Picture This! Mailbag: Camera Bags

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We received the following inquiry recently to the Picture This! blog from reader Sharon. Since flattery was used, Barrie, Lisa and myself give her our opinions. It also lead me to updating a piece of my equipment. I LOVE the Picture This blog! I have learned countless tips and been inspired many times from reading … Continue reading "Picture This! Mailbag: Camera Bags"

Picture This! Mailbag: AllEars Photographers Answer Your Questions

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Once in awhile, we’d like to share with you some of the questions we receive from our dear readers here on the Picture This! Blog. We find them challenging and we hope you find them informative. Becky asked: I know for film lenses, there is a conversion of 1.5x’s if used on a digital SLR. … Continue reading "Picture This! Mailbag: AllEars Photographers Answer Your Questions"
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