Lucky the Dinosaur

May 8, 2005

AllEars.Net reporter LindaMac visited with Lucky and she learned the storyline has changed.

I was told by a cast member that they reworked the show and Lucky was down for approx 3 day to carry this out. If you look at the first set of photos, Lucky was part of Chester and Hesters with all the tacky banners and two equity actors. Now he is part of The Dino Institute and is handled by Dr. Woodson thru the entire show.

Lucky comes out of the gates between Primeval Whirl and Chester and Hesters. While Lucky only speaks "Dinosaur", Dr. Woodson translates for us but alot is self-explanatory. Each time his paw/foot hits the ground there is dinosaur sound similar to when the dinos were chasing people in the movie Jurassic Park but on a much smaller scale.

Dr. Woodson takes an AK park guide map, which Lucky takes away and tries to eat. At another stop, Dr. Woodson takes a boy's Boston Red Socks cap and puts in on Lucky and the boy comes up to get it back, which Lucky doesn't want to give back but finally does and the boy has his picture taken with Lucky. Lucky than works his way back to the gates.

There are 4 cast members that walk with Lucky, in addition to Dr. Woodson, and move the crowd back but it was surprising how close you can get to him.

Lucky's April 22, 2005 Photo Gallery