Disney Pic of the Week: Journey Into Imagination

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I had the recent opportunity to examine the Journey Into Imagination Press Kit by Kodak and was able to scan the photos. See if you know the area of the pavilion this photo is from. Scroll down for answer. If only I had a digital camera back then.


“The Magic Palette, one of several color video painting and drawing devices, entertains Dreamfinder and Figment as they experiment with the attractions in Image Works at Journey Into Imagination Epcot Center. The row of palettes is one of eleven different activities in the Image World, a hands-on special-effects area of the pavilion presented by Kodak”

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One Reply to “Disney Pic of the Week: Journey Into Imagination”

  1. I have a picture of me (and my brother) with the Dreamfinder and Figment from the 80’s when my parents took me and my brother for the first time.

    DEB: What an awesome memory!