Raglan Road
The Landing - Disney Springs
Children's Lunch/Dinner Menu


Menu Date: June 2016

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Entrees include choice of one of the following: garden vegetables, fresh salad with ranch dressing, mashed potatoes or Irish chips.


Silly Steak - 5 ounce steak with an onion ring garnish $14

Grillin' Chicken - Tender chicken breast served with mashed potatoes and veggies $11

Little Big Burger - Sirloin beefburger char-grilled and topped with Dubliner cheddar cheese $8

Dalkey Duo - Dalkey-battered cocktail sausages with a Dalkey mustard dipping sauce $8

Atlantic Fish - Fresh Atlantic fish deep fried in crispy batter $9

Ham Nom Nom - honey glazed loin of bacon with savoy cabbage, colcannon potatoes, parsley cream sauce and a raisin cider jus $13

Gold'N Chicken - 2 deep fried chicken goujons $8

Macaroni & Cheese - macaroni pasta and Dubliner cheese $7

Yummy Risotto - garden pea risotto, with pecorino and buffalo mozzarella, with chicken $12

Young Shepherd's Pie - Traditional shepherd's pie with out contemporary twist to this favorite dish $8

Salmon Savoy - baked Atlantic salmon filet with leek and mushroom fondue served with a maple glaze $14


Ice Cream - vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce $3

Juicy Fruit - Freshly chopped fruit with a drizzle of honey $5

Chocookberry - Ice cream with cookies and berries smothered in chocolate sauce. $5

Strawberry Delight - Vanilla ice cream with pavlova, cream, fruit coulis, and fresh strawberries $5


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