Future Disney Vacations

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Tough days at the office and difficult times in personal lives are among the moments that we wish ourselves back at The Happiest Place on Earth or The Most Magical Place on Earth. In between flashbacks we plan actual vacations or at least daydream about the things we yearn to experience for the first time and relive the good times of previous trips.

This year I made two trips to Walt Disney World and decided that would be it for a while. Stop clutching your chest, it’s not the end of mankind. I am planning to keep my Disney Fanatic Membership. Next year I would like to revisit Disneyland and check out all of the new additions to California Adventure. I was last there in February 2012 when Cars Land was being built and trolley tracks were just being laid on Buena Vista Street.

Walls and signs were everywhere. I felt so lost upon entering Disney’s California Adventure.

The question is when will I fly out to Anaheim. Right now, I’m not sure but I am toying with the idea of being there for New Year’s Eve 2015. The greatest New Year’s Eve fun I ever had was ringing in 2003 at Disneyland with a few friends.

Radiator Springs in Cars Land taunts me. I saw it from a window in Paradise Pier Hotel.

Next year I will be celebrating a numerically significant birthday and can’t decide what to do. Should my friends, who are scattered across the United States of America, not be available to gather in one spot, I will have to venture out alone, meet up with someone, or drag a relative along for the ride. I could go on a Disney Cruise for a few days if the price is right. Disneyland Paris is high on my Must See List but I’m not flying to France and running around yelling “Oui!” by myself.

I want to see the dragon!! Elliott, is that you?

The idea of delving into more history suggests visits to San Francisco, CA and Marceline, MO to see The Walt Disney Family Museum and Walt Disney Hometown Museum, respectfully. My friend Yoli is up for those trips as well. We just haven’t decided when to go.

Of course I’m not forgetting about Disneyland Hong Kong and Tokyo Disneyland. Those are pipeline dreams that require quite a lot of savings and strategy. It might also help to learn some Japanese and I don’t know any at the moment.

Enough about me. What are your future Disney vacation plans?

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11 Replies to “Future Disney Vacations”

  1. I too went to Walt Disney World twice this year. The first time during the Flower and Garden show with a cousin, and the second for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival all by my lonesome. Next year though, I am going to try to do Hawai’i, so a Disney trip will have to wait or I could visit Aulani, or possibly sneak in a day or two at Disneyland on my way to or from the Aloha state. Yeah that sounds like a plan.

  2. 2012-2013 was a tough year and a half for me and my family and I promised myself when everything was done I would take myself to Hawai’i (the only state I have not been to). To get me through though, I did take two little trips to The Most Magical Place on Earth this year so I may skip next year too. I do think I will visit Aulani, perhaps even stay a night or two and maybe even go to Disneyland as a stop-over on my way back to VT. ( I have cousins in CA). So some sort of Disney visit will always be in the back of my mind as well.

  3. I last visited Walt Disney World in March of 2012. My friends and I are trying a new Disney experience and taking a cruise next February. Then I may decide to take a Disneyland trip (first time) in fall 2014. If we decide not to run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in Feb. 2015 (another Disney first), then my next trip to Walt Disney World probably won’t be until Thanksgiving 2015.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I have to say your trip posts are my favorites and I’m always checking to see if you have any reports.

    Hope you have happy travels in the next year!!

  5. My Disney vacation dreams are similar to yours! In the next year we are going to have several vacation milestones; our first visit to Walt Disney World for Star Wars Weekends, our first Disney Cruise (which coincides with our tenth wedding anniversary), and another trip to Walt Disney World sometime in February of 2015.

    In the longer scope, we are hoping to make it to Disneyland Paris in 2017. And even further yet, we are dreaming of a trip that will lead us to Tokyo Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland in 2019! Sometime I would also like to squeeze in a trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. We went a few years back and loved it!

    BTW: I think Disneyland for New Year is the greatest!

  6. Now that I have mastered the art of visiting Walt Disney World with practically no money, my mom has a spare bedroom, will feed me, and lives 20 min from Magic Kingdom. .It makes life at work a little easier.

  7. I recommend San Francisco at least once in your lifetime. Not only is The Disney Museum there but it is such a cool place to visit, the wharf, the trolleys, and Lombard Street. Also there is a fantastic restaurant on the bay just over the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito. It used to be called Horizons now it is The Trident.

  8. I have visited Disneyland Paris many times. Please don’t waste your time and money there. Even before we visited Florida we were disenchanted. It’s a dirty environment with rude staff and expensive food ( $18 for very small burger meal).

  9. I am also taking a Disney break! Two years ago I moved to Orlando from Pensacola because I made the trip to Orlando as many as five times in one year. It’s definitely better to stay on property for the magic. It is however changing before our eyes, I’m grateful for the new attractions and improvements being made, however, since they rolled out the monthly pay option there is no longer a special time to go, no such thing as an off season. I am taking two years off, moving out of Orlando, and then going to come back to make sure it’s me not them. Another thing I’ve noticed which causes me great grief is the smoking in non designated areas has increased significantly; it ruins it for us because our child has asthma exacerbated by smoking and I get sinus infections after inhaling smoke. I am very sad to be taking a break. On the positive we will be saving $20,000.00 and we will be doing more natural things like hiking and kayaking. I look forward to returning in a couple of years and experiencing the magic all over again.

  10. Cars Land was awesome, definitely need to be there when they turn on the lights at night. Next vacation is in 10 days. Staying at Fort Wilderness for a week.

  11. November 2014, Wine and Dine half marathon weekend and yes, I plan on running my first Disney half marathon. I’ve done Disney 5k’s and I have successfully completed my first half marathon in my hometown, but now I must do a Disney half marathon.