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Last Updated: July 2017
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Served 11 a.m. - Midnight


Mixed Fruit Cup - gluten-free/vegan $4.29
Strawberries - gluten-free/vegan $4.99
Gummy Candy $3.99
Grapes - gluten-free/vegan $4.29
Whole Fruit $1.85
Covered Pretzels $4.99
Hummus with Pretzels $5.25
Apple Sauce $1.49
Assorted Chips $1.99
Mickey Mouse Rice Krispies $4.95
Veggies and Hummus - Cut Vegetables and Hummus $7.99
Yogurt Parfait - Honey Yogurt, Blueberries, Strawberry Compote, and crunchy Granola $4.29


Quinoa Salad - gluten-free/vegan. Quinoa, Lemon Juice, and fresh Herbs $4.29
Gazpacho Salad - gluten-free/vegan. Chopped Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, and Onions in a light Tomato Vinaigrette $4.29
Cobb Salad - Chopped Romaine, Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Hard-boiled Egg, Tomato, Cucumber, shredded cheddar Jack cheese $10.99
House Salad - gluten-free/vegan. Chopped Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, and Onions $6.99
Greek Salad - gluten-free. Chopped Romaine, Cucumber, tomato, Black Olive, Feta Cheese, and Red Wine Vinaigrette $10.99


Chicken Sandwich - Chicken Breast, Bacon, sliced Tomato, Cheddar Cheese and Dynamite Alfredo Sauce served with choice of Chips $10.99
Chili Cheese Dog - All-Beef Hot Dog served with Chili con Carne, Shredded Cheese, and choice of Chips $8.99
All Beef Hot Dog - 1/4 lb. Beef Hot Dog on a hot Pretzel Roll served with choice of Chips $7.99
Turkey Sandwich - Sliced Turkey Breast, fresh Spinach, Roasted Red Pepper, Sauteed Mushrooms, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto, and Provolone Cheese served with choice of Chips $10.99
Roast Beef Sandwich - Seasoned Beef, Caramelized Onion, Red Wine Vinaigrette, and Provolone Cheese served with choice of Chips $10.99
Chicken Caesar Wrap - Chopped Romaine, Grilled Chicken, Parmesan Cheese, and Caesar Dressing in a Spinach Tortilla $10.49

For Children Ages 3-9

Hot Dog - served with fresh fruit $7.99
Macaroni and Cheese - served with Fruit and a Cookie $7.99
Turkey and Cheese Sandwich - served with fruit and a cookie $7.99
Chicken Nuggets - 6 Chicken Nuggets, Fruit, and a Cookie $7.99


Assorted Sorbets - Large Sorbets $6.49 $2.99
Cheesecake $4.29
Gelato - Flavors may include: pistachio, double chocolate, triple dark chocolate, caramel, tiramisu, vanilla bean, cookies and cream, dulce de leche, mint chocolate chip, toasted coconut, candy-explosion, mango sorbet, lemon sorbet, strawberry sorbet $3.99
Cupcake $4.29
Fruit Tart $4.29
Chocolate Mousse - Chocolate Mousse, crushed Oreo Cookie, and Whipped Topping $4.29
Key Lime Mousse - Key Lime Mousse, crushed Graham Cracker, and Whipped Topping $4.29
Cake - Red Velvet, Chocolate, Carrot or German Chocolate, each $4.29


Cinnamon Roll $3.99
Croissant $2.99
Danish $3.99
Cookie $2.49
Bagel $2.99
Muffin $2.99
Donut $1.69


Assorted Juices - apple, cranberry apple, grapefruit, orange $3.29 - $4.29
V8 Vegetable Juice $2.99
Powerade - blue, red, or yellow $2.99
Bottled Water $3.00
Soft Drinks - Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Orange, Light Lemonade $3.29
Coffee $2.79
Hot Tea - decaf Earl Grey, English Breakfast, English Breakfast Decaf, Camomile, Jasmine, Chai Spice, Orange Pekoe $2.19
Iced Tea $2.99
Twinings Assorted Specialty Teas - Decaf Earl Grey, English breakfast, English breakfast decaf, camomile, jasmine, Chai spice, orange pekoe and green mint $2.19


Coffee Syrups - Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel, Pure Cane Syrup, Monin White and Dark Chocolate Sauce
Cafe Latte $3.89
Cafe Mocha $3.89
Cafe Americano $3.39
Cappuccino $3.89
Double Cappuccino $4.99
Espresso $3.39
Double Espresso $4.29
Rix-Cinnos - mocha, white chocolate or cafe vanilla $4.59
Rix-Cinnos - caramel cinnamon dolce, double chocoalate chip $4.69
Elegant Traditional Iced Coffee $3.69
Icy Mocha Rocaccino $3.69
Cinnamon Iced Coffee $3.69
Iced Coffee Latte $3.69
French Iced Coffee $3.69
Espresso Con Panna $3.89
Caramel Macchiato $3.89

Specialty Beverages (non-alcoholic)

Tropical Rix - fruit & vegetable juice, mango juice, pineapple juice, orange juice $4.99
Peach Mango Splash - fruit & vegetable juice blend, mango & peach puree, pineapple juice & sweet potato juice $4.99
Fresh Fresa & Banana - strawberry puree, banana puree, carrot juice, pear juice $4.99
Watermelon & Frambuesa Explosion - fruit & vegetable blend, pear juice, carrot juice, watermelon & raspberry puree $4.99


Imported Beer - Corona, Dos Equis, Heineken $6.25
Premium Beer - Blue Moon, Samuel Adams, Yuengling $6.25
Domestic Beer - Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, O'Douls $5.50


Merlot $18.95
Chardonnay $18.95
Cabernet $18.95
White Zinfandel $18.95