Cute New Disney-Themed Rain Gear Arrives in Disney World

If you have visited Disney World in the summer it is likely you have experienced a Florida summer pop-up storm. These can range from showers to torrential downpours. Being caught without an umbrella or rain coat means a damp day for you and your clothes and shoes.

Mickey Umbrella

Now, if you want to look a little stylish in the next storm that pops up, Disney has launched a new line of rain gear, including umbrellas with Mickey ears, and attraction-themed rain coats and ponchos.

Mickey Umbrella

For umbrellas, you can choose from this Mickey-inspired umbrella, a Tiki Room-themed one, or one that looks a lot like those new Giant Mickey Donuts!

Tiki Room Umbrella

The umbrellas are $39.99 each. The regular “emergency purchase” umbrellas and ponchos are still available in addition to this new line.

Mickey Donut Umbrella

On to new raincoats and ponchos — will you choose Minnie or Mickey for your new cover-up?

Mickey Poncho
Mickey Poncho

There’s a Minnie version that is polka-dotted and has Minnie’s signature bow!

Minnie Poncho

There are also Tiki Room and Disney Snack rain coats to match the umbrellas.

Tiki Room Rain Coat

The raincoats and ponchos are $49.99 each. Again, the regular “emergency purchase” umbrellas and ponchos are still available in addition to this new line.

Disney Snack Rain Coat

We spotted these in Epcot, but expect them to pop up in all of the parks.

Will you be making space in your closet for this new rainy day collection? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “Cute New Disney-Themed Rain Gear Arrives in Disney World”

  1. I bought the snack rain coat on Tuesday and wore it today in NYC because it was a bit rainy & got complimented by strangers