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Reviewer: sand935 Review Date: 09/30/2018

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We were upgraded to club level for my birthday! We still had our garden wing room but had access to the concierge level floor. the food was good when ever we went up there and could see the fireworks!


firework view



Reviewer: Sarah M Review Date: 09/27/2018

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

We stayed at the Contemporary in August / September of 2016. We were Club level, and were on the top floor. The concierge desk staff were marvelous. They were so very helpful, and were able to cancel an event for us without penalty (I got a migraine, and was so sick). The food was top-notch, and it was so nice to come back at night to a top shelf beverage or two. They gave us bottled water with a smile, since we do not drink sodas. My biggest complaint was not the CMs, nor the service provided; it was with the parents who let their children run loose. It was awful. The CMs were so pleased with how our children (ages 10 and 5 at the time) behaved that we came home with a full supply of glow ice cubes. Every evening, they so kindly gave the children another set because they used table manners, please / thank you, and didn't wreck havoc. Seriously, folks - you're the parents. Act like it. We can't wait to do club level again there soon!


Food all day long. It saved our butts two nights (one from over-stimulation for the children, and one from a migraine for me). Top-notch staff on hand. Top shelf alcoholic beverages (we are not big drinkers at all, but it was nice to have a nighttime treat on vaca). The view was amazing.


Mousekeeping did not do one towel design at all. We were so disappointed, especially because I had told the children how neat it was. The other con would be parents who don't control their children.

Reviewer: mawdryn Review Date: 11/11/2017

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

My husband, 2 year old niece and myself stayed at the CR November 5-7. We arrived at 11am and were surprised with a complimentary room upgrade to CL on the 12th floor (We originally paid for a tower room with a lake view). Our room wasn't quite ready, but were told to feel free to go on up to CL to start enjoying the wonderful selection of snacks and beverages.

We received a text at noon saying our room was ready, and we were thrilled with everything about it, from the size to the view and everything in between.

We enjoyed the Atrium Lounge many times throughout our stay, and especially liked the Happily Ever After fireworks view. It was so nice not having to fight the crowds...

The food was delicious. There were mini desserts, gummie bears, meats and cheeses, fresh fruit, pastries, beer and wine, cookies, homemade chips etc. The menu changed 4-5 times throughout the day.

My only complaint was housekeeping. Our room wasn't cleaned our second day until well after 4pm and we never received turn down service this night.

This was my second time staying at the CR and we have reservations to go back in June.


Surprise Upgrade, Room and Club Level Treats



Reviewer: ajrob Review Date: 04/12/2016

Rating: (6) Would Recommend:

Let's start off by saying my expectations were high, and not met upon arrival, but as the trip was underway my opinion increased a bit.

Upon arrival, I was not greeted outside, or inside for that matter, nor explained that when I checked my luggage at the entrance of the Contemporary, I would not see it until 8:30pm. My room was not ready when we arrived at 1:30pm, and was told it wouldn't be long, I would receive a text. That text never arrived so by 4pm I went up to the Atrium Club(12th floor) to be told, "oh, no one called you?". The one room request I submitted to the concierge about 9 months in advance, was a northern facing room, that request was not met but I was told I could check out the next day and check-in again for that specific placement of room. After the first day debacle, I didn't chance it.

I am a seasoned Disney traveler for decades now and each and every trip I mail a box or two ahead of my arrival of heavier items as to not weigh down my luggage. This box could not be found. By 9pm the Concierge told me several people had looked for my box and it never arrived? It wasn't until I produced a receipt of delivery, that I did finally receive my box, 10:30pm.

Now, I have stayed everywhere in Disney, on and off property, value, moderate, deluxe, even the campground, and I have never had all of these complications I encountered here, and I'm paying a lot of money for Concierge service?

That being said, as the trip moved along, there were some perks to the club level.
1. The food in the Atrium Club was delicious, always fresh and plentiful, there are specific times, but for the greater part of the day food is available(7am-10pm). There are drinks available 24/7 like juices, soda and milk.
2. You could receive additional Fast Passes by texting the concierge which attraction FP+ you wanted next.
3. I wanted an item that was only available at another resort, and one of the hotel "runners" went to pick it up for me and it was waiting in my room that night.
4. At one point I had some magic band issues and they were quickly resolved by the concierge at the desk.
4. Nightly turn down service
5. We were always greeted with a hello.
6. Our room was beautiful and I highly suggest a Magic Kingdom view room.
7. Mousekeeping was fabulous, Yugenia went above and beyond in our room, it was super clean everyday in a very timely matter!
8. Being on the twelfth floor and at the time we were there 3/29-4/6 it was extremely crowded and yet I never heard Chef Mickey's or monorail noise at all!

While I would definitely stay at Contemporary again, I will not add the expense of it's Concierge club.





Reviewer: LetsDoDisney Review Date: 03/19/2014

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

We had an AMAZING time at the Contemporary. We actually stayed in the Garden Wing due to the size of our party. The Hospitality Suite is a hidden gem. It was HUGE!! We had two living room areas, 3 bathrooms, a full kitchen including dishwasher, big dining room table and a full guest room. There was a pull out sofa in the main room as well as the guest room. We had FOUR sliding doors to open and even being close to the pool, the noise never bothered us. Even at night, the Electrical Water Parade came by and you could hear that classic music but it was soothing because it reminded you where you were!

We had to walk from the Garden Wing up to the main building but our room was the first one closest to it so it's really not a big deal. Honestly, after walking around MK or any other park all day, it's a lovely walk and takes all of 5 minutes. It was especially beautiful at night. I know that some people feel that the Contemporary "lacks" a theme but when the monorail runs through your hotel and you have a character meal in the building with a clear view of the castle and fireworks, I never forgot I was at Disney.

As for the 12th floor- I can't wait to go back! The treats and drinks all day and night were plenty. If you are planning to only eat there it may not be enough but, with 8 people in our group it was enough variety. The breakfast items were wonderful and was a great option if you wanted to get a decent bite before an early start. There is also plenty of items you can take with you to avoid buying snacks in the park. We always grabbed a piece of fruit or brought a baggie of cereal.

I have to say, that since we did need to walk (most guests are staying right on the 12th floor) the staff was WONDERFUL and allowed us to bring a tray of snacks and drinks back to our room so that we didn't have to drag everyone up there- especially if the little ones were sleeping.

Our other favorite part- the VIEW! With a large group of varying ages, we would be tired at the end of the night but the lounge was the best place to be. We could sit and watch the fireworks without having to fight a crowd to get a good spot or to get out of the park! Some of the kids didn't like the noise so they could easily sit inside and watch through the sliding doors.

I never ever wanted to stay at the Contemporary because I felt like lots of other people- it's blah and unappealing. So not true. Just stay there. It was the best surprise we could have imagined.

On another note we upgraded to the Deluxe Dining package. It can be a lot to use since it's costly but it allowed us to get all the character meals we wanted and we were able to use meals for takeout- I have to say the Wave did a great job with take out. The Contempo Cafe was wonderful too and with the Deluxe plan we always had to grab a dessert and with 6 to choose at every meal, we would grab 1 or 2 cupcakes to split (these were DELICIOUS and HUGE) and then the other snacks would be something packaged like a rice krispie treat. This gave us weeks of after dinner treats once we got home! The Deluxe gave us lots of freedom and on our last day we stopped in to a few places in Downtown Disney and grabbed sandwiches for the drive home because we had some extra meals left and it worked out great!

I will say, this is not the "affordable" way to go. The club level raises your prices as well as the Deluxe Plan. However, it was nothing short of an all inclusive trip without having to fly to the Caribbean. If you price out another all inclusive and then the same at Disney with the club level and Deluxe Dining - Disney is the clear winner every time.


Staff, view, availability


Walk to lounge

Reviewer: mrsfarrellhob Review Date: 05/09/2013

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

We chose the Contemporary for two reasons on our recent trip:
1. We had never stayed at the resort
2. It was $1200 cheaper than the club level at the Poly

Overall, this was a very nice experience and if you're like us (I'm pregnant and we took A LOT of breaks from the parks), then the cost is worth it. We also ate breakfast in the lounge every day and my husband LOVED the snacks. Also, being able to get water and bagged snacks to take into the parks was great for this preggo...I was ALWAYS hungry and thirsty! But if you're going commando at the parks, and just need a place to sleep, save your money.

Here are the reasons why I can't give this experience a 10:
1. It took 6 hours for our luggage to reach us, we nearly missed our ADR. Unacceptable.
2. We had two packages delivered, one from MK and one from DTD. Only the one from MK made it to our room, the other I had to retrieve from the gift shop after 2+ days. Unacceptable.
3. The noise from Chef Mickey's does make it all the way up to the 12th floor, so if you're a light sleeper, bring ear plugs.


Views, food, helpful staff


Noise from construction, restaurants

Reviewer: txtinkerbell Review Date: 01/11/2013

Rating: (6) Would Recommend:

We have stayed many times at the Contemporary but never at concierge level. This past Xmas week was a first for us. We traveled with our whole of 5. We had stayed on the atrium level. It was nice to have the extra lounge area to spread out when having the whole family with us. Breakfast was good. Mid -day snacks not impressive. Desserts at night were good. We always stay tower and MK view so the view from the lounge was nice, but we usually prefer our balcony. The staff was very helpful to have so we knew if MK was at capacity or not as Xmas week is very busy. Overall, this time it made sense to stay concierge level due to total number of people and time of year that we were visiting. However, not sure it was really worth the extra money if these were not factors.


concierge staff, view from lounge