Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries Adventureland Disneyland

Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries

The Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries brings the famed archaeologist to Adventureland as guests have never seen him before. In addition to seeing "Indy" at locations throughout Adventureland, guests will also have the opportunity to search for hidden artifacts and decipher a secret message as they follow the clues on a special map.

Events and Activities include:

  • Indiana Jones and the Secret of the Stone Tiger – Held in The Oasis several times a day, this 20-minute show gives young archaeologists the chance to help unravel the secrets of the Stone Tiger, and then help to rescue Indiana Jones from peril!

  • Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries Random Acts of Indy – When Indiana Jones is pursued throughout Adventureland by villains, you never know where he might turn up! He might be making his way through the crowd, or he might be someplace overhead, taking on the bad guy in a thrilling fight scene. These "random acts" usually start to occur about 10 minutes after the end of the Stone Tiger show.

  • Indiana Jones Adventure Map – Follow the clues to find symbols hidden throughout Adventureland, then use the map to translate the symbols to decipher the message. Maps are free, and are available around Adventureland from various Cast Members. After you return home the message can be used on-line at the web site to download additional content.

  • Jungle Cruise – Indiana Jones has left four relics behind in the Jungle Cruise attraction. The map provides a list of possibilities – you have to find the right four.

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark photo opportunity – Guests can pose against a photo backdrop of the rolling boulder from that famous scene.

  • Indiana Jones Adventure – And of course what trip to Disneyland would be complete without a thrilling ride on the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction?

Disneyland's Indiana Jones Summer of Hidden Mysteries is scheduled to run throughout the 2008 summer season.

Indy and the Stone Tiger
Indy tips his hat
Indy map symbol

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