Cirque du Soleil’s trapeze artists attempt rare tricks at tonight’s performance of La Nouba

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Tonight, members of the Cirque du Soleil trapeze troupe will attempt two difficult and rare tricks during the 6 p.m. EST performance of La Nouba at Disney Springs. The "Double Double and 1/2 Layout to the Legs" is a 2-1/2 backward layout with a twist performed in seconds before the trapeze "flyer" is caught by his legs. The second trick will be a "Quadruple" somersault, which is rumored to be completed less than 20 times in the 150-year history of trapeze. To allow as many people as possible to share in the excitement of the attempts, tonight's trapeze performance will be streamed live on Facebook and Periscope through a partnership with Experience Kissimmee. Follow along at and @Kissimmee on Twitter.
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