Free Disney Vacation Planning Videos

How to Plan a Wonderful Trip to Walt Disney World |
How to Plan a Wonderful Trip to Walt Disney World |

Stream your FREE Disney Parks Planning Videos online!

Did you know there was a time when Disney used to send out FREE vacation planning videos (we’re talking VHS videos) and then later DVDs to anyone who requested help with their vacation planning? They updated the video every year, filling it with the latest news to help make trip planning, and reminiscing, a lot of fun.

But with today’s technology you don’t have to wait for a physical video to arrive at your house before you can start daydreaming and planning your next Disney Parks vacation.

All you need to do is sign up here and you can immediately STREAM a free video on your laptop, or whatever device you’re viewing from. Immediately. As in right away.

It’s 100% free — no strings attached.


You can select a video on Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, or Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

The planning videos include:

— a complete tour of the four theme parks, two water parks, Disney Springs and more than 20 resort hotels at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

— a tour of the Disneyland Resort in California, including two theme parks, the Downtown Disney District and three hotels

— affordable ways to play and stay during your Disney vacation, plus personalized tips and information on special events

Videos are also available in Spanish or French.

To stream your free videos, all you have to do is click on the Disney graphic below and enter your info, then start watching your free planning video for Walt Disney World or Disneyland!

If the video is free, why do they need your information?

Well, they need to know who is out there, thinking of planning a trip, so they know how to market to their audience. And when you sign up to get the video, Disney may add you to the list of guests who get discounts through email (like the elusive PIN CODE hotel discount you may have heard of). This is not guaranteed, of course, but it’s a possibility. After all, if Disney doesn’t know you’re interested, how can they send you discount codes?

I’ve been to Disney before — I don’t need any planning help.

Veteran Planner? Even if you’ve been to Disney Parks a hundred times before, these videos are for you. Not only will they give you a good dose of Disney, they may also jog your memory as to something you’ve forgotten or, better yet, alert you to something brand-new that has somehow slipped by you.

This is my first trip. I need more help than a video can give me!

New to Disney? If this is your first trip to Disney, these videos have the information you’ll need to lay the groundwork for further research and planning. They will also get you excited about your upcoming trip. Plus, there’s the potential for discount codes. Everyone wants to save money… and you don’t have to spend a cent to throw your hat into the ring with this offer.

Remember, all you need to do to start streaming your free videos, is click on the Disney graphic above and enter your info. Then start watching your free planning video for Walt Disney World or Disneyland!