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Reviewed by mare54 Review Date: 02/09/2013

Rating: (10)

We had no reservations here but took a chance. Arrived in The Land at approx. 7 and was given a 7:30 time to return. Got a little beeper and rode "the Land" and was beeped as the ride ended. Let me preface this by saying that my family are WDW experts and have had meals in every restaurant in both parks. We ate here about 30 years ago. During the day, when we are in The Land, this restaurant is always closed. What a wonderful surprise.

We are 2 adults and a 3 year old little girl. Deb was our waitress and was just adorable. Her hubby Steve, was also working there. We were introduced to the 4 older people next to us and we "sort of" conversed during the meal. We were at separate booths but close in proximity.

The meal was amazing. Everything was served Family style but was delicious. (unusual for Disney) rolls with whipped honey butter came first, then a wonderful salad (all ingredients fresh and the dressing wonderful and served like Olive Garden salad) then a elongated platter with turkey breast over stuffing and gravy, fantastic tilapia w/some salsa that was ambrosia, finally tenderloin with a light sauce over very flavorful freshly mashed potatoes. Our little one had a chicken leg, mac and cheese, broccoli, and grapes. We shared our food with her, of course, Her dessert was an adorable cupcake wrapped in a parchment paper cone. NOW COMES the dessert. It was a cake baked in a round pan...looked so-so....BUT, it was heavenly....still hot, the crust was crusty which is my favorite, and it had a dollop of banana cinnamon whipped cream on top, and there was a hot center of thick and juicy die for!!!!

The part that we really appreciated was that the characters were so attentive. As the restaurant rotates, (so gradually that it's not felt but you do notice the scenery changing) Pluto, Mickey, Chip and Dale visit your table and sit with your child, hug them, let them touch them, and spend a good deal of time with them. Deb made sure that our little one saw each and every character and had her fill of them...hahahaha, (when does that ever happen?) They spent just as much time with the couples next to us. We laughed with the other family because my granddaughter was so tickled that she made me get teary eyed...the man next to us said that her excitement made their dinner worthwhile...and "worth" is my only negative is very expensive if you want a character dinner...but you don't eat at a sit down restaurant in WDW and not expect to blow a hundred dollars...which is what it came to. (we never needed any refills but you can have as much as you want)...including gratuity...and Deb certainly deserved it. It was a wonderful and fulfilling dining experience. I see negative comments and I'm flummoxed by them. My daughter, granddaughter, and I visit WDW twice a year and this will be my first reservation we make for our October visit. And we sat on the top (I really didn't know that there was a lower level). If you do decide to eat here, request Deb...she was so darned friendly and not sickening so. Genuine.




very pricey
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Reviewed by disneyhorsefan Review Date: 01/29/2013

Rating: (9)

My sister and I dined here on 1/18. We were seated about 10 minutes after our 7pm reservation. We were seated on the top level of the restaurant, which we actually preferred because it gave us a little privacy from the people in the pavilion staring in at the diners and characters.

The food was excellent. Being only 2 of us, we did not need seconds although the portions did look small upon arrival. The salad was delicious, and the beef was very tender. We received both cupcakes and some sort of cake with a fruit center for dessert. The cupcakes didn't impress us (especially compared to Be Our Guest the day before) but the cake was delicious, especially with the banana whipped cream!!

The character interaction was AMAZING. Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale all came around multiple times to visit with us. Since there were only 2 of us, they even sat at our table to "talk" and take pictures. We felt these were the most personal interactions we found anywhere, and we loved that they came back multiple times.

The rotating restaurant was a little strange to get used to at first, but we enjoyed the changing scenery and looking over the land ride, even from the top tier.

This was my favorite dining experience of my trip and I wouldn't hesitate to return here again!


Character interaction, rotating restaurant, food


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Reviewed by cholmberg Review Date: 01/21/2013

Rating: (6)
Not Recommended

We ate here on Jan 18th. We will not go back. We sat on the lower level, and the rolls were good. But that was the best aspect of the meal. The salad was good, but average. My children would only eat the mac n cheese, and when asked to bring more than the cup that came with the first serving, he brought one more small bowl and that was it. They gobbled it up and we got no more. The beef was fair, and properly cooked. The fish was ok, the turkey was horribly salty and the dressing DRY. When asked for more beef, it was about 10 to 13 minutes in coming and it was the same size as the original portion, three small slices. Overpriced, in our opinion. Dessert was a berry dish we did not want or eat. almost $40 for a bowl of mac n cheese split between two kids. The characters were nice though, although they seemed to be in a hurry. . . which I do not know why, they came around three times. We were only there for one full revolution of the restaurant.


the rolls, characters


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Reviewed by motoman41 Review Date: 01/06/2013

Rating: (10)

Ate here as part of Candle Light Dinner package on Dec 29, 2012. Did not have to wait long as was not that crowded. Our seating was in back row by kitchen door. Our waitress Flo was great. Salad and rolls were great. Food came out a little fast. First serving was very small and asked for more right of way. 2nd serving took a while to come out. A lot of characters walked by but did not stop. We did get a few pics though. Would request front seating if we do again. Only problem was when we paid bill, we did not get our passes for the Candle Light Processional. When I went back, I had to pay $30.00 more.


Quality of food.


Did not see all characters.
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