Epcot Archives Surprise in the Skies 1991 – 1992

"Color takes flight and wrap a rainbow around World Showcase in this new daytime show at Epcot Center that boasts the world's largest daytime fireworks display. Boats, kites, paraplanes, hang gliders, fireworks and giant balloons encirle the park's lagoon and soar above the park in the extravaganza.

Explosive rainbow colors fill the daytime sky at Epcot Center during presentations of "Surprise in the Skies" each Saturday through Wednesday. Vivid fireworks in reds, blues and greens announce a show featuring boats with multicolored flags which pull six colorful delta-wing kits into the air, where they are joined by paraplanes flying the colors of Epcot Center's World Showcase nations.

Patriotic music introduces a red, white and blue parapale and similarly colored pyrotechnics. The squadron of paraplanes joins in the display of red, white and blue colors." (WDW 20th Anniversary News Press Releases, 1991)

Surprise in the Skies, a short lived but colorful show day-time spectacular debuted on September 30, 1991 and ended on September 30, 1992.

Surprise in the Skies - Epcot

"These are some of our diamond kite trains coming out of their launch boxes at Mexico beach. There were 12 of these trains that launched simultaneously." Bruce W. Flora

Surprise in the Skies - Epcot

Many thanks to Dave Smith (Disney Archives) and Bruce W. Flora – President Kiteman Productions USA.