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Today I attended a preview of the new Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge that’s opening as part of the DVC’s 25th anniversary celebration. This lounge is in the Imagination Pavilion in Epcot at Walt Disney World and can be accessed through the pavilion’s merchandise store.


The lounge opens on June 6, 2016, and will operate from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily through the 25th anniversary celebration, which will last through the end of this year. Disney Vacation Club Members will need their membership card as well as ID to enter. A Cast Member will be at the bottom of the stairs (there is also an elevator) to check in you and your party. I believe a member can bring in five additional guests. If the lounge is at capacity, you can leave your cell phone number, and they will text you when space becomes available.


The lounge will be staffed by a DVC Member Services Cast Member who can assist with any vacation planning you need for either your current trip or a future one. They can make dining reservations and assist you with FastPass+ and My Disney Experience. There will also be a representative from RCI to answer any questions you may have about other destinations and exchanges.


The lounge has charging stations with plugs and USB ports for your mobile devices, or you can use one of the iPad Pros that are available. Complimentary Disney Guest WiFi is available throughout the lounge.



There are also two computers stations and a printer if you need to check email or print a boarding pass.


There is a kids’ area showing Disney animated shorts on TV (similar to what’s available in your DVC villa), as well as two Disney Infinity machines.



The beverage area has a Keurig machine and three Coke Freestyle machines, which offer more than 100 different soft drink flavor combinations.


After we had a chance to look around the lounge, Ken Potrock, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Disney Vacation Club, spoke about the DVC 25th Anniversary Celebration, mentioning a few things that we hadn’t heard before.


“We have long wanted to have a lounge for members in a theme park,” he said. “As we began planning the 25th anniversary, we thought, ‘What we could do to make things very special for our members?’ ”

“Special events are our way of celebrating our members and a way for us to interact with our members,” he continued. “We already had two exclusive parties for our members at the Magic Kingdom. This summer we will have special events at Typhoon Lagoon. We will be having a special event for our members in California later this year and will share details at a later date.”

Potrock noted that later this year there will be a private showing of Aladdin on Broadway in New York City for DVC Members. Tickets for this event were offered at a reduced price. DVC will also continue to offer Member-Only trips on Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise Line.

He also talked about the new DVC Personal Vacation Advisors that will be available to members planning their trips. You’ll now be given the specific extension number for your Persal Vacation Advisor, which will allow you to speak to the same person each time you call.

Potrock also spoke of the success of the DVC website’s overhaul, and promised even more changes for the coming year, reiterating that the overall goal was, “We want our members to feel special and valued.”


Here’s another look at the DVC Member Lounge:

As a DVC member, I was excited to check out this new space. It will be a nice respite from the park, especially on hot days.

DISCLAIMER: I was an invited guest of the Disney Vacation Club and our preview of the lounge included lunch, but my opinions in this blog are my own.

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15 Replies to “Preview: Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge”

  1. We visited the Lounge on 6/11. It was nice – the seating was comfortable and the drinks were welcome. It doesn’t offer very much, but I can see why. If it was too nice, people might just camp out for longer periods. A nicer view of the park would have been appreciated but I guess not much can be done about that.

    The lounge did what was needed – gave my family a spot to rest and recharge before moving on. It would be nice if this was a permanent addition, and if something like this could be added to other parks.

  2. Dvc members are 2nd class citizens. Disney already has our money, so they don’t care weather we are accommodated or not.

  3. Just wondering how many floors or flights of stairs are there??

    Deb: There is an elevator. I can’t recall the exact number of stairs but there are several flights and it is a wide but winding staircase.

  4. Thanks for the review Deb! My family and I will be there for Food & Wine, this will be a nice touch. Similar to the space they used for Chase Card members above the America Pavilion at the back of Epcot.

    While it is a nice escape from the elements(heat or rain), it doesn’t really seem to offer much else. Outlets, soda, coffee, seats?? Not exactly thrilling.

    Like others have said, there is a TON of open space at Epcot and buildings that are falling in to disrepair. Epcot needs the biggest revamp of all the parks. I’m curious as to why such a delay in building upon it.

    They need to open a version of Club 33 in Orlando… be it in Epcot or in the Magic Kingdom.. but create it more for DVC members than anything else. Include that as a benefit of being a member!! A nice private restaurant would be ideal for Epcot; where there currently is no Signature Dining Experiences.

  5. @AnneMarie – you are not owners, your parents are, and you have piggy backed of of their membership.
    I am disappointed in the hours – til 6 p.m. Is quite early to close. I sincerely hope enough owners take advantage of this and it becomes part of DVC – just like the Top of the World Lounge.

  6. Although this is nice it’s not the kind of ” perk” I’m looking for . This also seems kinda wierd to do for only one year , either give DVC members a lounge or don’t !! Really not fair for members who come every other year . Actually it looks like it’s a way for them to try and sell more points or push membership on the guests of the DVC guests !! The motto used to be ” home away from “…so give a perk that benefits the members and resembles this saying . I’ve alwsys thought that DVC members shouldn’t have to purchase the dining package for the length of their reservation like all other guest ! I would like to take advantage of the fact I have a kitchen and can prepare meals in my room and I would also like to dine out some nights …sooo…why can’t DVC members buy dining packages on daily basis !? Now that’s a perk and like being ” at home !!”

  7. Looks awesome! My family are DVC members, specifically my parents, I have since gotten married but still utilize the DVC membership with and without them present at times. Do you think (and I have the same question for Top of the World) my husband and myself would be able to get into this lounge on our November Visit if I bring along our DVC membership card even though my dad’s name is on it? Would love to utilize the benefits of membership, since we have been members for 20+ years!

  8. Not a DVC-er, but am glad they are using this space again. There are too many empty spaces throughout the park that are not being utilized and it’s a shame.

  9. Loving this but not loving the fact I can only bring 5 guests in. My family and I are staying in a 2 bedroom villa with 9 guests this September, I’m suppose to choose who gets to enjoy the perks? What about a member staying in a 3 bedroom villa with 12-14 guests? Not fair in my opinion.

  10. It’s wonderful that they want to make DVC members feel special however I don’t think they want to make you that special after this year

  11. I too am disappointed that the lounge will only be open for 7 months as I wont be able to visit WDW in 2016. Ken Potrock mentioned that they always wanted a DVC lounge in a theme park, but did anyone ask why it was only open till the end of the year and not a continuing perk for members? for a couple years, at least.

    DEB: We did ask about extending the availability of the lounge and Ken said they were committed to the end of the DVC 25th Celebration (end of 2016).

  12. I can’t wait to visit the lounge next month! Deb, I saw you on Lou Mongello’s live video from the event =)
    Looks like a very nice place! Thanks for sharing the info!

  13. Is there an elevator for those who need ECVs? Also, there are plugs to charge electronics. Are there places to plug in ECV batteries?

    DEB: There is an elevator. There are lots of outlets. I do not know for certain if there is an ECV charging area. If you can plug into a regular outlet you should be ok.

  14. There are two things which disappoint/surprise me. The first is that the lounge will only be available thru the end of this year. The second is your disclaimer….who (in their right mind) would ever accuse you of not writing your opinion???

    Thanks for I have sent many many people there for more info on Disney over the years!