Donald's Breakfastosaurus
Animal Kingdom

EDITOR'S NOTE: Donald's Breakfastosaurus was discontinued in November, 2007

By Debra Martin Koma

This character breakfast, held every morning at the Animal Kingdom's Restaurantosaurus (in DinoLand USA) is one I hadn't tried before, so, when I had a chance recently to meet there with a friend and her two little ones I jumped at it.

After being greeted cheerfully at the podium, we were escorted to a little staged area for a photo op (we knew they'd try to sell it to us later), then brought inside the restaurant, where our greeter gave us the breakfast's "back story": Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto had gone camping the night before, and Pluto had found a special fossil when looking for firewood -- the bone of a mythic "duckosaurus". We were then shown to our table, given our beverages (unlimited juice, coffee or tea, and milk), and told to help ourselves from either end of the centrally located buffet table.

The buffet is fairly standard breakfast fare, with a few exceptions: a breakfast pizza, with scrambled eggs and veggies; quiche; and chocolate chip pancakes. In addition to those items, you can have all you want of the eggs, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, French toast, cereals, fruit, bagels and breads, donuts and pastries.

Although the service was friendly and efficient (Cast Member Billy and his trick ketchup bottle were especially amusing!), this was the MOST rushed character breakfast I have ever experienced. Four characters were in rotation through the restaurant's rooms: Goofy, Pluto, Mickey and Donald. It seemed to be calculated so that one character would appear in your room every 15 minutes. Characters swung by the table, posed for a quick photo and then moved on. If you wanted an autograph as well, you often had to chase after the character to draw him back to your group. It also seemed that you were expected to be finished eating by the time the fourth character left your room -- in other words, you were allotted about an hour to eat, meet and greet. Woe unto you if you should be at the buffet or in the restroom when a character made his way to your table!

But of course they weren't about to let you escape without making sure that you had the chance to purchase the photos they'd snapped when you'd enter. The entired package, a 5x7, 4 wallets and a couple photo key chains, cost $30 plus tax. We opted for just the 5x7 -- $12.95 plus tax ($13.80).

Overall, this was an unexceptional, and very hectic, character breakfast experience. Between running to the buffet, running after the characters, maneuvering to take photos without all the other patrons in them, very little eating was actually accomplished. Granted, we were attending during peak breakfast hours -- 9:10 a.m. on a Monday morning, which is Animal Kingdom's "Extra Magic Hour" (early entry) morning -- but I was surprised when I looked at my watch as we were exiting and found that it was not even 10 a.m. yet!

Since Mickey, Goofy and Pluto can all be found at a number of other character meals, I think the only reason to visit this one is to see the scarce sailor duck. If your child (or you!) is a huge Donald Duck fan, and you absolutely have to see him here, I'd suggest trying for a later seating at this breakfast when you might encounter fewer crowds -- or skip it altogether and ask a Guest Relations Cast Member where you might find Donald in the parks.

Donald's Breakfastosaurus at the Restaurantosaurus is served daily until 10 a.m.: $16.95 for adults/$8.95 for children 3-11.

Review Date: April 2003

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