First Look — Disney’s Minnie Van Service

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Disney's Minnie Van Service

At the 2017 D23 Expo in July, Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, announced: “Since we’re all about exceeding guest expectations and making every aspect of your vacation uniquely Disney, we’re creating a new point-to-point transportation service in a way that only Disney can do.” The Minnie vehicles will take you everywhere you want to go at the Walt Disney World Resort, and you’ll ride in Minnie’s classic style.

Disney's Minnie Van Service

A Disney Cast Member will be your driver.

Disney's Minnie Van Service

If this type of transportation service sounds familiar to you, it is the Disney version of Uber and Lyft transportation services, but limited to Walt Disney World property.

Disney's Minnie Van Service

Disney’s Minnie Van Service is now in “soft opening” at select resorts. At this time the cost is a flat fee of $20 per trip — drivers do not accept gratuities. The vehicles are 2017 Chevy Traverse vans and each seats six.

Disney's Minnie Van Service

There are one or two child car seats available in each vehicle.

Disney's Minnie Van Service

When asked about Disney touches inside of the Minnie Vans, the Cast Members smiled and politely did not answer the question.

Disney's Minnie Van Service

Disney's Minnie Van Service

The hours of operation have not yet been set, but currently the service seems to be available beginning around 6:30 a.m. and through the evening. An app to order your car is coming — once the service is fully launched you’ll be able to summon the car via an app — details as they are released.

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10 Replies to “First Look — Disney’s Minnie Van Service”

  1. I just returned from the “World”. Disney now has two wheelchair accessible “Minnie Vans”. They have a lift in the rear to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter. Seating capacity is reduced in these vans due to the lift. While I did not use one Cast Members recommended requesting one well in advance as they are not always available.

  2. Do you need a reservation ?

    DEB: While in test phase the vehicles are only servicing the Epcot Resorts. Once fully operational, there will be an app where you place an “order” for your vehicle.

  3. I wonder if MV will be able to pick up/drop off at restricted locations? I’m thinking particularly of MK, where a drop off at the bus lanes would save a lot of time compared to TTC.

  4. Forgive me for being underwhelmed. lol. it’s an uber. why is disney promoting it like it’s something exciting. I’ve been using Uber at the resorts for the last few years.

    Am I missing something???

  5. Well this just made the animal kingdom lodge a lot more appealing.If the buses are slow Minnie is the way to go!

  6. I think it’s a great idea! It is especially good for someone who stays one night at a Value Resort and then transfers to their Deluxe Resort to continue their vacation stay. With the Minnie Van, I can go directly to check in at the Grand Floridian. Prior I had to wait for a bus to the Magic Kingdom, transfer to the monorail to get to the resort for check in. Disney luggage service will transfer my bags and now I have the ease of a direct transfer via the Minnie Van, Wonderful!

  7. Hi Deb –

    Thanks for the ECV info. I hope the service is up and running by the time we get to WDW in August. We will have an ECV for Mom. A MinnieVan to get to a resort ADR from our resort and to a Disney Springs Lunch ADR from DHS before the buses start that route, would be a great thing to use. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!!

    – Jeff