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Reviewer: mindylee847 Review Date: 03/16/2016

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel from 2/28 to 3/4. Upon check in, we were selected as the E-Ticket Family of the day! This meant that we gained access to the E-Ticket Lounge that night for a viewing of the fireworks and some snacks/drinks.

It was just my husband and I so we had a king size bed. Overall, it was a very comfortable bed with fluffy pillows. The room was very large with plenty of room to stretch each night. We were on the fourth floor in Adventure Tower with a slight view of Downtown Disney (we did not pay for a premium view so this was more than acceptable).

We did not utilize the housekeeping while we were there as the room was in as clean of a condition as it could be upon check in and we just reused our towels to "save water" per the little request near the sink.

The design of this hotel is awesome. Each tower is themed after a different land. They all have detailed lobbies and the music even matches. It was perfect.

With Trader Sam's and Steakhouse 55 just steps away from our room we were in heaven.

The noise from DTD was a little loud but usually subsided by 10 or 11 - not a problem for us as we were too tired to be bothered by it.

It was kind of difficult to catch an elevator some mornings unless you are on a top floor as they go up first and then collect on the way down. Being on the fourth floor, it would have been better for us to just utilize a staircase but they didn't have one available for normal use (only a fire escape).

I would stay here again in a heartbeat. It was so worth it and so perfect!


Location, Dining, Service


Lack of Stairs

Reviewer: bellebookworm9 Review Date: 10/04/2015

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

We arrived at the Disneyland Hotel for a 4 night stay on 9/27, around 1:30pm. First stay at this hotel. Was taken care of at check in desk right away. Charly checked me in efficiently, and said they had a premium view king bed room for us. I think that would have been an upgrade, as I paid for deluxe view, but as I was traveling with my mom, we really preferred queen beds. Charly went to look into moving us around, and while it was possible, the room was not ready until 2:50pm. She was also able to print my park tickets, which I had purchased from a reputable travel agency, and her manager went to Bell Services to retrieve the scooter we had reserved for my mom.

We stored our luggage with Bell Services and went to lunch. When we came back, we browsed in the store and met Goofy in the lobby! What a nice touch! Our assigned room was 2420, on the 6th floor of the Fantasy Tower. It was literally next to the elevator bank, which concerned me at first, but we never heard people in the hall and only occasional rumblings of the elevators themselves.

Our room was very spacious and had a great view of the pools (deluxe view, as paid for). Windows were filthy though, which detracted from the view. Also, our fridge was not cleaned out. Previous guest had left a partial bottle of water and half eaten cheese plate, which we just tossed ourselves, rather than calling to complain.

There is a nice counter area outside the bathroom to allow someone to get ready in the morning, as long as no sink is needed. There was only one sink in the bathroom area, not two, as we are accustomed to at WDW deluxe resorts. Bathrobes are now the scratchy cotton found at the Grand Floridian, rather than the nice terry cloth ones that used to be there. Beds and pillows were outstandingly comfortable, and the "magical" headboard was a nice addition.

Used the pools one afternoon. They were not overly crowded at all. The monorail slides were quite fun. Wish we would have had time to take advantage of the *free* tours offered at this hotel and Grand Californian.

Enjoyed a breakfast at Tangaroa Terrace, brunch at Goofy's Kitchen (actually, we felt, our best meal of the trip), and I had a drink at Trader Sam's one afternoon.

We love the location of the hotel. Nice stroll through Downtown Disney in the morning and evening. Disappointed in the monorail (not the hotel's fault) as it doesn't operate when it's very hot out because there's no A/C, nor does it serve as transportation to/from Downtown Disney & the hotels before or after park closing. I'm definitely WDW biased in that way.

Bell services was great about helping with bags in a timely manner. Big shoutout to Kenny who assisted us taking our luggage to the shuttle pickup on our last night, and chatted with us for about 10 minutes about our visit and hometown.

The hotel was completely sold out (all three were, actually) as there was a convention at DLH for our entire stay. Despite this, I never felt the resort was crowded, and the parks were downright empty for most of the days we were there.

I would stay here again, but the price was a bit to stomach. Would definitely make sure a discount was available before booking next time.


Beautiful room, great view and location, restaurants, cast members


Fridge not cleaned out on arrival, room keys deactivate at check out

Reviewer: crescentlakeprincess Review Date: 06/11/2015

Rating: (10) Would Recommend:

My Frist trip to Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel was for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon 5/18/15-5/12/15.

This first thing I noticed was that the castmembers at the front desk didn't have the added touch of magic like in WDW (there was an issue with our request for a connecting room) but I'm probably just biased to the east coast ;)

The hotel is completely renovated and beautiful. The bed was comfortable, clean big room, but best of all was the bathroom. There is a counter with mirror outside the bathroom across from the closet. Inside the bathroom area you will see a sink and shower, and then another door to the toilet. This worked so well with 3 adults sharing 1 room. Also, I love being immersed in all things Disney and that's definitely what you will get here.

I stayed in the Fantasy Tower (main building) which was great but I honestly wouldn't have minded being in the other buildings because they are all very close with pools centrally located.

My only minor complaint (more of a run Disney complaint) packet pick up was located in a parking garage at the Disneyland Hotel which was odd.

Steakhouse 55 was amazing. I also enjoyed the coffee shop each morning.

Trader Sam's is a favorite but entirely too small, you need to be aggressive to get an open seat!

If I ever make the journey across country again I will definitely stay at Disneyland Hotel.


Proximity to DTD, all things Disney, very nice accomodations


Trader Sam's needs more space or waiting system

Reviewer: disneydad78 Review Date: 08/17/2014

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

The Disneyland Hotel (DLH) touches Downtown Disney. DLH has theming like no other hotel. The service at DLH is top-notch.

DLH is expensive.

Our recent trip to Disneyland was our first. We have been going to Walt Disney World annually since 2009, staying in every level of resort along the way. The best comparison I can draw to WDW resorts is the Contemporary Resort. But make no mistake about it, the theme/feel of the resort is 100% Disneyland Park. You can go nowhere within the hotel without seeing a reference to the park's history. The hotel is divided into 3 towers to complement the Disneyland "lands" they're named for: Fantasy, Adventure, and Frontier. This park-style theming is elegant, not unlike the Disney ships. The height of this theming is in the guest rooms, where you have mickey-hand bathroom lamps, hidden-mickey carpet, pictures of Walt on nearly every piece of printed media, mickey mouse faucet and shower handles, and the enormous Sleeping Beauty castle headboard (that lights up and plays "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" at the touch of a button). The theming takes an eastern turn by the pool, where the hotel's counter service restaurant (Tangaroa Terrace) and lounge (Trader Sam's) are located. These two places could have been pulled straight from the Polynesian resort.

Steakhouse 55 is a jewel in the hotel. Dinner was good, but the breakfast was spectacular. SH55 is the best place for your traditional American breakfast. Goofy's Kitchen was spoiled for us by poor service and disorganization at the check-in desk.

The hotel is quiet. The pool is surrounded by lots of foliage that acts as a natural screen that keeps pools noise down. There are 2 pools plus a kiddie play area around the monorail slides, and 2 large heated spas surrounded by padded lounge chairs and cabanas. There are plenty of green areas shaded by mature trees that make for great picnic or stroll areas.
The proximity of the resort to Downtown Disney and the parks is wonderful. Our last stay in WDW was at Beach Club, and we loved the quick walk to Epcot. The walk from DLH to Downtown Disney is <5min, to the parks is just over 10min.
We had no real complaints other than Goofy's Kitchen. Yet the price we paid did leave us wanting something more. For instance, our bathroom only had a single sink. We paid for a ticket + room package that would have easily landed us at a Monorail-level resort at WDW. I would recommend the Grand Californian if you're looking for something more "deluxe level". But the one thing that has a price, that cannot be duplicated anywhere else, is being immersed in a "Disney place". Go to the other resorts, and you have left Disney. Go to the Disneyland Hotel, and you have simply arrived again.

If you go to Disneyland, take the time to explore this hotel--even if you're not staying there. There's so much to see if you take the time.


Proximity to Downtown Disney and parks, service, theming, Steakhouse 55


Price, bathroom, Goofy's Kitchen

Reviewer: pluto12 Review Date: 02/28/2014

Rating: (8) Would Recommend:

Stayed at Disneyland Hotel from 2/22/14-2/24/14. Booked Dapper Day rate, which was approximately half-price. The reduced rate was, fair for what you get, but I feel that paying more would have been too much.

We stayed in the Adventure Tower, which was really convenient for getting to/from the parks. You do have to walk through Downtown Disney to get to the entrance or the monorail, so that meant running the gauntlet of chain stores and restaurants that were BLASTING music at most times of the day. A minor quibble but it really did add to the stress of early/late/long days at the parks.

The room was tasteful, understated, and rather plain- which is not a complaint. The light-up headboard was just the right dose of pixie dust. The bathroom was not very nice at all, unfortunately, and the lighting in it was awful.

We tried to order room service on Sunday night, 2/23, but no one would pick up the phone after an hour (!!) on hold. We also tried the front desk- no one would pick up there, either! Thinking it might have been our room phones malfunctioning, I also tried the house phone- same result.

Dining options were limited and not very vegetarian-friendly (a surprise for a Disney property), especially when you took the room service menu out of the equation.

The absolute best part was Trader Sam's, the on-site tiki bar that we happened upon quite accidentally. It's everything you want from a tiki bar (i.e., dark, full of kitschy decor, outrageous drinks with little ceremonies, the staff and all the patrons in on the fun).

We were able to check-in early (1:30pm) but the process did take a long time. It seems that the front desk staff has no efficient and reliable way of ascertaining which rooms are vacant and clean. Hopefully Disney corrects this.

The hallways and rooms were fairly quiet, though we could hear something (plumbing??) running most of the night.

In all, I'd say this was on par with moderate resorts at WDW (though with interior corridors). I would try the Grand Californian next time for a little nicer experience.


Disney-ness, proximity to parks, Trader Sam's, monorail waterslide, quiet public areas


Chekin- took a long time, staff wouldn't pick up phone, limited dining options, poor bathroom lighting

Reviewer: belle12877 Review Date: 09/03/2013

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

My husband and I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend (I ran the new 10K race on Saturday morning). I thought the resort was fantastic. Check-in on Friday afternoon was a bit chaotic due to the Expo that was happening at the resort (cars, people, cast members everywhere!) We were upgraded from a standard room view to a pool view, which was so nice. The rooms are VERY spacious and the location is PERFECT - right next to Downtown Disney and just a little further walk to the Parks. The only negative experience we had all weekend was that we had requested Express breakfast room service for Sunday morning before we left for the airport. I don't know what happened, but the food never arrived during our time slot. I called and even though the order was taken from our door - the woman at room service didn't receive it. She offered to rush us breakfast or buy us a breakfast (which was very nice) but we didn't have time at that point. I will be staying here again in January when I run in the TinkerBell Half Marathon and I can't wait. Next time my husband and I will be traveling with our twin four-year-olds and we just know they are going to LOVE it! (especially the musical/lit headboards! :)


Great location, fun weekend stay!



Reviewer: FamilyOfSix Review Date: 07/12/2013

Rating: (7) Would Recommend:

We stayed in the Disneyland Hotel in early June 2013. We were so excited to stay in this hotel, as we never spring for such an expensive place. We booked two rooms as we were traveling with my sister and her family, and each room was reserved for 5 people. The reservation process is lengthy, and you need to give the names and ages of each person staying in the rooms at the time of making the reservation. Having gone through that process, and being assured that we were going to have two rooms that would sleep 5 comfortably and be either adjoining or located very near each other, I was beyond dismayed when my sister checked in before we did and was told that we were getting one room for 4 people adjoining another room for 5 people. Totally unacceptable since we needed all the beds. My husband called to try to fix the reservation before we arrived, but was told that there were no other rooms on property for 5 people (right...) and that we didn't even make a reservation for 5... I had the printed up confirmation letters showing clearly rooms for 5 people. This agent was so incredibly rude to my husband, and not helpful, and really should not be working for Disney at all. I have had better service from people working at a La Quinta Inn.

Anyway, when we finally got to the Disneyland hotel, my husband showed the desk agent our paperwork, and "magically" they found a room for 5 people for us. Only problem-- it was 7 floors away from the other room. What a major pain to have our party split by 7 floors. I really wasn't happy with this situation, but was much more dismayed by the very rude treatment from the agent on the phone.

Now the hotel...

In the lobby, the teacup chairs are cute. Too bad several of them were ripped. Ripped vinyl chairs... Not exactly Deluxe...

The theming is subtle. Too subtle. I think they need more Mickey magic. I don't know why they advertise being greeted by Goofy at the Disneyland hotel, but I never saw him and I didn't see a poster announcing when he'd be in the lobby or anything. Maybe the greeting is at Goofy's Kitchen? Who knows.

The rooms are fine. I would try to get to the highest floor possible. One of our rooms was on the 10th floor of the Fantasy Tower. We could actually see the fireworks from the room. That was very cool. The 5-person rooms are large enough, comfortable, and the beds are all comfortable. The executive desk is a little bit cumbersome and maybe it would be better to have a small table or something that would be more useful to families. The bathroom was strange to me because the toilet was closed off from the bathroom, but was only accessed through the bathroom. So if someone was in the shower, they would need to leave the door unlocked for someone else to access the toilet in the toilet room. This was a problem for self-conscious teens... It would have made more sense to have the sink on the outside of the room at least.

The rooms were in decent shape. They didn't seem very new, but not too worn down. The headboard was cool, though.

The pools were really great. We were there on days that weren't so hot-- low 70s. It was so fun because the pools were heated to different temperatures. The cooler pool was the one my kids seemed to like the most, but I liked the middle pool which was pretty warm. There was another little pool where the water slides ended. The water slides were a little rough (hard on the shoulders) but the kids seemed to like them. I wouldn't recommend them for adults! The hot tub was nice too. All in all, the pool area was really great.

The best part of the hotel was its location. It was an easy walk to Disneyland or California Adventure-- taking only 10 minutes at most. Even for the early extra magic hours at 7 AM, we didn't need to leave the hotel until 6:45 AM and had plenty of time to make it to the front gate for the lineup for entering early. The parking at the Disneyland Hotel is not bad. I had read complaints about the parking being far away, but it wasn't at all. And we didn't need to use our car anyway being right there by Downtown Disney and all that good stuff.

Next time I will try a different hotel, though, due to the mixup at the start of the stay and the fact that we were given rooms so far apart. I didn't like the way they handled the whole situation at all. So we will try the Paradise Pier or the Grand Californian, but not Disneyland Hotel.

I give this hotel 7 stars in spite of that because of the location and the pool. I take away 2 stars for the check in problem, and 1 more for the price and lack of theming and sloppy appearance of the lobby area.


Location, Pools, early entry to parks


Reservation mix up, Lack of theming, No sign of Goofy, EXPENSIVE

Reviewer: jandg4816 Review Date: 05/21/2013

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel May 4 - May 8 2013. Our room was in the Fantasy Tower. The room was very nice, and we had a wonderful view of the fireworks. My five year old loved the fireworks headboard ,it really added that magical touch. The walk to the parks was quick, and going thru downtown Disney made it more enjoyable. We had breakfast twice at Tangaroa Terrace, once at Goofy's Kitchen, and once at Steakhouse 55. All three were great, my sons favorite was Goofy's and my husband loved Steakhouse 55, I liked all three. We would definitely stay here again!


Room, restaurants



Reviewer: mlm8363 Review Date: 02/13/2013

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

My visit was 1/29/13 - 2/2/13. This was my first ever visit to Disneyland. I'd heard about the 2 1/2 year refurbishment and was anxious to see it. The new dark wood furniture looks great and the fireworks headboards are special. I watched mine every night! There are several options for breakfast at the hotel - Tangaroa Terrace was my favorite. Goofy's Kitchen is too expensive. Housekeeping was good and they started early. Once I came back to my room at 9:50AM to leave some shopping and the housekeeper was at my door, about to enter. I always had plenty of clean towels, tissue, etc. The H2O toiletries have a pleasant smell, but I still miss the Mickey shaped soap bars. Although housekeeping didn't do any washcloth animals for me, there was a class in the hotel lobby one morning for guests to learn to make them.


entire hotel recently refurbished, close to Downtown Disney and monorail, excellent gift shop


long walk to the parks

Reviewer: ksmwats3 Review Date: 01/19/2013

Rating: (9) Would Recommend:

My mom, daughter(20), and I stayed here 12/11-12/16 for our "girls" vacation. Our room was in the Fantasy Tower and check in was very fast, also there are characters in the lobby! The rooms were awesome and the beds very comfortable. The best part was that we could lay in bed and watch the fireworks (They have a TV channel that streams the music)! It was chilly when we were there so we did not use the pool but it looked very nice.

The only negative was that the shower temp was only warm for the 1st person in the morning and since my mom is the early bird, my daughter and I got stuck with lukewarm/cold showers.


atmosphere, cleanliness, comfy beds, staff was very friendly