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3rd Annual Holiday RADP Meet Weekend
December 1998


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RADP Meet Group Photo

Disney Fans from around the world gathered the 2nd Weekend in December for the 3rd Annual Meet!! Folks came from as far away as Australia, the United Kingdom, Austria, Canada, and all across the United States.

Here is the "Official Group Photo" from the meet. Unlike previous years where we had to stand while 40+ cameras were snapped, this year we had a Disney Photographer do the pictures and they were easily picked up at the Main Street Photo Shop!

Actually, I have gotten a bit ahead of myself here. Planning for the 3rd Annual meet begain late summer when a group of folks graciously volunteered to help with the planning. Some of us had met each other, most hadn't...but we worked hard together and managed to have a very smooth and enjoyable 3rd Annual Meet.

Folks began arriving at Disney World prior to the weekend and the Planning Crew decided to also meet, so we'd know what each other looked like!

Planing Crew Meet We met in the Outer Rim lounge at the Contemporary Hotel. Here is Andy (from the United Kingdom) and Bruce (now residing in Orlando).

Members of the Planning Crew included: Bill Abrams, Susie Bennett, Jan Bordelon, Alicia Calsyn, Pam Cohen, Pat Edaburn, Kim Fajerski, Jim and Eureka Freeman, Laura Gilbreath, Liz Jennings, Judy Lew, Bruce Metcalf, Judi Mouse, Rob Olsan, Andy Sewell, Jeff Spencer, Deb Wills and Rusty Wyatt

Planing Crew Kim, Susie, Jim Kim, Susie (kmom) and Czar Jim discuss strategies for Saturday's meet.

The first "Official Event" of the 3rd Annual Meet was our traditional gathering to watch the fireworks during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. The MVMCP meet was hosted by Pam Cohen and Susie (kmom). A special Guest appearance by RADP's Czar and Czarina highlighted the evening.

Folks were meeting up with each other all over the Magic Kingdom that night and photos were taken everywhere.


MVMCP Pam's son Craig was a huge help all weekend. Here he is with Pam and Susie proudly holding the RADP pennant!

I don't think we ever got an official photo of all the MVMCP meet folks, but I think there were over 40 of us all together. Being a warm gentle night; a group of us went to Splash Mountain after the Fireworks!

Folks were meeting up with each other all over the Magic Kingdom that night and photos were taken everywhere.

MVMCP - Splash Mountain Photo

Seated in the Log from Front to Back and Left to Right: Katharine Warner and gardenia; Eureka and Jim Freeman; Liz Jennings, Deb Wills and Bill Abrams (yes there were 3 of us in one seat!); Michele Warner and Andy.

Other Photos from the meet can be found at Laura Gilbreath's RADP Meet Photo Links

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