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by Barbara Bennett and Brian Bennett

of MouseMemories Logo

Scrapbookers that have been at it very long have a dirty little secret. It is not one that we often share freely, but we're going to let you in on it today. Scrapbookers = Scraplifters! You know kleptomaniacs, but in a socially acceptable, won't get you put in jail kind of a way. When we attend crops or just scrapbook with a few friends, we often grab inspiration from something someone else has done. Even scraplifted pages, though, very rarely turn out the same as the original idea, because we change a few things here or there, adding our own touches.

If you've been sitting there staring at pictures you want do use for a project, and have no clue where to start you're NORMAL! One of the easiest ways to get started is to find someone's work you're drawn to and emulate it. I promise they won't be offended. Imitation is, after all, the best form of flattery. And as long as we're airing dirty laundry, I might as well tell you the rest. Many scrapbookers also have a pride problem and we're proud of it. We love to share our work and we often do so online. That means that with just a few clicks of the mouse you can find great page ideas and projects to get you started. The DisneyScrappers group on Yahoo is an excellent resource to consider joining. There are tons of scrapbookers that are a part of this group and they all share the same passions Disney and Scrapbooking! Any question you might have will quickly be answered by someone ready to point you in the right direction. They also have galleries of page ideas and a monthly page contest sponsored by Mouse Memories. Visit or join the DisneyScrappers group. Another great group meets on Passporter's "The Spare Room," another great group of Disney scrapbookers!

Many scrapbooking manufacturers also offer galleries of page ideas created with their products. Today's article will include a couple of different projects by EK Success, showcasing their fabulous licensed Disney line of papers, stickers, and embellishments.

"Celebrate a Royal Pair" by EK Success's Joy Macdonell.

Click to See Larger Image.

This project includes EK's Blue Floral Paper, a Celebrate a Royal Pair title sticker, and a Cinderella Dancing sticker sheet. Other materials used include yellow, blue, and silver cardstock and silver ribbon.


1. Use a paper trimmer like a Cutterpede by EK Success to trim a piece of blue cardstock to be smaller than the yellow cardstock used as the foundation for the page. Round corners using a corner rounder punch and adhere to the center of the page making sure there is a border on all sides.

2. Tear a piece of Blue Floral Paper, round one corner, again with a corner punch and adhere to the left hand side of the page. When tearing paper for pages, you will want to hold the good piece (the part you're going to use) solidly with one hand and use the other hand to tear toward you. If you are right-handed, you would hold the good part with your left hand and use your right hand to tear toward you. This leaves the best exposed edge on the part of the torn paper that you are going to use.

3. Tie a silver ribbon around the middle of the page. This ribbon does not have to be literally tied around the whole page. It could just go across the front of the page, with a small tail that flips over and gets adhered to the back, unfinished side of the page.

4. Triple mount a photo and place on the page as shown. We've covered matting or mounting photos in previous articles. Triple mounting just refers to using multiple mats of different colors or patterns in graduated sizes on the same photo. This technique can be used to add emphasis to a particular photo in a layout with lots of photos, and is often used when there are only one or two photos being used on a layout.

5. Print journaling from the computer on to Blue Floral Paper. If you do not have a printer that is 12" x 12" compatible, you will have to first cut a piece of the Blue Floral Paper down to 8"x 11". Trim the journaling, leaving an even edge around your words, then round the corners and adhere to silver cardstock. Round the corners of the cardstock and adhere to the upper right hand corner of your layout.

6. The last things to do are to add the Celebrate a Royal Pair title sticker and the Cinderella embellishments as shown.

"Meeting Ariel" Page Layout by Dana DeCarlo for EK Success

Click to See Larger Image.

This project includes EK's Pixie Dust Vellum, Princess Stripes paper, Waves and Bubbles paper, and Ariel Sticker Sheet. Other materials used include blue and white cardstock.


1. Trim Pixie Dust Vellum to be slightly smaller than the blue foundation page, and adhere using an adhesive that is specifically for vellum. If you don't have vellum adhesive, that is ok. Use regular adhesive along the bottom edge only of the pixie dust vellum and stick it to the blue cardstock. In the next step, we'll cover up that adhesive that is showing through right now.

2. Decide how much of your page you want to be covered with the Waves and Bubbles. Cut Waves & Bubbles Paper along the wave design, and adhere to the bottom of the foundation page.

3. Tear a piece of blue cardstock, and adhere it to the upper left corner of the page. You can use adhesive on the edge of this piece to help tack down the Pixie Dust Vellum in the upper left.

4. Enlarge a favorite photo, and create a triple mat using blue cardstock and the Waves & Bubbles Paper.

5. Embellish the photo by adding the Flounder and seaweed stickers to one of the corners of the mat.

6. Print journaling on white cardstock; trim around the journaling block, and create a double mat by adhering it to the Stripes paper and blue cardstock.

7. Cut a thick strip of Stripes paper, and adhere it to the top of the journaling block. To complete the look, adhere "Ariel" sticker and shells for added dimension.

Tips For Success:

How about creating an actual scene on your page layout? Here, the various papers have been cut to simulate the ocean and sky - what a perfect background for the photo and journaling!

Jump in with both feet. Create one or both of these projects, or simply use some of these techniques on your next project. You'll quickly learn and develop your own favorites! Still have questions? You can email us anytime at and we'll do our best to help with your project!

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