Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Shine Bar
The Landing - Disney Springs
Children's Lunch/Dinner Menu


Menu Date: July 2016


Fish Sticks - includes veggie and starch. $9.00

Cheeseburger - includes veggie and starch. $9.00

Small Grilled Tenderloin - includes veggies and starch. Gluten-free. $15.00

Fried Chicken Tenders - includes veggie and starch. (Grilled on request.) $9.00

Side Dishes

Peas and Carrots - gluten-free

Salad - gluten-free

Momma's Mac and Cheese

Creamy Mashed Potatoes - gluten-free


Doughnuts and Ice Cream - two house-made mini-sugar doughnuts served with a scoop of ice cream $6.00


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