Disney Cruise Line Designs the Disney Dream – A Modern Classic Vessel Unlike Any Other

CELEBRATION, Fla. – Like her sister ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, the Disney Dream continues the Disney Cruise Line tradition of blending the elegant grace of early 20th century transatlantic ocean liners with contemporary design to create one of the most stylish and spectacular cruise ships afloat.

Attrium Lobby

Signature Design
Distinguished by beautiful sweeping lines and magnificent details, the Disney Dream celebrates sea travel with modern features and unmistakable Disney touches.

The ship’s exterior color scheme matches the iconic Mickey Mouse with a black hull, bold red funnels and vivid yellow striping and lifeboats. Small touches, such as silhouettes of Disney characters scrolled into the cruise line’s signature yellow filigree ornamentation that stretches from bow to stern, are subtle reminders that this is one of the most magical ships at sea.

Carrying the modern classic design inside, the elegant interior décor on the Disney Dream is influenced by the Art Deco style with a dash of Disney whimsy.

Atrium Lobby
For guests sailing on the Disney Dream, the magical voyage begins upon entering the expansive three-deck atrium lobby. Reminiscent of splendid ocean liners from 1920s and 1930s, the stylish sophistication of the atrium is highlighted by a sweeping grand staircase, oversized portholes and stunning, three-story fluted columns with glowing capitals. An exquisite marble floor inlaid with an intricate Art Deco pattern and hand-tufted custom rugs in rich blues, reds and golds span the atrium floor and staircase.

Decorative bronze friezes featuring Disney characters line the balconies, and a keen eye may notice Disney characters in the bronze balustrade rising up the grand staircase. Panoramic elevator columns that face into the atrium feature elaborate metal work crafted in an Art Deco pattern with a hint of a familiar Mickey Mouse outline.

Opulent furnishings complement the atrium design, with a grand piano providing atmosphere, Original art work in bronze, bas relief and tile mosaics add elegance. Overhead, a dazzling chandelier, more than 13-feet wide and descending more than 13 feet from the ceiling, sparkles with hundreds of hand-crafted crystal beads.

The Disney Dream atrium lobby would not be complete without an iconic Disney character statue. Cast in bronze and standing nearly 5-foot tall atop a marble pedestal, Admiral Donald Duck graces the Disney Dream atrium lobby.

Enchanted Art
Around the atrium lobby and throughout the Disney Dream, Enchanted Art immerses guests in Disney storytelling in a completely new way. A special surprise that only Disney could deliver, Enchanted Art magically comes alive as guests pause to admire individual art pieces. For instance, a piece of art that appears to be an animation cell from the Disney classic film “Bambi” springs to life as Bambi’s friends Thumper and Flower scamper and a butterfly flits through the scene. Another piece, featuring a vintage photo of Walt Disney at his drawing board, creates a magical moment for guests as the character Walt is creating becomes animated.

Enchanted Art looks like other hanging art pieces around the ship but is actually a framed LCD screen with technology that recognizes a guest is present. As a guest stops to view a piece of Enchanted Art, several seconds of animation in the picture are activated. Guests may see new and different animation as they come back and visit the Enchanted Art another time.

Lobby Café & Bar
Two venues extending off the atrium provide the perfect respite for guests gathering in the atrium lobby for activities or to socialize prior to evening events. Mirroring the Art Deco style and rich wood tones of the atrium lobby, the Bon Voyage lobby bar on Deck 3 is a central gathering place for guests looking to relax and sip a refreshing beverage before heading off to various onboard activities. The Vista Café on Deck 4 overlooks the atrium and provides great views outside. It is an ideal place for families to come together, enjoy a quick snack, latte, espresso, cappuccino or cup of herbal tea. A nearby seating area features a series of portholes, providing breathtaking vistas out to the sea.

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