Ideas for carving pumpkins with Disney images

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n Walt Disney's classic film of 1950, the Fairy Godmother worked her magic on a pumpkin to transport Cinderella to the royal ball and, eventually, the fairy-tale ending of a wish come true. This Halloween, you can show off your fandom of all things Disney by working your own magic on the pumpkin of your choosing. Luckily today, though, you won't even need a magic wand. Rather an Internet connection and a little creativity will be all that is required for you to carve the perfect pumpkin with a Disney-inspired theme.

Free pumpkin templates allow families to carve Disney character jack-o-lanterns

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As the air turns cooler — at least in some parts of the country! — and the orange and black replace school supplies on store shelves, our thoughts turn to fall holidays. Each year, it seems that decorating for Halloween grows more popular, and one of the most common elements is a jack-o-lantern. Many of … Continue reading "Free pumpkin templates allow families to carve Disney character jack-o-lanterns"
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