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Elizabeth - October 2005

The Grand Floridian was incredible! My Mom, her friend, my sister, her friend, and I went for a long weekend. We had a fabulous stay! The service was impeccable and the rooms were beautiful. There was one restaurant that we really enjoyed....Narcoossee's. The food was excellent. The only disappointing part was the pool. There wasn't much light, so it was hard to see, and the grounds around it were not clean. Overall, the Grand Floridian was great!


Spencer - September 2005

On a recent stay at the Grand Floridian, my family was very disappointed with the service. We always stay at the Grand Floridian while at Disneyworld but while sleeping early one morning (around 6 or 7) we got many disruptive intrusions by a housekeeper. She continued to intrude 3 more times until we called the front desk and complained. They rudely answered us and said that it was our fault because we did not put the do not disturb sign on. If considering the Grand Floridian for a hotel, note the facilities are worth the price but not the service.


Susan Davison - August 2005

Hats off to the staff at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa!!!! My husband, two mouseketeers (20 and 24) and myself stayed for 14 nights and returned very recently. We were staying there after 10 previous trips as the pinnacle of our Disney experience and to celebrate my husband's 50th and my daughter's 21st birthdays. I faxed ahead as suggested on this website and asked for a room in Sago Cay as this is nearest self parking. Imagine our surprise when we were not only upgraded to a lagoon view but also one with a magnificent view of Cinderella Castle (Room 5345). It left us speechless.

I cannot praise this hotel enough, the pools are out of this world and never very crowded. The Gasparilla Grill makes a great place to sit, eat and watch the fireworks well anywhere within the resort really, it a great place to see the spectacle. Although we have stayed on property before at the Yacht club, the Contemporary and WL, this was definitely worth the extra money, not only for the convenience but the beautiful pristine surroundings. I would definitely return to this resort any time. Well done Disney for making our trip the most magical yet!!!!!


Wetz Family - August 2005

We just returned from our 8 day stay at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. We had a spectacular time. Upon extensive research through your website, I was able to have the best vacation ever at this Walt Disney World Resort. I faxed my specific requests to the hotel room assigner. To my surprise, the following day I received a telephone call form the GF room assigner. He wanted to go over all my requests. Upon arrival at the hotel, we were assigned a beautiful corner room in Sago Cay(#5439). It had a straight on view of the castle and also space mountain. It had two balconies, one to view the fireworks at night, and the other to watch the monorail.

The staff was very friendly to us all. We always had fresh towels and turndown service was a pleasure after a long day in the parks.

All of the restaurants were great. The character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare was wonderful for the children. The characters came to the table at least two times. The pools were wonderful. We also went to Victoria & Albert's. The whole evening was a wonderful experience. It was very romantic and the atmosphere and food was incredible. The harpist even played my husband's favorite classical piece from Bach.

We highly recommend this resort. It was worth every penny we saved for this trip. We can not wait to go back and stay there again.


Dana - August 2005

My 7 year old daughter and I just returned from an 8 night stay (August 10 - 18, 2005) at WDW. As DVC members, we spent the first 4 nights of our stay at the Villas of the Wilderness Lodge and then splurged for the remainder of the trip and stayed at the Grand Floridian. I figured it would provide an excellent opportunity to see if the Grand was truly worth the premium over the DVC resorts.

We did encounter a couple minor technical glitches -- we were informed by the GF front desk that our luggage, which was being transferred over by WL bell services, would be in our room between 1:00 and 3:00 pm. When I called bell services at 4:10 to find out where our luggage was, it turned out that they had been waiting for our call. Then on the morning we were to depart, I never received my express check out envelope. When I called down to the front desk, they had no explanation for this, apologized and had a runner bring me my receipt immediately. Aside from these minor inconveniences, our stay was delightful.

As we had spent a considerable amount of time in the parks during the first half of our trip, we spent the second half of our trip primarily enjoying our surroundings. We stayed in a dormer room in Sago Cay - 5512 - and we just loved the "homey" feel of the room. It felt more like being at a B&B then a hotel. Our building's convenience to Gasparilla's also was welcome, as we were able to take full advantage of the refillable mugs. (At the Villas of the Wilderness Lodge, it is such a hike to Roaring Forks that it is more cost effective to buy the 2 liter bottles of soda and put them in your refrigerator.)

We only went to the Beach pool once since it was at the farthest point of the resort from our room. However, my daughter did enjoy the waterfall. The courtyard pool was not a far walk from our room and this pool is so well laid out that you never feel overwhelmed by splashing children.

My daughter anxiously anticipated the arrival of turn down service, knowing that she would be receiving her chocolates. It's the little extras that the staff pampers you with that makes a stay at the GF special. (Having stayed at several other Disney properties, I did notice the conspicuous absence of the water conservation card where you are kindly asked to hang your towels back up if they will be re-used or leave them on the floor if you want new ones. In the Grand Floridian everyone gets new towels and sheets every day!)

The bottom line is, if you plan on spending a good deal of your time at the resort and can afford to splurge, go for it! However, if you plan on being in the parks from dawn to dusk, there are plenty of excellent less expensive options out there.


Anonymous - July 2005

My husband and I stayed at the Grand Floridian resort on our honeymoon, July 24-29, 2005. We were extremely happy with our experience!

Following tips on this web site, I faxed the hotel to let them know we would be on our honeymoon. When we arrived, we found that we had been upgraded from a garden view to a lagoon view room with a king sized bed, which the bellman said was a rarity, even for a honeymoon! Some of the employees weren't quite as pleasant as they should have been, but most were very helpful. One helped my husband make last-minute character dining reservations at the hotel and elsewhere.

We rented speedboats for 45 minutes at $30. I highly recommend this because it is relaxing and a nice break. Definitely spend sometime just basking in the Grand Floridian's beautiful ambiance; have a drink or two in the lobby, shop, etc. We absolutely loved the pool-not the one with the waterside and bar, but the quieter pool.

We ate breakfast at 1900 Park Fare and it was also worth the cost - tons of food and fun characters! This is an expensive lodging choice, but if you save, like we did, it is worth the money. It provides such a nice respite from the chaos, noise and crowds of Disney World. It is a relaxing, romantic, serene place to stay.


Heather DiTrolio - July 2005

We got back from our honeymoon on July 12, 2005. We stayed at the Grand Floridian from the 5th to the 12th, in Conch Key in a standard room. From the moment we arrived off of the "Disney Magical Express" and walked into the main lobby (which almost brought me to tears, it was so overwhelming) to the end of our trip, the 'magic' just got better and better. The front desk was able to accommodate a very early check in for us upon our arrival, thankfully.

Our room was wonderful, with a nice view of the marina, as well as a short walk to the pier where we watched Wishes at night. The housekeeping staff had a lot of fun with our teddy bear and the towels....every night we would come back to the bear and the towels in some sort of exotic sculpture... it made us excited to come back to the hotel after the day at the parks.

Room service (every morning's breakfast) was phenomenal..great quality food at the EXACT first minute of the time frame we had specified it was to arrive. Private dining staff was friendly and helpful every day. The building was quiet, and I Charleston-ed my way back into Conch Key every night because of the music that was always playing when the doors opened and that first rush of glorious air-conditioning hit you.

We loved it so much that already, only a few weeks after coming back, we've booked our next trip...for December 2006, and this time, we're going to give the Concierge level rooms a try. I am sure that we will be even more amazed by how Magical the Grand Floridian is at Christmas time!


Michael Gizzi - June 2005

We just spent six nights at the Grand Floridian in Conch Key, Room 7331. Our room was on the end of the building facing the lake. It was spectacular - having a clear view of the Castle, Space Mountain, and the Contemporary. On two nights we watched the Wishes Fireworks from our balcony.

The Grand was a spectacular resort - and one of the two nicest places I have ever stayed (the other being the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort in Hawaii). The swimming pools were great; the waterfall/waterside pool was particularly nice. From our room in Conch Key, we found that it was just as quick to take the boat to the Magic Kingdom as it was to take the monorail. It was definitely quicker taking the boat back to the hotel - avoiding three monorail stops.

We found that the Gasparilla Grill provided decent food at just a small premium over counter service in the theme parks. The food available poolside at the waterside pool, however, was very expensive. But you could get a tray from Gasparilla's and bring your food out to the pool.

All in all, it was a great trip. The Grand Floridian probably spoiled me for any other Disney hotel property. It doesn't get much better than that (although I found that Disneyland's Grand Californian provides a similar level of accommodation).


Jim Davis - June 2005

My wife and two daughters, ages 6 and 2, just returned from a magical trip to WDW 6/5-6/9. We have been to WDW every year for the past four years. We stayed at the Grand Floridian for this trip after much dreaming and saving the extra "Disney Dollars" needed. We have previously stayed at the All Star Sports, Riverside, and Wilderness Lodge.

The Resort is absolutely beautiful in every detail. Staying on the monorail certainly beats long bus rides. We stayed in Sago Cay, room 5425. We were pleased in general. However, we found that we never ate anywhere except for the food court, which is quite nice and the rooms were quite nice as well.

However, for the price of the GF I think we will be staying elsewhere for our return trip for Marathon Weekend in January. Maybe when my wife and I have more time to enjoy the other perks of staying at the GF, we will return. I am quite certain that for my family the added expense of staying at the GF was not worth the price. Thanks very much to for the many helpful tips.


Chris White - June 2005

We just returned from a very nice stay at the Grand Floridian Resort. We have stayed at many resorts and this is definitely one of our favorites! We enjoyed the Beach Pool, complete with covered cabanas and a nice locker room - complimentary lockers for resort guests, showers, and a hairdryer. The water slide was one of the best on property. We enjoyed sitting in front of Gasparilla Grill and Games to watch the nighttime fireworks. Walking around the fountain and gardens on property was quite nice.

We enjoyed sitting in the main lobby and listening to the orchestra and several talented pianists. One family even made requests for certain songs and the pianist played them. We enjoyed the spa and health club. The reception area and bell staff were wonderful, very kind and very knowledgeable. Gasparilla Grill and Games had a few choices for food and snacks but it was easy to hop on the monorail and go to the Contemporary or the Polynesian to grab other to-go choices. The monorail access could not be beat - especially when some of the party wants to go to the Magic Kingdom and others want to stay back and relax!

The food at High Tea was wonderful, our server and other cast members were nice, but the management wasn't receptive to suggestions. We enjoyed Victoria and Albert's and Narcossee's - both excellent and should not be missed - worth every penny. We spoke with a very nice cast member at the Grand Floridian Cafe who told us that anything on either menu (lunch or dinner) could be made for your family at either time...a nice thing to know if you have a picky eater in your group!

There are so many options at this resort that you can just enjoy it without going to the parks. I noticed that there were several activities for children: Wonderland Tea Party, a Pirate Adventure, and Grand Kid Adventures in Cooking - mostly advance reservations, so plan these activities. It really is a special resort and a special stay, even if you are in a non-concierge room!


Kari Libao - June 2005

Our first on-site vacation at Walt Disney World, we went right to the top. WDW's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is everything you would expect from Disney's "flagship" resort. To narrow our week long experience down to one word would quite simply have to be magnificent. Everything from the impeccably kept grounds, the wonderful staff, superb restaurants (right down to the counter service one) to the rooms. Our perfect vacation has much to do with the Grand Floridian itself, even though we left early each morning and returned late each night. We plan to return in two years for a two week glorious stay. The $$$ is well worth it.


Joe Mruczek - June 2005

Kudos to Disney staff. We just came back from a weekend at the Grand Floridian. We had two connecting lagoon rooms in Boca Chica. The view from the porch was really great, the castle was in clear site.

Early in our stay, Alexa had lost her bunny which she had since infancy. Needless to say, she was very sad. We had dinner at Grand Floridian's Narcoossee's. Our waiter, Amer, noticed that Alexa was visibly heartbroken, so he tried to lift her spirits. During our meal he surprised Alexa with a "Magical Momemts" certificate with her name and stating that he (Amer) was her friend. Amer presented Alexa with a big red box, when she opened it there was a nice yellow stuffed bunny. This really helped her during her sad time. We couldn't have been more impressed with the compassion that Amer showed Alexa. This shows that nothing beats Disney staff. The rest of our weekend was simply terrific. Thank you Amer.


K.J. - May 2005

We stayed at the GF for a week in May 2005 and this was the first trip for my husband and I. WOW! That's the only word I can say. It was our anniversary so we wanted to do it up right and we did. They knew it was our anniversary from the travel agent and we had chocolate and a card signed by Mickey and Minnie in the room waiting for us.

We stayed in Boca Chica facing the pool area in a dormer room. The room was nice for the two of us but I can see how a larger room would be best for more people. Checking in was ok, no problems but checking out was nuts. If you are leaving by hired car, make sure you check out and get your luggage in plenty of time!

My husband played golf on the three closest courses and had a great time. I tried out the spa on several locations and they were very helpful and accommodating. The early hours and late hours provided to the resort guests are great and we took advantage of them several times. I was concerned about taking a bus to AK and MGM but they came very quickly and had no worries at all.

Yes, this resort is the most expensive, but in my opinion, you get your money's worth and more. We plan on trying out the GF for the holidays in the next few years.


Barb Brown - May 2005

My husband, 19-year old daughter and I visited WDW May 15-21, 2005 and stayed at the Grand Floridian. We were very pleased with both the accommodations and service and, after visiting many of the other Disney hotels, would definitely choose the GF again. Our room was a "garden view" in Big Pine Key. Our balcony overlooked the main pool and we could see the fireworks at the MK from our balcony. However, even if you can't view the fireworks from your room, staying at the GF still affords several nice locations on the property from which to view them. You can even see them if you're swimming in the main pool in the evening.

Although not "spacious", our room was plenty big enough to accommodate three adults. We ate several meals at the hotel. Narcoosee's was very good, the Cafe was fine and Gasparilla Grill was very handy after a long day at the parks. We spent our first day in MGM and then returned to the hotel to grab a light meal at the Grill and enjoy the fireworks as we ate at the cafe tables right outside. A quick breakfast from the Grill is also a nice way to start the day before heading to the parks. My 19-year old thoroughly enjoyed the "Mickey" waffles.

All in all, a we had a wonderful experience at the GF. We'd do it again in a heartbeat!


Gina Zegler - May 2005

Just returned yesterday from a week-long stay at the Grand Floridian Resort. I may never stay anywhere else! Aside from all the beautiful scenery, it really was a very convenient place to stay. We had our choice of ferry or monorail to the Magic Kingdom every day and were able to sit at the dock and watch "Wishes" (the fireworks) every night. Service was impeccable. It was my girls (6 and 4) first trip ANYWHERE so we wanted to do it right.

We never had a bad meal....sit-down or counter service -- hotel or park. But I must say that the priority seating has gotten a little out of control. I only had priority seating for the Princess Breakfast in Norway. That worked out very well. However, I could not walk in to Tony's on Main St. or Le Cellier in Canada for dinner. I needed priority seating! There was no walking into many sit down restaurants and I found that very disheartening. I think it is unfair to ask people to make dinner reservations 90 days ahead o! f time for every night they are on vacation. That said, everything else was WONDERFUL, and truly MAGICAL!!!


Stephanie - February 2005

I spent a week at the Grand Floridian from Feb. 20-27, the family's first Disney World vacation, and let me tell you it was the most magical experience ever! From the moment I stepped out of the car I was in heaven. And that was before I saw the amazing lobby!!!! Golden chandeliers, beautiful furniture, domed ceilings, the talented pianist....oooh i could go on for hours! It was truly stunning. There are great shops at the GF including a Disney merchandise shop that in my opinion, is one of the best in the "world".

Check in was a breeze and we were on our way to our room. We had booked a lagoon view room but unfortunately could not get a castle view but instead we got a view of the Polynesian Resort which was actually quite nice. We were in Big Pine Key (2939), which is probably the most conveniently located building in the resort: closest to the main building, closest to the tennis courts, courtyard pool, beach pool, the beach itself, the spa, and is pretty close to the marina although other buildings are closer.

Our room was great, the furniture is just so elegant!!! That's the best thing about this resort, even though it's family friendly, you just feel so Mary Poppins which perfectly explains why she hosts a character breakfast here.

Speaking of food, the Grand Floridian has some of the best. We ate dinner at Cinderella's Gala Feast at 1900 Park Fare and where we come from buffets tend to be pretty bad so we expected the same but NO, it was excellent!! The prime rib was actually very good and the characters gave us memorable experience. But the most memorable dining experience was at Victoria and Albert's where my husband and I had a little "date"--it is sooo romantic and the food is some of the best I've ever had! I have heard raving reviews about Narcoossee's and plan to try that and the character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare on my next trip. Even Gasparilla's Grill was good..quite frankly you're getting the same food they serve you at the Grand Floridian Cafe except much quicker and cheaper. The outside tables provided us with a great view of the castle and Wishes at night, we loved it.

Last but not certainly not least, the Grand Floridian's location is what makes it sooo worth it (other than everything else!). It's on the monorail and MK is the first stop so you arrive in minutes to the Happiest Place On Earth. Epcot is also a short monorail ride away. While I did not enjoy my bus rides to AK, MGM, and DTD it's not like any other resort could save me from those buses! The Grand Floridian is truly Disney's finest and that's why it's the flagship expensive as it may be, it is worth EVERY penny!


Deanna Kerrigan - September 2004

We just returned from our first visit to Disney World with our 4 year old princess (and our first "real" vacation in many, many years!). We decided to stay at the Grand Floridian--your reviews and tips were of great help! The resort was lovely, yet child-friendly. Our daughter loved being called "princess" everywhere she went!

We called ahead instead of faxing our room request and were delighted to see our room in Sago Cay (5245) had a fabulous view of Cinderella's castle. The staff were wonderful and housekeeping used my daughter's toys to create a Disney scene for us one afternoon. Turndown service was such a luxury! The rooms can be a bit loud in regards to plumbing noises.

Quick monorail service to the Magic Kingdom was worth every penny and the resort boat ride back to the Grand Floridian was a nice treat at the end of the day. We would stay here again in a heartbeat, although it will take us a while to save up!


Mark and Karen Berry - July 2004

We just got back from our trip to the Grand Floridian. This was the first time for us at GF. Our previous trips had been to the Contemporary or the All-Star Movies resort. We followed the advice of faxing our request for a castle view 4 days ahead of time. When we arrived, we were told that our view could not be beat by the desk clerk. We stayed in the Sago Cay building in room 5441. (4th floor looking directly at the castle). The room was fantastic. We loved the theming, the bed and the vaulted ceiling especially. I loved waking up and being able to see the castle and we could even see the Wishes fireworks show from our balcony. This was the best trip yet. Thank you for the faxing advice!!!


Tonya Currier - June 2004

We recently visited the Grand Floridian Resort (June 12-17, 2004). It was awesome to say the least. We booked a garden view room and faxed in a room request per your advice from AllEars website. We not only got an upgrade to a lagoon view but when we arrived in our room #8429, it was a "dormer" or "attic" room with the vaulted ceilings. As my six year old, Charley Katherine, and I were jumping on the beds from the excitement over our room, my husband drew the curtains and Charley and I both almost fell off our beds. We had a Magic Kingdom view as well. I mean it was absolutely amazing. In front of us was the Contemporary, the right was the Poly, and straight ahead and just to our left (about 15 degrees) there was the CASTLE!

We had limo service and Charley left her Bongo (her stuffed monkey since birth) in the car. I was so upset, as she was, that I paid no attention to detail as we checked in. When asked why I was so stressed, I explained to our host at the front desk what happened. Needless to say, the limo was contacted, it turned around, and within ten minutes.....Bongo was back in the arms of his favorite person. In fact, he arrived faster than our luggage and it came fast.

Our turn down service was great. We had these wonderful mints on our pillows at night and the lights were turned down as well as our linens on the beds. It reminded me of Goldilocks and the three bears. There were three pillows: one was a bit too hard, one was medium, and one was goose down and ever so soft. We had an over abundance of towels, shampoos, and soaps. Our robes were hung and neatly placed each day. It was amazing! I cannot say it enough.

We started off nine years ago going to WDW. We have stayed at the Contemporary, the Beach Club, and we decided to take our little girl all the way the GRAND DADDY of them all the Grand Floridian and it was worth every red cent. We noticed that on one day when the monorail was unable to get up and running that we were to take the bus. We were greeted at the bus stop by a cast member and he made sure that the first bus (which arrived in about seven minutes) re-routed itself and took us straight to Epcot. No stopping at other resorts. I also noticed that at Animal Kingdom and MGM, the Grand Floridian's bus loading station was first. Now that may not seem like a big deal but at the end of a twenty mile journey and your dogs are barking....honey it means more than you'll ever know.

My husband Keith and I tried for 12 years to have children and we only have one (Charley Katherine) and I am here to tell you that it took some convincing and some financial strain on the pockets of one junior high teacher and her hardware store manager's husband's wallet but you could not remove the smiles on our faces to this day with a brillo pad and acetone!!!! We truly had the most incredible time. I cried along with another teacher friend as we watched Wishes and heard the angelic voices of those children singing Starlight, Starbright....and I will never forget that day as long as I live. I cannot explain the magic there. It can NEVER be explained to those who have never been. You just can't. It must be lived.

I just want to say that I have always booked through Disney World and we have gotten the Dream Maker Silver in the past. I never really realized how valuable and how delightful ALLEARS website is to me. We literally hit the site everyday and six or seven times in my math class with my students. the anticipation of going is overwhelming and this site provided us with the dangle of just enough magic dust to keep us foaming at the mouth and waiting to wake up and read on and count down the days. In fact, while on Southwest Flight 411 out of New Orleans, I saved my latest copy of ALLEARS newsletter from Tuesday (we left on Saturday) and read it on the plane. About nine other couples saw me reading this and before the flight was over, about six families wrote down the website and thanked me. They all left the plane with a hop, skip, and jump in their step. It was like a slow motion flick set to Chariots of Fire as we all raced to the baggage claim area to be the first in line to stand and wait for our cars. I am thankful each day as I wake up and each night as I go to bed for my loving family and I thank my heavenly father for them and for people that make up sites like ALLEARS and for places like WDW that allow me and my little girl to experience life in such a positive way and to all started with a mouse!!!!!! Best wishes, safe journeys, and God bless!!!!!


Ada Morales - January 2004

My husband, our 7y/o daughter and I stayed at the Grand Floridian on January 2004. It was our second visit to this wonderful and exceptional Hotel. Despite its luxury it is kids friendly. My daughter loves it. It was wonderful to see the fireworks "Wishes" from the tables outside Gasparillas Grill . Every night before going to our room we enjoyed the music from the band at the Grand Lobby. I highly recommend this Hotel for a family or couple who wants a really magical vacation.


T. H. Y. - December 2003

We stayed at the Grand Floridian for a few nights this past December. We had requested a castle view and a King bed (I didn't know that they had kings, but the CRO CM suggested it), and that is what we got - sort of. If you you leaned over the balcony you could glimpse the castle through the trees! So much for watching the fireworks from the balcony. We were in Boca Chica, but we both liked our room in Sago Cay the prior year better. We had an excellent view of the castle from our dormer room there! We could see the park even when lying in bed.

This was our third holiday visit to the World and the second to the GF. We love this resort during the holidays! The decorations are just magical! However, we did notice that they were slightly scaled back from years past. The second floor gingerbread display was absent this year. The hotel is starting to show her age and is in need of refurbishing. The rooms are the most dated, but aren't that bad. Unfortunately, most of the expense of staying here is related to the location and not the in-room amenities. Don't get me wrong, the location is fabulous especially when you are on your way to the MK because it is the 1st stop. The hotel is also the first stop for the water shuttle from the MK. The atmosphere in the main lodge is just enchanting in the evenings when the orchestra plays. I am incredibly envious of those guests in the main lodge!


Greg Ottinger - November 2003

I recently spent a week at the Grand Floridian and can honestly say that I wasted a LOT of money for less than spectacular service. Three times I complained about problems with my room, etc. and never received follow-up from anyone at the hotel, nor were all the problems corrected. When I was leaving and tried to get the name of the general manager, there was a lot of resistance to providing his name. Service in two of the restaurants and one of the bars was poor, but a young waiter named Nelson in the Grand Floridian Cafe was outstanding and definitely provided the best service I encountered at the GF.


Kathleen Nee - October 2003

This was our first visit to WDW and we took advantage of one of their vacation specials. Since our daughter (almost 4) has a slight mobility problem we wanted to stay on WDW property and on the monorail system. The dates that we wanted were booked everywhere except the Grand Floridian. So we chose to stay there! When we arrived we were so pleased. The GF was beautiful inside and out. It wasn't over decorated and was very child friendly. They had an area in the grand lobby especially for kids. We checked in before the 3:00 check in. Our receptionist was just lovely. She prepared our paperwork, park tickets and proceeded to let us know that our room was not ready and then decided to put us in the Conch Key building with a view of the lagoon and Cinderella's Castle!! We we overjoyed when we got to our room to see the view. Our daughter was spellbound. She loved to see the Castle and fireworks from the room along with the lighted boat parade every night. The room itself was appointed nicely with TV, table chairs and balcony. If there were other children in any of the other rooms (and there were) we did not hear them. It was so nice and quiet. The turndown service at night was a big hit with all of us. We loved to get a treat and read the special wish on our card! The pool areas were always clean and fresh as well with the hot tub area. The grounds were well landscaped and clean. Being right on the monorail was simply worth every penny we spent. We loved our stay at the Grand Floridian and look forward to returning soon.


Ashley - August 2003

My parents, myself and my boyfriend stayed at the Grand Floridian from August 6-13. My parents and I have stayed at the Grand Floridian on 4 other occasions, but this was my boyfriend's first time. Although we have never stayed at any other Disney resorts, we have visited many of them, and the GF is our favorite. Many people feel it is too stuffy and ornate, but we LOVE it! From the moment you walk in to the lobby, you feel like you are in another world. I love listening to the grand piano being played, it just adds a certain soothing touch to the vacation. For this particular stay, we had requested both rooms to have a Magic Kingdom and water view. My boyfriend and I had the most wonderful room imaginable. We were in Sago Cay, second floor. I cant remember the exact room, but our balcony looked directly to the Castle, it was amazing!! I have always had a MK view at the GF, but this one was awesome!!! My parents were given a loft room, which had a MK view, but was considerably smaller, although was priced the same as the regular rooms. They requested to be moved, but the hotel was totally booked..however the front desk called the next day when someone checked out and they were able to move to a water view, MK view as requested!!!

We dined a few times at GF as usual. We always love the breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe. The food is great, and it really fills you up for FULL day of walking around the parks. We also had a character breakfast one morning at 1900 Park Fare. It's your typical breakfast buffet, but we love it. The characters (Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins) are the PERFECT characters you would expect to see at this hotel. My boyfriend and I spent many a night after dinner in Mizner's Lounge. The view is great there! You can look down and watch people walking through the grounds, and you can even catch a glimpse of the MK fireworks here!! Plus, we had a GREAT waitress who knew us by name at the end of the trip!

Whenever I think of Disney World, I think of the GF. It is truly a vacation in itself. The monorail access is a MUST in my opinion, the grounds are impeccable, the people are soo friendly, and the food is quite tasty too!!


Heather Emerson - March 2003

I had always told myself that it didn't matter where we stayed at Disney because, after all, we would be out in the parks all day, right? Wrong! When my father decided to plan a family trip to Disney for my family, he picked the Grand Floridian because he had enjoyed it himself before and because he wanted monorail access.

I thought it was overly extravagant - we weren't on a honeymoon! Could where we stay possibly make such a difference? The answer is YES! From the moment we entered the magnificent Main Lobby (where my daughters main their nightly "grand entrance" holding their skirts as they descended the main staircase) I knew this was somewhere special.

Every day began and ended with a greeting to Cinderella's castle from our patio, we were entertained nightly by the light show on the lagoon, we could swim whenever we wanted to at the main pool - open 24 glorious hours a day for a post or pre-park dip, the staff was delightful, the landscaping and wildlife was a delight(the bunny hopping around the pool in the morning and the ducks paddling around in it!), and let's face it - with young children having the monorail and not having to deal with buses at the end of a busy day was worth it's weight in gold.

There is such a sense of elegance and beauty to the resort you truly wanted to just stay there and soak it all in - it is a full service resort and spa - and while we didn't take much advantage of the on-site options you could never leave the resort and have a great time anyway.

Romantic yes, but also plenty family-friendly. It will make staying anywhere else pale in comparison!


A. Phillips/RI - January 2003

We have just come back from vacation at the Grand Floridian Jan 18 - Jan 24th, 2003. We loved it!!!! I do not have enough good things to say about it. I have stayed at other Disney Resorts but it's definitely the location of this hotel that made our stay the most memorable.

It was my husband and my daughter's birthday so I decided to write a letter to the hotel to request a room that overlooks the castle because I knew my daughters would love it (ages 2 1/2 and 4). I booked the standard room, however when we checked in the Grand Floridian gave us a corner room overlooking the lagoon and the Castle. We saw the fireworks from our room every night and a light parade in the lagoon at 9:30PM right from our patio.

My daughters L O V E D waking up to look at Cinderella's castle every day, loved taking the monorail right from the Grand Floridian and dining with Cinderella right there at the Grand Floridian Character dinner. From here on, we would not even consider another resort, it's Grand Floridian for us, a little more costly but well worth it for small children and don't let anyone tell you it might be too "ritzy" for children. There are plenty of children running around and the hotel is very accommodating and friendly.

Oh… and one other thing, since I said it was my husbands and my daughters birthdays we came back to our room one day from an all day trip to Magic Kingdom to find the table set with white linens, china and a cake and two cards from the Grand Floridian. What a great surprise to have a little birthday party right there in your room. I want to thank the Manager that received the letter I wrote and acted on it.

A vacation that will never be forgotten and I will certainly spread the word about the service and location of this resort.


Sherri Odell -January 2003

My husband and I just returned from our first trip to WDW (01/10-01/18/03), and for the last 4 days of the trip, we stayed at the Grand Floridian. We were given Room #8145, which is the corner room on the bottom floor, and faces the lagoon and Cinderella Castle. I don't know if it was because it was a corner room, but I found the room to be very spacious and roomy. We had two patios, and so we felt doubly special! We were not staying concierge, but our bed was turned down every night with chocolates on the pillow, we had fluffy robes in the closet, and the service was exceptional. We came home one night to find a bottle of champagne and a pink rose in our room, and another time we had a "Mickey" head on our bed, made with towels. Although it was a little hike to get to the main lobby, where we could catch the monorail, we used the walk as time to appreciate the grounds and the landscaping. We also utilized the Spa while we were there, enjoying a Couples' Massage. It was wonderful, and very romantic. I was very impressed with our entire stay there, and would highly recommend it to anyone!


We just got back from our annual Halloween visit to Walt Disney World and were fortunate to reside for part of our stay at the Grand Floridian. This was our first time to stay there and my husband was a bit reluctant because as DVC members we're used to staying in spacious "home away from home" accommodations. Boy, was he ever pleasantly surprised! Although it was a single hotel room, it was much larger than regular hotel rooms with very high ceilings adding to the spacious feeling. The decor was very formal with four poster queen sized beds and brocade draperies. Our two girls, ages 2 and 5, loved it! We decided it looked exactly like a bedroom Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty would sleep in. The girls also loved the new pool with the slide and sloped entry for little swimmers. I enjoyed the magnificent views in all directions from the lounge chair. Although we did not take advantage of the spa on the resort, both my husband and I enjoyed the little walking trail from the hotel, past the wedding pavilion and on to the Polynesian. One added bonus, while we were there two weddings took place and the girls got to see the brides ride away in their Cinderella-like glass coaches. They're hooked! We better start saving our money now! (CWhartselleal, 10/2002)