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Cuisines: American
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Reviewed by kellody Review Date: 01/06/2013

Rating: (9)

We eat here every time we visit the MK. Husband and I LOVE the clam chowder! We eat it even in the hot summers--it's that good.


food selection


slow lines
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Reviewed by HOBBES Review Date: 07/25/2017

Rating: (3)
Not Recommended

We always eat here at least once each visit, but having gone in and found the Lighthouse sandwich removed we won't be visiting again. There is now nothing for a vegetarian on the menu, unless you want a side order of chilli and fries-to me thats not a meal like the sandwich was. Getting fed up now with the distinct lack of vegetarian alternatives everywhere



No Lighthouse sandwich
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Reviewed by fcoffey Review Date: 06/02/2013

Rating: (4)
Not Recommended

One of our salads didn't have the chicken on it, but was too crowded to go back up and ask for more. Difficult to get around. Food was ok., but won't go here again.



Food wasn't that great. Too Crowded
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