line and plenty of tables. It was adequate-we had the sausage and egg mcmuffin, sorry egg and cheese MUFFIN with sausage.... It wasn't bad just unmemorable.


cheap and quick


a mcmuffin at three times the price!
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Reviewed by goofygirl74 Review Date: 01/24/2013

Rating: (9)

I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised with Fairfax Fare! DH, DS12 and I ate here for lunch in late Nov. All three of us ordered BBQ Ribs and Chicken. Everything, including the beans and coleslaw, was DELICIOUS! The ribs were falling off the bone tender and the chicken had great smokey flavor without being dried out or rubbery.

The CMs were great, chit-chatting with us while we waited for our food. They were all sweethearts!

The only thing that threw me was the ordering system. You ordered at a window, then instead of moving down the line, you waited there while another CM prepared your order. The CM who took your order just stands there. Hmmm...

The seating is shared with other QS locations, but is plentiful and shaded nicely.

We will definitely be back!


Food, CMs, seating


Weird ordering system
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Reviewed by Jojo47 Review Date: 01/17/2013

Rating: (3)
Not Recommended

I just wanted a plain hot dog which is not listed on the menu so neither was the price. A plain hot dog with a bag of chips was $7.00. The hot dog was cold the bun was dry. Very disappointed. Also the veggie burger from adjoining counter although you received a large portion of fries, was dry and odd tasting. Again for the price disappointing. My daughter said the regular hamburger was good and satisfying.


Plenty of seating. Nice atmosphere.


Not worth the cost
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