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Do you have a Disney Room?

I think every Disney fan should have one. If you are an obsessive Disney collector, like Carol, a Disney Room is imperative!

When Carol and I first started dating she proudly showed me a small cabinet containing her collection of Disney music boxes. They were displayed in a bookcase, about three shelves, with glass doors. Nice! She also showed me her Disney themed Collector Plates and some very nice porcelain Mickey Mouse Figurines.

Little did I realize that I was just seeing the tip of the iceberg that the “Disney collection” would become!

Over the years we took quite a few trips to our Happy Place . . . and the collection grew. There were Disney Classic Collection figurines, Jim Shore pieces, plush toys, snow globes, boxed sets of Disney Pins, and so much more.

Carol combed the nearby thrift shops and garage sales, always on the look-out for new Disney treasures. And, of course, each year we made at least one trip to Walt Disney World, home to all those wonderful stores!

By 2004 things began to look a bit cluttered! What could we do? We (she) decided that my nifty little office and den in the basement, my “man cave”, would make a terrific Disney Room. We could concentrate the collection in one area and organize it. I began to put up more shelving and she began arranging her treasures.

I must admit that I enjoyed the end result!

Gary’s workstation – 2004

Carol’s craft table – 2004



By 2006 both Carol and I had retired. The good news – we could head south several times a year! The bad news – more shopping! With all those trips to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, plus a few Disney cruises, her Disney collection kept growing at an astonishing rate! Our Disney Room was becoming a bit cluttered.

Fortunately, shortly after retiring, we moved to Carol’s home town where we had a new home built. It wasn’t long before I was at work in the basement. Our elevated bungalow has big, bright windows in the basement and within a few months our brand new Disney Room was done! We had 650 square feet – that should be enough to showcase our collection beautifully! Soon it was furnished and all those cartons full of Disney treasures were unpacked. Carol was a happy collector!




Wow . . . in 2007 we were thrilled to have all that space . . . it should last us forever! But of course seven years have gone by since the Disney Room was finished . . . and we have taken 24 Disney vacations in those seven years! The room is full!

A shadowbox full of Vinylmations

More Vinylmations

I’ve added plate rails so the plates could be relocated – this freed up some wall space for new prints by Larry Dotson and Ducky Williams.



Pooh Corner

A bookcase full of Disneyana

Two bookcases crowned with antenna toppers



Try as we might though, we just can’t make it all fit . . . the Animation cels have spilled out to the walls of the Family Room. The Disney Classic Collection pieces and the Jim Shore figures are in curio cabinets in the Living Room.



We are running out of space . . . and there’s no room to expand! Looks like we’ll just have to get more creative in the way we display things!

How about you? Do you have a Disney Room? How do you display your Disney treasures?

Gary hails from Canada and he’s a lifelong Disney fan. In the 1950s he watched the original Mickey Mouse Club and The Wonderful World of Disney on a snowy old black-and-white television. Gary was mesmerized by the Disneyland that Walt introduced to the world during those Sunday night shows! In 1977 he took his young family to Walt Disney World for the first time and suddenly that Disney magic he experienced as a child was rekindled. Since then Gary and his wife Carol have enjoyed about 70 trips to Walt Disney World, 11 trips to Disneyland and 11 Disney Cruises.

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18 Replies to “The Disney Room”

  1. Love the room!!! I also have a spare bedroom full of Disney theme park Memorabilia. I wish I could see other peoples rooms to get ideas on what to do with the second room I want to start.

  2. Thanks for sharing your room! My Disney “room” consists of a Disney tribute area in several different rooms. I have my pins displayed on 7 canvas wrapped cork boards that are mounted on the wall accented by my Disney calendar, framed single share of Disney stock, framed 60 cent check (my first Disney stock dividend), and an animation cell. In our dining room, I have a curio cabinet dedicated to disney figurines (mostly Jim Shore). Our master bathroom is Mickey themed. And finally, each scene or character that I paint on canvas is displayed in our basement/movie room. Oh! we also have a 4′ tall stuffed giraffe named Geraldine who wears my giraffe print Minnie Mouse ears for me when we are not in the parks!

  3. My daughter has recently moved out and I wanted to do something with my new ‘spare room’ apart from it being the cat’s new bedroom, or so he thinks. Thanks for the inspiration, living in the UK my collection isn’t quite as extensive, but, with a November trip to both Disneyland and Disneyworld coming up I will be coming back with more goodies to add to what I already have. Just love what you have done xx

  4. My collection is very small and scattered about. I have Mickey kitchen tools and a kettle in the kitchen, my collection of Minnie Mouse plush in my bedroom, and a Mickey talking lamp in my front hallway.
    I really have tried to restrain myself as my house is small and I do not have much room. My next trip is in 12 days and I plan on adding a bit to the collection so who knows……LOL

  5. I have a much smaller collection and home myself, but I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your photos. I wish more Disney fans would share photos of their collection (maybe there should be a website just for that).

    Thank you so much for sharing your treasures with us.

  6. We have a WDW room where the four parks are represented, plus there is Disney Memorabilia in just about every room in the house. It is to the point where we have people visit our house that are planning a trip to the world and ask us question about how to do something or where is a good place to see. Having the parks represented helps in pointing them in the right direction.

  7. I have my “happy place” which started out as a spare bedroom to showcase my Donald Duck collection. But I love many MANY things Disney so it has spilled out into other areas of my home as well. I have a Princess bathroom, primarily showcasing my Aurora in blue collectibles. In my Donald room I painted silhouettes on the wall, one where Donald is happy; one where he is classically angry; and in the “love” corner I have Donald and Daisy goo-goo eyeing each other with all of my D & D stuffties. I’ve framed posters, magazine covers, birthday cards, puzzles, and a Disney Donald five dollar bill. I have friends who are antique dealers and they are always on the lookout for me. I don’t display every Donald item I find, but ALL of my Donald Duck and Disney memorabilia makes me feel good. I go in my room when I am feeling down and in need of submersion. If only I could go to a Disney Park as easily.

  8. I too am a thrift store searcher. I have came across many Disney World items and have started a blog a year or so ago with the Disney Items I find. I limit my purchases to Disney World Park items since there are soo many Disney Store items that are in Thrift stores.

    The most favorite thing I got was a figment bank.

  9. Hi Gary

    Reading your other blogs and trip reports, and seeing how much time you spend reading in the car, I guessed you had lots of Disneyana. I had no idea how much. Who dusts all that stuff? is what I was wondering thru most of the article.

    I was jealous when your new Disney room was 50% bigger than our apartment when I got married. I broke out laughing upon reading “we have taken 24 Disney vacations in those seven years! The room is full!”

    We have Disney tchotchkas in various curios, Disney books in the bookcase and shelves of Disney DVDs in the TV room. When we bought our house, the kitchen was Mickey Shoe Yellow with white cabinets and black appliances. Well, we went out and bought Mickey Pants Red paint and painted the cabinet doors, added a red phone to the wall and red chairs to the table. We had a Mickey Mouse kitchen. Unfortunately, we repainted and Mickey left the kitchen.

    Oh, I think I figured out part of the answer to the dusting question – it’s like painting the George Washington Bridge – you start at one end and go all the way thru and start all over again years later, though in your case I’m sure it’s not years. As to who actually does the work, plead the Fifth and its Canadian equivalent.

    – Jeff

  10. We have had people we know knock on our door and ask if they can bring a friend in to see our home. You see we have a three bedroom house and every room is Disney filled including the bathrooms! At Christmas time our collection expands to include four 4-6 ft Christmas trees full of Disney ornaments.

  11. Yes! Love the house . . . that will be us one day, but we are getting close to that day.

    We have a TIKI TIKI TIKI BATHROOM (complete with a “thatched” ceiling) and a wall of only pics from our trips to WDW. The top of the steps wall has a majority of vinylmations in the same shot glass containers you have (we have 5 and need a few more).

    The foyer has 3 glass curios for my snowglobes and still more in storage waiting to come back out after the kids grow up a bit. Some knick knacks in the kitchen are Mickey eared too!

    Yeah, we are obsessed also. Another trip later this month and I’m so glad we are driving to bring back more stuff!

  12. I cannot wait to show this blog to my husband! Our entire house (except for the garage – that’s his) is a tribute to anything Disney. I’m known as the Disney lady and I want him to see that I am not the only person addicted to Disney. In October of 1997, I had surgery for a brain aneurysm and my husband tells everyone that a “Disney chip” was implanted in my brain and it activated when I walked under the train station at Magic Kingdom on a trip to Disney World in June of 1998! Ever since then I have been obsessed with Disney.

    [Gary adds: Sharon, you’re definitely not the only one with that “Disney Chip”]