1900 Park Fare
Cinderella's Gala Feast

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We had breakfast there ONLY to see Mary Poppins. My daughter insisted this was the only restaurant we had to go to. I called the night before just to make sure Mary would be there, and was confirmed she would be unless she got sick. Ok, so we were off to see Mary Poppins. We sat down (one of the first groups seated) and already had characters coming up. We saw Mad Hatter and Alice first. Then we got our plates. WOW! This was the best breakfast we had on our whole trip of 10 days. It was just the best! Tigger was very bouncy and playful. Pooh was friendly. Our glasses of coffee and juice were NEVER empty. Then the disappointment came. Mary Poppins was sick. However, they did say we could go back anytime that week to see her. They sent Donald Duck instead. Sorry, but if Mary was sick I would have expected a princess or even someone else in the Alice or Mary movies.

Oh well, our check came and it almost gave my dad a heart attack as it was for $656.00. Our waitress accidently hit the 3 adults as 33 adults. Since we had a sense of humor about it, so did the waitress. She even took a picture with him as she was holding his credit card.

This was the BEST breakfast ever and can't wait to do again. (Beth, November 2005)


My husband and I decided to visit Disney World without our 3 children this year. (We had a fantastic time!) On a last minute whim, we booked 1900 Park Fare for breakfast on our last day there. (September 29, 2005) Mary Poppins is by far, my favorite! She was in the lobby greeting everyone as they walked in. My husband took my picture with her. She was pleasant, and the smile never left her face! We were seated almost immediately. The dining room was only half full, and we saw Alice, Mad Hatter, Pooh and Tigger making the rounds.

The food was excellent! The corned beef hash was my favorite, and the custom made omlette was my husband's favorite. I also recommend the bread pudding (add the vanilla sauce) and the strawberry soup! Yummy!

I figured since we were not with kids, the characters would pass us by. However, each and every one of them stopped by allowing photo opportunities. Mad Hatter joked with my husband, Pooh gave great hugs, Tigger bounced me around, and Alice was so sweet! (Mary Poppins stayed in the lobby.)

Our server was great. She quickly brought us our drinks, refilled them without being asked to, and suggested we stop in the hotel gift shop for Mary Poppins merchandise, which by the way, there wasn't any! I would give the breakfast 2 thumbs up, as would my husband. And we plan on bringing our 3 children when we return next September! (Kelly, September 2005)


We ate at 11 service restaurants throughout our week long vacation and my hat goes off to 1900 Park Fare's Supercalifragilistic breakfast. The very best meal we ate our entire trip. We loved the omelet counter, fresh fruit, strawberry soup, strawberry coulis, not to mention the characters at this character meal spent the most time at each table. Alice, Mad Hatter, Eeyore, Pooh and Tigger were all so interested in our daughters. It made for a truly magical moment. Did I mention yet how wonderful the food was? MMMMMMM I will book this meal for 3 days upon our return. (Kari Libao, June 2005)


We ate at 1900 Park Fare for the first time on January 30, 2005. We were extremely disappointed with this character breakfast. The only characters that were there were Alice, Pooh, and Tigger. The food was not very good but the waiter was great. I have been to quite a few character meals but I have to say this was the worst one ever. I was very surprised that there were only three characters and for what we paid for this, I really did not think it was worth the money. (Robyn Ryman, January 2005)


My almost 3 yr. old twins and I booked a late breakfast (10:30 am) at the Grand Floridian Park Fare. The late breakfast was an idea I had read about on this site. The idea being that you would get more attention from characters when the room was less crowded. Unfortunately, there were only 4 tables still dining at this point and since breakfast was almost over the characters seemed in a rush to get out of there.

We watched Mary Poppins on video before our trip. My kids and I went to a craft store and made a nosegay of daisies and cherries to present to Mary. She was delighted and spent a lot of time with the kids while we waited to be seated. She took our address to send a thank you and had the Disney photographer take her photo with the kids and even checked to see that the photo was a good one. Much to our disappointment we never received anything.

Having already dined at the Crystal Palace character lunch - I again found the food to be very good. There was just about every item that could possibly be offered for breakfast. The kids had fun with the Mickey shaped waffles. In fact, I wish that I was hungrier so that I could have "grazed" even more. The only shortcoming was that the staff looked puzzled when I asked for sour cream for the blintzes.

The other characters included Alice and the Mad Hatter. We had made coloring pages of their characters printed from a web site and they feigned appreciation but seemed more interested in a quick exit. We had fairly brief visits with both of them.

Overall, the food was great but with so few diners present it lacked the excitement of a real character meal and even the characters seemed polite but not overly enthusiastic given the dining room was about to close.

We did enjoy riding the monorail to the resort and walking the grounds and gardens afterward. Also, the hotel still had their Christmas trees up which were spectacular. And the Disney store in the upstairs lobby is much nicer than at many of the other hotels - my daughter got a really cute Minnie straw bonnet there which was chic and not too cutesy and she received many compliments while wearing it the rest of the trip. (Elaine Kleinberg, January 2005)


We chose to eat here because of a pillow case. Right before our trip I read in the Disney Magazine how someone had the characters sign a pillow case for their child. I thought that it sounded cute and since my son was only two and too small for a autograph book I decided to try it. We had already planned a few character meals and I thought I would just bring the case along. I didn't count on becoming completely obsessed and stopping for every character I saw!!! Anyway half way through our trip when I remembered that 1900 Park Fare had Peter Pan and Mary Poppins at breakfast I knew we had to go.

Getting a P.S. at the last minute was no problem. We had to wait in the lobby for about ten minutes. Mary Poppins was there and my son had absolutely no idea who she was. We were alone with her almost the whole time which was kind of uncomfortable. I mean after your 3 minutes of pictures and pillow signing, what do you say to Mary Poppins?

We had a late seating and I think the quality of the buffet reflected that. The food seemed tired and luke warm. Our first serving of eggs were fine, but the second were very runny. The breakfast meats were all barely warm and there were not a lot of pastries. We found enough to eat that was fine but nothing remarkable. The characters were wonderful. The restaurant was only half full and we got lots of attention. In addition to Mary and Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Pooh, and the Mad Hatter were there. All were very much in character. Wyatt, my son, loves Peter Pan and he was very excited.

We are planning our next trip and will probably eat here again. Mostly because I am going to try a new pillow case. Our current one turned out wonderfully, but the ink ran the first time I washed it. If you want to make one, here are some hints. I used a cheap pillowcase. I think the large weave was responsible for some of the signatures running. Next time I will try a higher thread count. Some sharpie colors run a lot worse that others. Red is a mess, green not at all. I have no idea why this is so. Before we go I am going to draw lines of every color on a pillowcase and only use the good ones. Also I think next time I will use a dark beige pillowcase instead of white, that way when it does run it will be less obvious.

I just reread what I wrote and am embarrassed about how much fun that whole pillowcase thing was. What can I say? I'm a Disney Person, we care about the little things. If you want to eat at 1900 Park Fare because of embarrassing linen fixations, you will be thrilled. If you actually care about what you are eating, go early in the morning or somewhere else. (Leigh Johnson, December 2004 )