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Hidden Mickeys at Kidani Village and Disney Springs

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Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kidani Village has some awesome Hidden Mickeys . . . and some questionable images. I’d like your opinion on a few images I’m wondering about. Walk down the rear stairs from the main lobby toward Sanaa Restaurant and study the back surface of the rock wall that supports the stairs you just … Continue reading "Hidden Mickeys at Kidani Village and Disney Springs"
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Animal Kingdom Lodge — Jambo House – Part Two

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Yesterday I ended my blog with a brief description of Jiko, the Animal Kingdom Lodge’s signature restaurant. Today I’ll continue my tour of the grounds and amenities of the resort and discuss the attributes of a standard guest room. The watering hole next to Jiko meanders through the jungle and eventually joins Uzima Pool. Uzima … Continue reading "Animal Kingdom Lodge — Jambo House – Part Two"

Mombasa Marketplace Wine Stop at Animal Kingdom

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Did you know that there’s a corner in Animal Kingdom’s Mombasa Marketplace that houses a small display of South African wines? No, neither did I! But there is. The other day, I had a few hours before my flight back home, so Deb Wills and I decided to pay a visit to Animal Kingdom. As … Continue reading "Mombasa Marketplace Wine Stop at Animal Kingdom"

Untamed! Lunch with an Animal Specialist at Sanaa

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When I was staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge back in May, I found out about two programs at the resort that were news to me. Jiko, the table service restaurant at the Lodge’s Jambo House, was offering a weekly South African wine tasting (more on that in an upcoming blog), and Sanaa, the hidden gem … Continue reading "Untamed! Lunch with an Animal Specialist at Sanaa"

Exotic Flavors Abound at Sanaa

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The Animal Kingdom Lodge opened with two highly popular restaurants, Boma and Jiko. With the addition of the Disney Vacation Club at Kidani Village came yet another dining option, Sanaa. While Sanaa may not receive the same notoriety as Boma or Jiko, it offers a truly unique dining experience. In Swahili Sanaa means "work of art," and after dining here it is easy to see why that name is so appropriate.

Experience the Exotic Flavors of Africa at Jiko

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A visit to Animal Kingdom Lodge is a truly immersive experience. This resort, quite possibly better than any other at Disney World, completely transports Guests to an entirely different world. While its open savannah with its array of animals gets much of the attention, Animal Kingdom Lodge has so much more to offer. The resort is truly a celebration of African culture and this is reflected as soon as Guests enter into the awe-inspiring lobby. Of course, no cultural experience would be complete without showcasing the cuisine and Animal Kingdom Lodge delivers with three tremendous full service restaurants. With Sanaa at Kidani Village and Boma and Jiko at Jambo House, visitors to Animal Kingdom Lodge have no shortage of dining options to choose from. Each of these restaurants provides their own unique twist on African cuisine and has something different to offer, but it is Jiko that stands out as the resort's Signature dining option.