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May 20 1997


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It was a bright sunny day in Orlando when over 20 RADP'rs (adults and children) met together in front of the Fountainview Cafe and those magical musical fountains!

The meet was organized by RADP's own Dr. Don (Don Collignon) who was there with his lovely wife.

Chris Caines of Caines' Walt Disney World College Program Page of Adventures was the first to stop by. Chris is working this summer as a puppeteer at the Disney-MGM Studios and some great stories with us!

Steve Bratton (Roo on irc) and his new bride (Kanga) were there and sporting some way cool T-Shirts..

Andrea, Paul and Holly McKenna and TIGGR! Tiggr made a special guest appearance...flying in from California courtesy of Laura Gilbreath (tiggr2 on irc).

Mike and Judy Tuchman (Big Figment fans) and their friend joined in the fun. Mike and Judy live about a half hour from me and it took at trip to WDW to finally meet them!

What has become a ritual -- the taking of the "Official Group Photo" was quite the ordeal this day. There were about 10 cameras begging for a photo of the event. Barb snagged this wonderful man who stood there were all the cameras around his neck as he took photos. (Anyone get a picture of him???). We were all most grateful for his patience and humor!

Left to Right Bottom Row: Deb Wills, Kanga Bratton, Sam the Bartender, Kenny Cottrell, Tiggr, Holly McKenna, Paul McKenna.

1st Standing Row: Barb aka gardenia, Steve Bratton, Alan Cartledge and family, Jenny (ltgreen shirt) and Alex Doskey, Judy Tuchman, Andrea McKenna, Mike Tuchman.

2nd Standing Row: Jason Rolund, Chris Caines, Don Collingnon, Don's Wife, Friend of the Tuchman's.

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