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Happy Holidays

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Hi Everyone, I’ve decided to take a couple of weeks off to relax and enjoy the holidays. I will be back on Monday, January 2 with a new blog entitled “Christmas Week.” It will be about the crowded conditions encountered between Christmas Day and New Year’s. In the meantime, if you need a “Jack Blog … Continue reading "Happy Holidays"

Happy Holidays From Everyone at

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BELIEVE! by Mike Scopa AllEars® Feature Writer The polls have recently closed, the counting of the ballots has begun and AllEars® is projecting that the year 2010 will go down as the fastest year in history… by a landslide. Where did the time go? Seconds turned into minutes, which turned into hours. Days quickly turned … Continue reading "Happy Holidays From Everyone at"

Happy Holidays!

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So the year’s winding down to a close, but the holidays at Disneyland continue in full swing. Had you been able to make D23’s November tweet-meet at the Plaza Gardens, you might have found, among the decorations, a Disney Geek. Jeffrey Epstein was there, asking trivia, answering questions, and giving out long-sleeve D23 t-shirts to … Continue reading "Happy Holidays!"
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Happy Holidays from Everyone at!

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Here are some pics of the team as they recorded the Holiday Video! Cameraman Lee Zimmerman Mike Scopa Jack Spence and Jack Marshall Laura Gilbreath Erin Blackwell Mike Bachand Barrie Brewer Linda Eckwerth Michelle Scribner-MacLean Steve Barrett Fred Block Deb Wills Lee Zimmerman And photos of AllEars Team Members that were unable to record a … Continue reading "Happy Holidays from Everyone at!"