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I wanted to say "Thanks!" for a great site, I love the weekly newsletter, I wouldn't have known about the everest sneak peek without you guys! (J Murphy, February 2006)

I just wanted to thank you for your fabulous service. My family is going to WDW in June and I was concerned with if she would have any fun at Epcot because we've never gone with a child before (she's 3) and we had not paid attention to kidcot type attractions. I JUST signed up for allears's enewsletter and was thrilled to see the very first installment I received to be the item just of my concern. Anyway, keep up the amazing work. You are making this parents concerns disappear.Thank you as well for the reviews on the resorts. That really helped us select one. Again, keep up the good job! (Kim Brooks, January 2006)

I love your newsletter. It makes me want to run right back to WDW every Tuesday! (Lorraine Fleck , January 2006)

I just want to say THANK YOU for such open and honest feedback about size matters. I dream of travelling, and have done so a little bit but have the same fears as other BBW's. I definitety feel more comfortable considering going to Disney than I ever would have before. Empowerment is one of the greatest gifts we can have and I think you are doing a great service! (Karen, December 2005)

I just wanted to say that I love the new "Wandering around the World" section on the website. I check your website daily (and tell everyone I know going to WDW about it), and I love it b/c it is always updated. I only get to go to "the World" every 3 years or so, and the new pictures on the Wandering section give me my Disney fix. I actually take a school group of kids (teenagers, actually) every other Mardi GRas holiday, and that is fun, but not as much fun as taking my 2 girls. Thanks so much for all the info, it is greatly appreciated! (Missy Carroll, November 2005)

I don 't want to miss a single copy of your informational , and fun, newsletter. I've read the best suggestions and planned the greatest trips using all the knowledgeable details plus reader feedback. We've gone when the kids were little. We've traveled as just the two of us. We celebrated my father-in-law's 75th. Next year there are eight of us flying down, meeting another four, and possibly adding 3 of 5 more to the group. Your guide has always had great suggestions no matter what age our group or how large our gathering, how much we want to do, or where we plan to eat. Thank you for maintaining a reliable and imaginative guide to the great place on earth! (Ann Malinowski, August 2005)

Thank you again for your wonderful newsletter, Even though this is our 20th visit, I still faithfully read your newsletter and always learn something! Like the money I am saving on the free dining plan! Read it in your newsletter and called Disney to see if we could get in on the offer. We had booked our trip last Feb. for Sept. 30 thru Oct. 6 and had added the dining plan at a cost of $420 for 2 adults. After reading your news letter I realized we were traveling the dates of the free dining plan offer! I called Disney and of course they very graciously refunded my $420 and told me to enjoy my trip with free food! Thanks again, Mary Ellen Richardson, July 2005

Congratulations for your fantastic work in All Ears and the newsletter... I "take" it all as soon as it arrives! Keep on the good work, bringing extra magic every week - it really makes a difference in between WDW trips. -- Nuno Goncalves, Lisbon, Portugal (4/05)

I have to tell you, this is one of THE BEST sites I've seen on WDW! I've come back over and over for the menus and detailed information on dining. I've been going to WDW for 20 years and I still learn something new from your site! Joanne (2/05)

I just signed up for your newsletter, but I wanted to let you know that your site is one of the best I have come across. I have used it for years and find it to be very accurate and up to date. On top of that, it is very easy to navigate. Good job on your website. I will continue to use it often. Thanks. Karen Cassano, 1/2005

I would like to thank everyone who sent a weather/hurricane update during all the recent WDW/weather related events. I was so concerned about everyone who lives in the Orlando area and also about how WDW survived the 'canes. My husband was amazed that I had weather related info from before it was on CNN or the Weather Channel. The Disney family is the best! Cindy Low 10/2004

Dear Deb and staff -- Life is too short to forget to say thank you. Thank you, Deb and your wonderful staff. Thank you for all the advice I've culled from your always up-to-date, incredibly thorough, friendly and user-friendly, every-question-I-could-think-to-ask and every question I should have thought to ask website and newsletters. Ever since my daughter and I have been using your site to plan (1996)--and planning really is half the fun--we have always had a wonderful time...more often than not thanks to the useful details we found on your site. Sure, there's lots of stuff out there in Internetland...but none as Disney-friendly, none as honest without resorting to being smarmy or rude, none as easily accessed, and none with the strong sense of a true love both of all Walt stood for and and a joy in sharing what you know with others. Anyway, I just thought it was past due to say thanks. She and I have set aside some of our charity money for both the Florida Red Cross and the WDW Cast Member Fund after reading all the updates you posted after all those horrible storms. (We were chased out ourselves in August from Pop Century just before the 1st big hurricane.) Please take care and know that you folks make the world--and the World--a better place for all you do for your website readers. sincerely, (Phillip (Emily's dad) :) October 2004)

I just have to write and tell you how much I enjoy your newsletter. I haven't been a subscriber for long, but I have enjoyed every single one. Not even one disappointment. Not only does each contain good info / tips / etc., but it is extremely well written and a pleasure to read.. On Wednesday morning, my step is a little lighter on the way in because I know the weekly installment of ALL EARS will be waiting. I read it at the first quiet time of the day. Keep up the good work. (James M, 6/04)

Doggoneit, Deb, when it comes to WDW visit planning, this website is just the best thing going! I've purchased and read the massive "Unofficial Guide" and the "Hassle Free Guide". I've posted and replied on and re-referred to my collected maps from past WDW visits. Just now I was about the tweak a few priority seating arrangements I found myself jumping back to AllEarsNet to check some menus and there they were, lunch and dinner, kids and adults, updated this month no less. I was in a meeting discussing website design today and said to the group, "You wanna see a website? AllEarsNet. Content. Details. The site has the information you want and presents it in straight-forward easy to navigate format." To all who contribute to this site, and most of all editor Deb Wills, thank you. (Greg Cable, 1/04)

I LOVE your site. I have been on it everyday since I found it last week. I went to Disney in June of 1994. I am now taking my children almost ten years later. I wanted to make sure I gave them the best trip I could. I had spent countless hours on the "official" Disney site and didn't find half the info I had gotten from your site. I purchased a vacation package through the Disney Travel Co. and wanted to make an itinerary so we don't waste a minute while we are there. I made my first one based on info I had found on the official site and discovered a lot of missing info that I desperately needed to make my plans. I went looking for other sites and found yours. Needless to say, I have stopped looking. You have everything from operating hours to character breakfast even the cast members at Disney don't know about. Honestly, after reading one of your tip sights that told about an inexpensive character event with Mickey at Epcot known as the Ice Cream Social, I called to make priority seating arrangements and the operator told me she had never heard of this. I told her that I had just read an email from someone who had just went to Disney and done this. I don't think she believed me until she typed it into the computer. She sounded genuinely surprised when she discovered that this character event did indeed exist!! She apologized profusely and proceeded to make my reservations. That is only one example of the many, many tidbits of info I have gotten from your site. Thanks so much for all you do. I will write after our trip, in March, to let you know how it went. (TSanders, 1/2004)

We just got home from our DisneyWorld vacation. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your site is. I used it to look EVERYTHING, up. We wasted our money on the "Birnbaum's" book. Your site puts them to shame... We are already planning next year's trip. I will be watching your site to see what will be new for 2004. Thanks for all the good tips. (Tammy!!!!, 11/2003)

I've been a subscriber to the newsletter for years; I love getting that little burst of WDW every week. I just wanted to let you know that I especially love your photo of the week feature. I love seeing my favorite place in the world through fresh eyes. Each photo has touched me in one way or another. Thank you all so much for all the hard work and dedication that obviously goes into your web site and newsletter! (Wendy Andrew, 9/2003)

Oh my gosh! I have never seen such a wonderful website. My family and I are planning a trip to WDW in June 2004 and I have been searching high and low for more detailed information on WDW. The wonderful pictures and fact sheets on the resorts are amazing!!! I was so thrilled to find pictures of EVERYTHING!!!! You even have pictures of the strollers! God bless you for such detail. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (Mrs. Sabrina Hobbs, 8/03)

Your site is FABULOUS and I have learned a great deal from it, and have used the services of some of your sponsors. (Barb Becker, 3/03)

Thank you so much for your wonderful website! My 7 year old daughter and I will be visiting Disneyworld in July. We went when she was 2, but of course she remembers nothing! Seeing pictures of our hotel, The All Star Movie Resort, on your site has really made the trip real for us. This trip is a reward for us for completing a goal we set three years ago. Although the Disney site is informative, yours is so much more fun to browse. Thanks for all the info, great pictures, and travelling tips. We appreciate all your hard work! (Colleen from Kansas, 1/03)

My family and I spent 8 magical days in Disney World in June, and we had a wonderful time. Because of your website, we experienced MANY things I'm sure we otherwise wouldn't have known about. My husband and daughter at first were making little jokes about how organized I was for this trip, but believe me, they came to appreciate all the special little "extras" we enjoyed during our stay because we knew where to look, who to ask, what to eat, or when to get there! I just stumbled across your website by accident, but you can be sure I am telling all our friends about it as they make their Disney vacation plans. (Mary Ellen and Joe Kelly, 7/02)

I'm amazed at your site! I have a son who is autistic, a preschooler, and I'm in a wheelchair....everyone of our needs was addressed in detail on your site. I have to say I enter this trip feeling much more confident in our ability to make it successful than I did before I read your wonderful reports. (Catherine, 7/02)

I've spent so much time in this web-site. I cannot believe how much I did not know about WDW. and I've been there so many times! (Jill Herr, 4/02)

My family have been planning a trip to WDW for over 2 months now. I have spent endless hour on-line trying to find usefull information. I've had NO LUCK!......Until I was directed to by a co-worker. Now, everything I had questions about have been answered.... (Josh Seidel, 2/02)

Even though we visit WDW every year, your website is the best and most informative! Thanks! (Ruth Ann Berger, 11/01)

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful and informative I think your website is! I especially love the fact that you have the menus from all the restaurants. My mom doesn't eat very big meals and this really, really helps us decide what restaurants have the best selection for her appetite! You wouldn't believe what a time saver this can be. We don't have to stop at every eatery to check out every menu. I've even printed out the menus so she can go over her choices before we get there. This is a wonderful feature! I would also think that for families with fussy eaters (of any age), this would be a real lifesaver. I can't thank you enough. (Barbara Ott)

It just occured to me that I have been visiting your site for several years and I never wrote to you and said "thanks" for the wonderful, wonderful site. You take me to Disney everyday! Your guide is the ultimate bible and resource for all us happy people. I go to your site often to escape the daily grind and take myself to the happiest place on earth. My hubby and I both love Disney! We have been going there every year AT LEAST once a year except in 99 (ok, I went to Disneyland that year!)....We love it! Having your site gives me a pick- up and just to know I can does so much for my day. I know you must put in lots of work and I appreciate all that you have done to make all the Disney people (us) happy!! Thanks so much and don't ever stop that website!!! (Dianne Leonhard)

ºoº Hi Deb, This is just a small thank you for the wonderful job you have done on your website as well as the All Ears newsletter that you produce. We found your site last year and have since then made it a favorite in our listings. We have told everyone that has even thought of planning a disney vacation about your website. Thanks for having the best website around. (Shay ºoººoººoººoº 7/01)

Thank you SO much for maintaining such a wonderful website. We had very limited time available and visited one theme park per day at WDW (it was an adults-only vacation). Without the information on your site which allowed me to develop plans of attack(?) we would have never seen everything we wanted to. It definitely helps to know "the system" (fastpass, surprise mornings, etc.) (Karin Kopesky, 5/01)

I was always impressed by your website. Only a few weeks ago did I subscribe to AllEars. I like it very much. I liked the tone of your report concerning AKL. You were very objective. Even a good Disney lovers needs to be objective. I hope I will read your next report soon... we have plans to go there for May and I want to see what you think about it before I reserve. All the best to you.... I like your style and website very much. (Sylvain from Canada, 4/01))

I'm dancing, I'm twirling! Thank you a million times for your news flashes about Annual Passholder Rates. I've been hoping for one for our trip Apr 27 - May 7 (my 17th visit to WDW). Your page is my home page when I sign on and when I saw the flash today, I jumped on phone. We are staying in one of the Ft. Wilderness Cabins. They were able to give me a discount which figures out to a 35% savings. Joy!! Thank you! Thank you! With a Smile and a Song, (Jane Susalla, 3/01)

I love your news guide! It helped me make all the right chioces while I was on my Disney World vacation in November. I felt like we did things that I wouldn't have even thought of if it weren't for your lovely All Ears newsletter and website. (Kara Lynn Womble, 1/01)

Deb, your website is without a doubt the most informative and fun to surf site on the net. Trust me I have over 75 different WDW sites in my favorite folder but yours is first on the list! (John Cote, 1/01)

Thank YOU !! I'll never go to Disney without first seeing what's up to date at your website. (Cindy Martiros, 12/00)

I've been a long time reader (from the Deb's Disney Digest days) and enjoy reading the weekly All Ears email. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent site, and WDW information, which I've used again and again over the years. I especially wanted to thank you and the team for the wonderful description of the WL Villas. I can't wait to stay there. You're wonderfully written summary put me in the perfect mood. (Jon Hickey 11/00)

I wanted to tell you what a great web site you've created and how much it helped me in planning our first trip to Disney World. Your site not only provides excellent information, it has great photos too! I learned so much and was able to see photos of so many things before our trip that I felt really at home when my husband and I arrived at the World. (Rose Folan 9/00)

I have been enjoying and using your web site for a long time. It has helped plan a previous vacation (1997) and two upcoming trips. This is one of the first places I go to find the information that I need--concerning tickets, hotels, restaurants, and one of the few places that has intelligent and comforting articles about traveling with strollers and wheelchairs.  Keep up the amazing work!  (George Taylor, 8/00)

First I want to say WOW!! Thanks for a truly *intelligent*, lively, in-depth and informative look at the Epcot we know and love.  Second I think the pictures are all beautiful, and it really makes a difference not having to look at those standard publicity shots from the Disney folks. They have a real "guest's-eye-view" feel to them, which makes them very special. (Erica Freeman, 8/00)

Thanks for adding this new area to your website. It's wonderful!! I go to WDW as often as I can (usually once a year), but of course would rather be there all the time. Your Epcot section helped me feel less "homesick" for my very favorite park in my very favorite place.  It's exceptional!!!  From a loyal reader, ( Judi Schoenknecht 7/00)

I can't believe how awesome your new Epcot area is!!! For someone who can never get enough of Disney, it's a dream come true! Thanks a million. Your website is the best Disney source I've ever found, and believe me, I've looked at hundreds. Keep up the excellent, excellent, work.  (Kim and Kevin, 7/00)

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on what is quite frankly, the most comprehensive, and magical website I have ever experienced. Furthermore, you have created a work of diligence, and very informative writing that is no less than a pleasure to the mind and soul. A fabulous website. Well done!  (J. Ahmed, ENGLAND, 7/00)

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful site.  I check it out all the time whether I'm planning a trip or not.   (Beth Duncliffe, 6/00)

Even though I only visit Walt Disney World every few years, I still enjoy reading your updates. I always tell people that they must visit your website before they go to WDW. I have never received anything less than enthusiasm over your website. Please be assured that there are thousands of people that owe you in part for making their vacations even more magical.   (Lou Kramberg, 6/00)

How do you properly thank someone whom you have never met, but who has done so much for you ?  I discovered  Someone in the group soon mentioned Deb's WDWIG, and the rest was history. I had found the Mother-Lode of Disney- World info !  I truly and sincerely believe that without the information that you have provided on you site our experience would have been a pale shadow of what it was. (Scott, Terri, & Nicole Spurk, 5/00)

I love your site. I just can't keep going on anymore without stopping to say THANKS! You have made my trips so much easier to plan and enjoy. I will continue to pass on your site address to everyone that I meet planning a trip to Disney. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! (Lori - another Disney Addict, 1/00)

Even as a seasoned WDW traveler (been 20+ times, mostly in the last 10 years), I check your site often the month before we leave for any new tips, discounts, etc. You do good work!! (Nancy Smith, Langhorne, PA, 12/99)

Your site is so awesome! I go into a depression after every trip to WDW. Like the magic is gone somehow. And then, after a while, I come back to your site. I know that when I go to your site, it's like the magic has just been waiting for me to see it! So I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! (Gail Bolduc, 11/99)

My husband has pretty much left the detail planning up to me but the night that I found your site, he sat with me for almost three hours while we checked out the wonderful info. I can't tell you how helpful this has been. I'm probably going to run out of paper & ink cartridges with all that I've been printing! (Marilyn & Jim Reynolds, 9/99)

When I decided that it would be fun to take the kids to Disney this year, I went to a local travel agent to get some idea of the costs and options. I found that I could not make an educated decision without a lot more input. Enter dwills. This site is an info junkies dream. (Tom Renfro 8/99)

I just wanted to tell you how much you have done for me in planning my last 3 trips to WDW. Without you I would not have known about E tickets, or been able to attend a sneak preview of Fantasmic last October, or been one of the first to ride Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster! Or discovered so many bargains, deals, fun stuff, etc. You have my undying gratitude! (Pattieboy, 5/99)

The best of the best - a truly authoritative site, highly respected by all Disney insiders.  (Denis Le Marchant-Smith, 4/99)

This is just a note to tell you how much help your site has been to us and our friends the last couple years. Believe me, your hard work has made our last two trips to WDW better than they would have been because of all the knowledge, tips and insight gained from your page. As I write this I'm printing the hotel, ticket and E-ticket FAQ`s from your page for some friends of ours.  ( The Kinney Family 3/99 )

I would like to thank you for the WDWIG. It has been an absolutely invaluable tool in planning my family's last two Disney World trips. WDWIG is always the first and last place I go to look up the most current AND accurate information.   We were a flag family at the Wilderness Lodge on our last trip in 1997, solely because of finding out about it via the WDWIG. ( Mike Scilingo and family 2/99)

We just completed our 7th trip. I thought I knew it all until I found your web site. It just took everything I knew and refined it. It was the best trip ever and you had a lot to do with it. I've put out the word, WDWIG is the only way to go to Disney World. ( Jerry D & Family Newport, RI, 11/98 )

My family just returned ...the hints and observations that you provided were a big help....I'm a heavy user of the Internet, and yours is one of the most useful websites I've even encountered.  (Peter Fader, 10/98)

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