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Mexico-Epcot RADP Meet
June 1, 1997


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Another wonderful RADP meeting took place on June 1st at the Mexican Cantina in the Epcot World Showcase. The Spencer family, Jeff, Susan, Brian and Katie, arrived at the Cantina at about 6:30 pm where they met up with Barb, aka gardenia, Sam and the special mystery guest -- Eureka!

They had staked out a table next to the rail which was in a perfect spot for viewing the Illuminations 25 show later in the evening. It had rained considerably earlier and frankly, I was afraid we would be rained out. But magically, just after 6 pm, the clouds parted and we proceeded to have a beautiful sunset. We began wiping off several other tables and laying claim to them for those arriving later.

Kenny was the next to arrive and I must say he truly is an energetic guy! We kidded him during the evening about how he might come by all that energy and I think we decided that it was due to a mixture of Fruit Loops and large quantities of sugar! Simon Duvall, who helped me set up the meet arrived soon after. Others joining us were the Koziol family, John, Karen and the daughter Alice and Chad Wilson aka Mickey on IRC. One funny moment occurred when Chad was introduced to Barb, who up to that point, thought Mickey was a lady! Surprise!

We all chatted for a while and Eureka was so nice to take my quickly-bored kids on Rio de Tiempo in the Mexican pavilion. Two hours quickly went by and we wrapped up the evening with a viewing of the newly improved Illuminations 25. I'm not an expert in all the changes that were made but my overall impression is that the show was much improved and that seemed to be the consensus of the group. After the show, we said our good-byes and exchanged hugs and handshakes with our new-found friends.

addendum from Barb aka gardenia:

After leaving Mexico, my aunt, uncle, cousin, and friend Susan, along with Sam, Kenny, Chad, and I went to Fountainview to talk for awhile and watch "my" Dancing Fountains do their most majestic performances; the ones done at night! Oh, how beautiful they are with the lights illuminating the sprays and bubbles... just so lovely.

I had to finish the wine I'd gotten in the German pavilion and we sat and talked there until 11:30pm... CMs were leaving to go home, security walked by us... and no one told us we had to leave, so we didn't. *smile*

It had been a wonderful warm evening with friends, 'Net discussions, sharing in our love for Disney through watching IllumiNations and ending the night with the fountains, soaring into the sky to the music from _The Rocketeer_.

Ah! The wonder of it all.

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