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Monday, June 17th 2019 changes to Red Rose Taverne Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Beast's Forbidden Burgercostchanged from 14.29to 16.49

Sunday, June 2nd 2019 changes to Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo Lunch/Dinner Menu

View Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo Dining Location - Lunch/Dinner Menu

Apple Juicecostchanged from 2.69to 1.99
Chocolate Milkcostchanged from 3.49to 1.99

Sunday, June 2nd 2019 changes to Ronto Roasters Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Apple Juicecostchanged from 2.69to 1.99
Chocolate Milkcostchanged from 3.49to 1.99

Saturday, May 25th 2019 changes to Oga's Cantina Pub/Lounge Menu

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Dagobah Slug Slingercostchanged from to 15.00
Fuzzy Tauntauncostchanged from to 15.00
Blue Banthacostchanged from to 13.00

Wednesday, May 1st 2019 changes to Catal Breakfast Menu

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MOTHERS DAY MENU- 3 Course Prix Fixecostchanged from $50 Adult/$14 Kidsto 50 Adult/$14 Kids

Tuesday, February 5th 2019 changes to Tangaroa Terrace Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Angus 1/3 lb Hawaiian Cheeseburgercostchanged from 14.00to 15
Kid's Salmoncostchanged from 7.50to 10
Kid's Cheeseburgercostchanged from 7.50to 10
Kids' Chicken Breast Nuggetscostchanged from 7.50to 10
Assorted Chipscostchanged from to 3.49
Whole Fruitcostchanged from to 2
Tangaroa Saladcostchanged from to 13

Tuesday, February 5th 2019 changes to Tangaroa Terrace Breakfast Menu

View Tangaroa Terrace Dining Location - Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Plattercostchanged from 8.00to 10
Fresh Fruitcostchanged from to 2
Assorted Cold Cerealcostchanged from to 3.99

Sunday, January 27th 2019 changes to Whitewater Snacks All Day Menu

View Whitewater Snacks Dining Location - All Day Menu

Breakfast Burritocostchanged from 8.49to 13
American Breakfastcostchanged from 8.99to 13
Oatmealcostchanged from 5.99to 6
Assorted Muffins and Pastriescostchanged from 3.49-5.49to 5.50
Whole Fruitcostchanged from 1.99to 2
Non-fat Vanilla Yogurt Parfaitcostchanged from 5.49to 7
Chicken Breast Fingerscostchanged from 7.49to 10
Parmesan-crusted Grilled Cheese Sandwichcostchanged from 6.99to 10
Nachoscostchanged from 11.49to 12.00
Soft Drinkscostchanged from 3.69to 4.19
Bottled Sodacostchanged from 3.79to 4.19
PowerAdecostchanged from 3.79to 4.19
Bottled Juicescostchanged from 2.99to 5.29
Chocolate Milkcostchanged from 2.99to 3.49
Rice Bowlcostchanged from 12.99to 15.00

Tuesday, January 15th 2019 changes to Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Dinner Menu

View Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Dining Location - Dinner Menu

Louisiana Crawfish Cakecostchanged from 15.50to 16.50
Popcorn Calamaricostchanged from 14.75to 15.95
Coconut Crusted Shrimpcostchanged from 14.25to 15.50
Boudin Ballscostchanged from 11.50to 13.50
Louisiana Soup of the Daycostchanged from 8.75to 9.50
Gumbo Ya Yacostchanged from 10.50to 11.50
French Quarter Saladcostchanged from 8.75to 9.95
Southern Fried Chickencostchanged from 28.50to 29.50
Pasta Jambalayacostchanged from 29.95to 31.50
New York Steak au Poivrecostchanged from 36.25to 37.50
Grilled Medallions of Beefcostchanged from 35.75to 36.95
Black & Blue Filet Mignoncostchanged from 39.50to 41.50
Jalapeno Corn Breadcostchanged from 6.50to 5.95
Bacon Pecan Green Beanscostchanged from 6.50to 5.95
Fried Green Tomatoescostchanged from 6.50to 5.95
Green Goddess Saladcostchanged from 13.50to 14.50
Blackened Salmoncostchanged from 28.50to 29.50
Catfish St. Charlescostchanged from 26.75to 27.95
Blackened Chicken Mac & Cheesecostchanged from 27.50to 28.50
Crawfish Mashed Potatoescostchanged from 6.50to 5.95
Jalapeno Bacon Potato Saladcostchanged from 6.50to 5.95
Cajun Wingscostchanged from 13.75to 14.95
Rosemary Chickencostchanged from 27.75to 26.95
Southern Greenscostchanged from 6.50to 5.95
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