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Menu Date: December 2017

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Disney Dining Plan:

-- Signature Dining (2 table service meals) (2018)

Side dishes are not eligible for Disney Dining Plan.


Grilled Wild Boar Tenderloin - with Mealie Pap, Chakalaka, Truffle Oil and Micro Cilantro $19

Charcuterie - smoked rabbit salumi, smoked chicken rillettes, duck proscuitto, elk sausage, accountrements $20

Cheese Plate - artisanal cheeses, house-made accompaniments $18

Manti Dumplings - spicy tomato sauce, saffron yogurt, mint chutney $17

Inguday Tibs in Brik - mushrooms, spinach, cheese in crispy Tunisian filo with apples and curry vinaigrette $12

Taste of Africa - African inspired Dips, papadum, sesame fatir, house-made flax seed naan $14

Brick Oven Cooked Red Shrimp - Congolese pili pili butter, maize-fried okra, avocado, peppedews $13


Jiko Salad - Epcot Land Pavilion greens, stone fruit, pistachio halva, grilled halloumi cheese, apricot ginger dressing $15

Seasonal Soup - Summer Corn Soup, Winter Squash Soup, etc. $12


Piri Piri chicken Flatbread - Piri Piri chicken, house made hummus, rocket, bhuna masala sour cream $13

Mushroom-Leek Flatbread - portobello mushrooms, spiced leek fondue, sweet peppers, aged goat cheese $13


Mrouzia-Syle Moroccan Lamb Tagine - parsnip silk, root spinach, medjool date smoor, pomegranate glaze $45

Chermoula Chicken - Baba Ganoush, Fregula salad, pickeled eggplant, roasted baby squash $34

Maize-crusted Alaskan Halibut - vegetables of the moment and tomato-butter sauce $41

Oak-Grilled Filet Mignon Highlight Item - bobotie mac n' cheese, grilled asparagus, kachumbari, South African red wine sauce $49

Snake River Farms Wagyu Strip Loin - bobotie mac n' cheese, grilled asparagus, kachumbari, South African red wine sauce $49

Durham Ranch Elk Loin - celery root puree, hibiscus-candied apples, turnip atjar, lemon-elk jus $49

Botswana-Style Seswaa Beef Short Rib - Cassava-potato puree, sambal, baby carrots, mushrooms $55

West African Koki Corn - mushrooms, avocado, poblano-tomatillo puree, roasted red pepper sauce $30

Bo Kaap Malay Seafood Curry - lobster, calamari, red shrimp, mussels, coconut curry sauce, saffron rice $47

Side Dishes

8 oz. Cold Water Lobster Tail - Madagascar vanilla bean butter poached lobster $29

Coconut Curry Shrimp - Poblano pepper, red pearl onions, curry sauce $16

Egyptian Kushari - ancient grains, pasta, chickpeas, chakalaka, olives, and roasted vegetables $15

Tanith's Samp and Beans - cracked hominy, speckled beans, fragrant masala, braised oxtail $12


Orange-Ginger Cheesecake - Cape gooseberry gelee, chocolate biscuit, Tom West blueberry variations $12

Safari Sunset - carrot cake, cornbread calamansi and lemon cremeux, Kenyan coffee streusel, citrus gel, valrhona dulcey mousse, candied carrots $11

Kilimanjaro - Tanzanian chocolate mousse, pistachio financier, pink peppercorn meringue, cacao nib crunch, ras el hanout pineapples $11

Malva Pudding - Melktart ice cream, Kataifi, kanu tuile, cabernet gelee $13

Strawberry Shortcake - local Florida strawberries, lavender scone, Swiss milk chocolate, cubeb peppercorn $11


Kenyan Press Pot Coffee $8

Specialty Cocktails

Zebratini - Captain Morgan rum, Godiva white chocolate liqueur, Frangelico, Amarula, and a shot of espresso in chocolate zebra-striped martini glass $11.25

Nutty African - Amarula, Frangelico, and coffee topped with whipped cream $11.25

Keoke Coffee - brandy, kahlua, dark creme de cacao and coffee topped with whipped cream $10.25

Cape Town Coffee - Van der Hum, Kahlua, and coffee topped with whipped cream $10.25

Assorted After-Dinner Drinks - Single Malts, Liqueurs, Brandies and Ports


Dessert Wines - assorted; by the bottle $45 - $99; by the glass $17 - $21

Wine - by the glass $10-$15; bottle $39-$65


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