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My wife and I were at WDW from December 5-11. During that time, we dined at the Yachtsman Steakhouse on Tuesday, December 6. We arrived right on time for our 8:00 ADR and checked in, upon which we were asked to take a seat. After about five minutes, we were seated and our server, Thomas, greeted us. We informed Thomas that we had the Premium Dining Plan, upon which, he recommended several appetizers and entrees, took our drink order and gave us some more time to peruse the menu.

When Thomas returned, Laura ordered the lobster bisque, while I ordered the Maine diver scallops. We both ordered the Chateaubriand for two with lobster tail. When the appetizers arrived, we promptly shared them. The lobster bisque had a lovely flavor with a subtext of the creme fraiche and a hint of brandy. The scallops subtly picked up the applewood bacon flavor and that complimented the shitake mushrooms.

When the entree arrived, we were both very pleased with the presentation. Upon eating the entree, we were even more pleased with the flavor. The chateaubriand was tender enough to be cut with a fork, and the bearnaise sauce was a nice compliment to the flavor of the beef. The sauteed mushrooms also went well with the beef or on their own. The mashed potatoes contained just the right amount of butter and had a wonderful consistency. As for the lobster tail, it just melted in your mouth. It did not even need butter.

For dessert, Laura went with the creme brulee and I went with the housemade gelato. Both provided a sweet ending to a truly amazing meal.

In the meantime, Thomas was very unobtrusive, yet attentive. He never let a drink glass go empty and seemed to be everywhere. In this writer's opinion, he is the finest server we've come across, not only on Disney property, but anywhere. Not only is a he a great server, but he made us feel that we were his only table. He never rushed us or made us feel that we were anything less than very valued guests.

In short, on a trip that included dinners at five signature restaurants, the Yachtsman was first among equals, in the quality of the food, quality of service, and all-around dining experience. We both would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fine dining experience at Walt Disney World. (Brian Thompson, December 2005)


We ate at the Yachtsman Steakhouse on June 11th. I highly recommend this restaurant, especially for the service we received. We were very fortunate to have a cast member who was a server at this restaurant since the day the restaurant opened. He (Ricardo) was, without a doubt, one of the best servers we’ve ever had on Disney property.

I asked if it was possible to convert one of the Starters into a main meal, and the answer was of course, yes. I ordered the Seared Maine Diver Scallops as a main dish and also requested the Lobster Bisque – both were fantastic. My husband ordered the Caesar Salad and the Yachtsman Filet Mignon. We shared each others’ meals and both agreed that the food was well worth the price. We ordered the special Happiest Celebration On Earth Orange Scented Chocolate Bread Pudding as dessert.

Our server was very knowledgeable and friendly. He asked us why we were at Disney and I mentioned we were celebrating a birthday. He brought out a dessert with a Mickey Mouse “Happy Birthday” chocolate and candle, a card, and a rose. We were so surprised, and at first, thought we were eating our ordered dessert. This was not the case; it was a special treat for the occasion. As we finished the wonderful treat, our server told us our real dessert was coming out (and we both thought we couldn’t possibly eat anymore!). The chocolate bread pudding was heavenly. We hope they continue to carry this dessert past the 15 month celebration period. We are counting the days until our next visit to this restaurant. The atmosphere, the food, and the service was exceptional and worth every penny! (Mr. & Mrs. White, June 2005)


During a recent visit, I took my wife to dinner at the Yachtsman Steakhouse for her birthday. What a great restaurant. Got seated right away, no waiting. Overall the food was excellent and so was the service. I had the Charred Angus Bourbon Strip Steak, very tender and my wife had the Free Range Chicken Breast. My steak was excellent, cooked just right. My wife's chicken was also very good, had a nice flavoring. We both had salad and I had a soup special, no dessert. Our bill with two drinks each, plus tip came to $150.00. A bit pricey, but worth it for a special night. Tip, try taking a walk afterwards around the Yacht and Beach club resorts on the Boardwalk, very romantic at night. (Dave and Paulette, May 2005)


We had dinner at the Yachtsman. It was a very poor experience for our family. Sam, our waiter was wonderful! We arrived about 3 minutes early and were told we had to stand in the hallway. My husband was wearing a brace on his leg and it was very obvious. I asked to wait in the lounge and was told we could not. I requested the manager, who was very unkind and inconsiderate with us. Moments later, another family came in with the exact same reservation time and they were ushered to the lounge. I was absolutely furious!

The food was excellent but with an average of $40.00 per plate it is not up to Disney's ample portion and value. Also, they had the absolute poorest service on Disney property. Wherever you go in Disney, you are well treated and made very comfortable. They don't do this at the Yachtsman. Overpriced, over rated and really poor customer service. (Jackie Davis-Teats, March 2005)


My husband and I always visit the Yachtsman Steak house. We live in South Florida and we even make a point on a few occasions just to go for our anniversary dinner and stay over night. The staff is outstanding and the food is fantastic. When friends are visiting the WDW Resorts and we go to visit them, we always take them there. (Diane Tremblay, October 2004)


Yachtsman Steakhouse was outstanding and our new favorite restaurant. We found out that Disney rotates its chefs every few years so they don't get bored! Well, the new chef was the old assistant chef at the California Grill. Our waiter was more than qualified and attended to our every need. The chef came by when we asked for a recipe. What a grand evening. (Robert Bovim, June 2004)

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